Chapter 1649: Peak Strength Of The Void World

“Leave!” The five evil gods kept urging Nie Tian.

They all knew that since Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had refined the Nether River and gained control of the Spirit Scepter, right now, he was even stronger than them in their prime.

No one present could possibly fight against him.

Even the Chaos Behemoth might prove insufficient in a duel against him.

Perhaps Nie Tian would have a chance at fighting against him after his bloodline advanced to the tenth grade, but not now.


The Nether River that was flowing in a circle around everyone tightened like a hemp rope around a person’s neck.

The spatial rifts Pei Qiqi had split open by stimulating the Space Boundaries Crystal with her Voidspirit bloodline disappeared one after another, as if they were being crushed by the power of the Nether River.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer pointed the Spirit Scepter towards Nie Tian from afar and shouted, “Nie Tian!”

The Soul-capturing Hand he had conjured with his soul power flew straight towards him with hooked fingers.


The void over Nie Tian’s head suddenly cracked and shattered, countless streaks of light flying out.

The streaks of light were actually condensations of spatial power that had come to form after being triggered by Pei Qiqi’s spatial bloodline when the void shattered.

However, the streaks of light didn’t seem to be under Pei Qiqi’s control, as they surprisingly shot towards the five evil gods.

Before the Soul-capturing Hand could reach Nie Tian, those streaks of spatial power pierced through the evil gods’ bodies like numerous glowing blades, causing them to bleed nonstop.

Apparently, Nie Tian and the five evil gods were still Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s primary targets.

He didn’t seem to attach any importance to Feng Beiluo, Yuan Jiuchuan, and those with them.


The five evil gods let out agonized, bloodcurdling shrieks as chunks of flesh were cut off their giant, scary forms.


At the same time, the Soul-capturing Hand released by Grand Monarch Soul Capturer suddenly vanished. However, in the next moment, it appeared within Nie Tian’s sea of awareness, and grabbed ferociously towards Nie Tian’s true soul.

Nie Tian’s soul defenses failed completely in the face of the Soul-capturing Hand’s overwhelming power.

The moment the ghostly hand entered his sea of awareness, he felt excruciating pain in his each and every sub-soul.

His pain was instantly aggravated ninefold.

“I can’t believe you actually dared to come and mess with us in the Realm of Dark Souls. Weak and foolish.” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer laughed disdainfully as he thrust the Spirit Scepter a few times like it was a sharp sword.

Rays of cyan divine light instantly shot across the starry river.


The light penetrated the Saint domain Qi warriors from the Nether Spirit Society, the Heavenly Corpse Sect, and the Death Curse Sect, who had come with Feng Beiluo, one after another. Both their domains and bodies exploded violently.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer clicked his tongue and sneered after he slaughtered every single Saint domain cultivator, leaving only their leaders, Feng Beiluo and Yuan Jiuchuan. “Too weak to withstand a single blow.”

Feng Beiluo survived because he was surrounded and protected by numerous Heavenly Corpses. The Thunder Devil survived because the lightning power he practiced had a natural resistance against those rays of cyan divine light.

After all, they were condensations of incomparably refined soul power by nature.


Rays of divine light pierced towards Nie Tian’s chest and abdomen like swords, while his sea of awareness suffered clawing from the Soul-capturing Hand.

Upon contact, the rays of Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s concentrated and refined soul power seemed to be slamming into solid metal.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer was surprised, and then chuckled. “The body refinement of hybrids is impressive indeed. However, it’s far from enough!”


A bright, sparkling stream suddenly flew out of the limpid Nether River and bombarded his chest like a rainbow.

Bone cracking sounds echoed out upon contact.

Blood sprayed from his body as he was knocked flying towards a spatial rift behind Pei Qiqi like an arrow.

In astonishment, Pei Qiqi hastily stimulated her spatial bloodline. One of the many facets of her Space Boundaries Crystal was instantly filled with azure light, as if it had an azure sea inside of it.

The power she had sealed within the spatial treasure, which she would only resort to in times of peril, was now stimulated.


The spatial rift Nie Tian was flying to split wider, with Silver Domain Snakes emerging in it and trying to pull Nie Tian inside with a special attractive force.

“It won’t work.” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer let out a cold harrumph, a peculiar seal forming in each of his pupils.

The moment those seals formed, the same seal appeared in the eyes of every Silver Domain Snake in the spatial rift that was trying to help Nie Tian escape.

Then, the snakes’ heads exploded one after another.

“Like I said, none of you are leaving,” Grand Monarch Soul Capturer said with a calm expression. In a split second, he flashed to the midst of the human Qi warriors he had just brutally killed.

As he wove the Spirit Scepter, all the fragments of the Saint domain cultivators’ broken souls and domains were collected.

“Soul Capturer!”


Loud cries and collisions echoed out simultaneously.

The Dark Soul Ward, which had been built by numerous Netherspirit grand monarchs and had protected the Realm of Dark Souls for countless years, was finally broken by the Chaos Behemoth’s colossal claws.

Domain Split was a bloodline talent that all Star Behemoths could awaken, and was especially useful for breaking through realm barriers and power wards of all types.

Since the Dark Soul Ward was fundamentally a condensation of power, it was susceptible to Domain Split as well.


The Chaos Behemoth went berserk upon seeing that the ward had collapsed. Its devastating form immediately plummeted towards the Realm of Dark Souls, and it brought its colossal claws down with enough force to destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth.

Having been awakened just recently, the Chaos Behemoth yearned for all kinds of power. Whether it was flesh power or powers from realms, it needed them as the source of its power.

The Realm of Dark Souls happened to brim with soul power!

The Chaos Behemoth, whose soul was still incomplete, instinctively yearned for the soul power carried by the mysterious rivers that ran through the Realm of Dark Souls, which was why it had accepted Feng Beiluo’s demands and attacked the Realm of Dark Souls with everything in its power upon arriving.

It had a feeling that if it could destroy the Realm of Dark Souls and acquire enough soul power from it, it would be able to recover part of its lost soul.

Only by doing that would it have a chance to truly revive itself.

“Go!” As soon as Feng Beiluo exclaimed, all of the corpse slaves he had brought with him, including Heavenly Corpses and the others, morphed into streaks of pale light that shot toward the Realm of Dark Souls.

The Chaos Behemoth, meanwhile, went on a rampage. It smashed mountains and destroyed lakes with its colossal claws.

As it inhaled with force, all sorts of power, river water, broken mountains, and low-grade Netherspirits were sucked into its mouth, which looked like a bottomless pit.

Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, Grand Monarch Soul Converger, and all of the Netherspirit elders flew into a rage and attacked the Chaos Behemoth madly.

However, the Chaos Behemoth seemed to have gone insane after breaking into the Realm of Dark Souls. The various attacks it was receiving only spurred it on and made it ravage the Realm of Dark Souls even harder.

“Soul Capturer!”

Hearing the other experts’ repeated bellows, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer finally redirected the power of the Nether River.

The Nether River surrounding Nie Tian and the others like a circle stopped tightening, and morphed into a python that slithered towards the Realm of Dark Souls.

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer had no choice but to wave the Spirit Scepter to concentrate the power of the Nether River to fight the Chaos Behemoth. “I can’t believe the Dark Soul Ward was actually so damn fragile that it broke it so easily,” he thought to himself.

As soon as he turned around, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, and Grand Monarch Soul Converger charged towards Nie Tian and the others together.

“We’ve got to go!”

Without giving them a chance to speak, Pei Qiqi controlled a spatial rift to rapidly devour Nie Tian, the evil gods, Feng Beiluo, and Yuan Jiuchuan.

One after another, they were sucked into the spatial rift like bolts of lightning.

Pei Qiqi was the last to leave.

By the time Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, and Grand Monarch Soul Converger arrived, they found nothing but numerous spatial rifts that connected to different spaces lingering in the starry river.

All of them were slowly healing.

“They escaped and left the Chaos Behemoth behind,” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits said with a grim expression. “Might as well. It’s a Star Behemoth after all. If we can slay or tame it, it’ll be an epoch-making achievement for us and our entire race! The humans can’t possibly explore the power of a Star Behemoth as we can.”

“What about Nie Tian and those with him?” Grand Monarch Soul Slayer asked.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits pondered for a moment, then said, “This is the Void World, our turf. The way I see it, they can’t go very far. That girl with a Voidspirit bloodline also suffered heavy injuries.”

At that moment, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s voice echoed from the direction of the Realm of Dark Souls. “I’ll give you their locations later. I’ve put my sigils on them. As long as they don’t flee to the Doomed Star Sea, we’ll find them and kill them with the collective strength of the three major races!”

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ eyes lit up. “You’ve marked them? That’s great!” 

However, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer said in a deeply grim voice, “Tell the Devils and the Bonedrudes to prepare themselves. That Nie Tian will definitely be a great threat to all of us if we don’t kill him. Even now, I still can’t gain full control of the Spirit Scepter. I can only suppress its soul and use it for the time being.”

He didn’t mention to Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits and the others that the soul of the Spirit Scepter had already been swapped.

The Spirit Scepter’s former soul was Barbara. However, its current soul was a transformation of the residual soul will of their deceased paragon, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

After all, the Spirit Scepter had absorbed and refined the Nether Rivers in the Silent Star Sea and the Nether Realm.

This had also allowed the might of the Spirit Scepter to rise to heights it had never reached before.


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