Chapter 1624: Unstoppable In The Void World

In the Void World.

No powerful experts of the three major races or ancient starships could be seen around the portal that floated alone in the starry river.

Only a handful of low-grade Devils and Netherspirits could be seen roaming the vicinity of the portal and casting gazes towards it from time to time.


As soon as Nie Tian and the five evil gods flew out of the portal, those Devils’ and Netherspirits’ faces turned pale with fright.

However, the five evil gods were clearly thrilled about returning to the Void World.

“The Void World, our homeland!”

“This is the first time that we’ve returned since we were revived in the real sense!”


Next to them, Nie Tian, who hadn’t assumed his enlarged form, looked significantly smaller.

Because of this, the Devils and Netherspirits that were responsible for keeping a close watch on the portal focused all of their attention on the evil gods. It appeared that they didn’t even see him.

“Senior Martial Sister Pei...” Nie Tian said inwardly as he spread out his bloodline power and cast secret soul spells. However, he failed to capture Pei Qiqi’s aura in the surroundings of the portal.

His face turned cold as he suddenly fixed his eyes on a Devil that was sitting astride a large beast and shouted, “Come here!”

Only then did the eighth grade Devil notice him. After examining him with rapt attention, he gasped with fright, and then hastily turned around and ran.

However, dazzling starlight rapidly caught up to and engulfed the Devil.

The starlight then morphed into a star formation that pulled him to Nie Tian.

“Did a young female human come through this portal earlier?” Nie Tian asked.

“A human?” the eighth grade Devil said with a confused expression.

With a brutal grin, the evil god of bloodlust said, “Why bother asking them, Master? Grand Soulsearch!”

The Netherspirits were scared soulless upon hearing ‘Grand Soulsearch.’ “Lords! Please don’t kill us!”


As soon as the evil god of bloodlust moved his hands to form a hand seal, glowing cyan spheres that contained soul power flew out towards the Devils and Netherspirits that were scattered around the portal one after another.

The glowing cyan spheres easily broke through their flesh aura seas and defenses, and sank into their souls.

Cyan flames appeared and started burning fiercely in the depths of their eyes.

Within a very short time, every last Devil and Netherspirit that was guarding the portal had their souls burned away, and their recent memories harvested by the evil god of bloodlust.

The evil god of bloodlust took a forceful breath, and all of the Devil and Netherspirit souls were sucked into his nose and transformed into his power. Then, he took his time to explain, “Master, in their cognition, the female human you referred to was a young female Voidspirit.

“She arrived through the portal not long ago. However, since these ones were only at the seventh and eighth grade, she didn’t even bother to kill them. She only asked for directions to places that were heavily guarded by the Devils and Netherspirits, before she split space open and left.

“Since she could travel through space like that, they thought that she was a Voidspirit, and reported her arrival to their superiors...”

The evil god of bloodlust went on as he chewed on their memories.

Nie Tian soon realized that Pei Qiqi had already arrived in the Void World and left the area through spatial magics.

He frowned and said, “Damn it, I forgot about her abilities. Senior Martial Sister Pei is well-versed in all sorts of spatial magics, and she has the Space Boundaries Crystal at her command. Locating her in the Void World is going to be like finding a needle in the sea.”

With these words, he activated his bloodline talent.

The Devils and Netherspirits that had been killed by the evil god of bloodlust were pulled towards him, and floated in his flesh aura sea like corpses floating in the sea.

Then, in the blink of an eye, all of them were drained of their flesh power.

Three drops of Blood Essence came to form in Nie Tian’s heart.

“This is too few,” Nie Tian muttered. Then he turned to the evil gods. “The Void World used to be your home. How can I locate her within the shortest time?”

The evil god of fear thought for a moment, then said, “Master, according to what you said, she’s bound to start a bloody battle in the Void World. The reason why she asked these Devils and Netherspirits for directions to heavily guarded places must be because she was looking for a place where she’ll have to go all-out to fight her opponents. So it’s got to be somewhere close and overseen by grand monarchs...

“However, it’s been too long since we lived here. Too much has changed in the Void World after we were gone. I don’t know...”

“I know,” the evil god of bloodlust jumped in and said. “Master, from what I’ve gathered from those weaklings’ memories, I learned that there’s only one place nearby that’s heavily guarded and might create enough trouble for her. Given her expertise in spatial power, she might have gotten there already. We’d better hurry.”

“Lead the way then!”

“Sure, come with me please.”

The five evil gods sped through the dim starry river in the Void World like five cyan lightning bolts, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers per second.

In the Heaven Seal Devil Land in the Devils’ territory.

Numerous gruesome fortresses sat on a vast blackish-violet land. Countless satanic beasts and insects fought and killed each other unceasingly in the Heaven Seal Swamp, which was enshrouded in thick Devil Qi.

WHOOSH! WHOOSH! Nie Tian and the five evil gods suddenly arrived high in the clouds.

Looking down at the vast land below, the evil god of bloodlust said, “This land has been here since ancient times. It produces tens of thousands of devilish insects and low-tier devilish beasts every day. For the Devils, these devilish insects and low-tier devilish beasts can not only be used as forces in battle, but also be devoured as a source of power. As far as I know, the Devil grand monarch that’s charged with guarding the Heaven Seal Devil Land is called Devil Monarch Heaven Seal.

“The current Devil Monarch Heaven Seal is at the middle tenth grade. Technically speaking, he’d be a good match for the Pei girl.”

The evil god of fear joined the conversation. “As an important source of devilish insects and creatures, the Heaven Seal Devil Land needs to be protected by a grand monarch year-round. Many of the Devils’ battle beasts and mounts come from here. There’s a power pool in the earth’s core of the Heaven Seal Devil Land. The aura and Devil Qi it exudes is what spawns these devilish insects and creatures.”

The evil god of despair spread out his soul awareness and said, “How come I can sense the soul auras of billions of devilish insects and creatures, but not the soul aura of a single Devil grand monarch?”

“But from what I’ve learned, the current Devil Monarch Heaven Seal should be here,” the evil god of bloodlust said, looking confused.


The terrifying flesh aura of the evil god of bloodlust suddenly burst forth without the slightest masking.

Even the purple devilish clouds that were keeping them from sight were blasted and scattered.

Immediately afterwards, three ninth grade Devil grand patriarchs flew into the sky.

Seeing that the arrivals were five Netherspirit grand monarchs that they didn’t recognize, the Devil grand patriarchs were scared to say, “I... I don’t think we’ve met before, Lords. I’m sure you must be renowned experts in the Netherspirit race, but I don’t seem to have heard about or met you in person.”

“Did a young female Voidspirit come here earlier?” the evil god of bloodlust asked coldly.

One of the grand patriarchs hastily nodded and said, “Yes! She came here and demanded that Devil Monarch Heaven Seal fight her. However, Devil Monarch Heaven Seal had received urgent summons and left for the Land of Devil Refinement. Then, that Voidspirit killed several of us and searched about. After realizing that Devil Monarch Heaven Seal was indeed not here, she asked for directions and left for the Land of Devil Refinement.”

The evil god of bloodlust gasped. “What? The Devil Monarch Heaven Seal left for the Land of Devil Refinement? And she went there too?”

The Devil grand patriarch nodded. “I believe so.” 

“Do you have a teleportation portal here that can get us to a place that’s close to the Land of Devil Refinement?” The evil god of bloodlust asked.

“Yes, we do.”

“Take us to it! We’re going too!”


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