Chapter 1607: Devastating Power!

“This feels great!”

Nie Tian laughed wildly as his magnificent form shone with a crimson, jade-like luster.

If one examined him with rapt attention, they would see the illusory shape of the Rampage Behemoth looming on his crimson, jade-like skin.

Under his skin, blood that carried the essence of life power ran like mighty rivers.

The blood seemed like his own blood crossed with that of the Rampage Behemoth.

It gave others a feeling that the Rampage Behemoth had merged into Nie Tian and become a part of him.

“Now let’s try again!”

Nie Tian took a step forward and threw another heavy punch towards Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

As the fist strike blasted forth, it seemed to be going to end the heavens and crush the earth. Its dominating power even split the seas of negative emotions.


The dark purple shields Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had scrambled to form in front of him exploded one after another.

With each shield that exploded, a stream of blood ran down the corner of his mouth.

Then, blasted by Nie Tian’s heavy power, the blood vaporized into a light purple mist that rose into the void.

“Nice! This is what Life Blend should be like! Hahaha!”

With a wild laugh, Nie Tian, who was slightly shorter than Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, tried to get as close as he could to Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, and went on to bombard him with his pure, dominating flesh power.

“This is brilliant!”

The blood-colored light released by the bone had condensed into an illusory shape of the Rampage Behemoth, which had attached itself to his body like a full suit of armor in the form of Life Blend. Now, it was providing him with its devastating power as a brand new source of strength.

This was something Life Blend had never done before.

Before, whenever he had activated Life Blend, he would have a feeling of himself enhancing and commanding the Rampage Behemoth’s power within the bone.

It seemed to him that he had been the one assisting the bone.

Now, however, he felt as if the Rampage Behemoth had become a part of him as he bombarded Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory with ease and verve. He could feel the Rampage Behemoth’s power strengthening his body and enhancing his battle prowess.

The bone and the Rampage Behemoth’s power within it was assisting him.

“I used to leave the bone in the starry river for it to absorb all sorts of power. After that, I infused it with many drops of my Blood Essence, and let it absorb a large amount of flesh power from the Seven Stars Realm Sea. Thanks to all that, this bone came to hold terrifying power.

“It was just because it was so powerful that I ended up being dominated by it in my previous battles!

“However, now that I’ve broken through to the God domain and refined my body over and over with the deaths of outsider grand monarchs, I’m finally strong enough to dominate the bone and fuse the Rampage Behemoth’s power into myself in the form of Life Blend!

“This has lifted my flesh power to a whole new level!”

During its prime, the Rampage Behemoth had fought an ultimate battle against the Bone Emperor in the Void World, which had killed both of them.

As a paragon comparable to Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and the Dark King, the Bone Emperor was the strongest expert in Bonedrude history, who had created the Bonebrutes in the Spirit World.

That bone of the Rampage Behemoth had previously been tainted with the Bone Emperor’s death power, which had kept it from manifesting its true might until it had been purged

Now, as Nie Tian merged it with himself through Life Blend, the Rampage Behemoth’s residual power within it instantly took his battle prowess to a new height.

“Flesh aura sea! Change!”

His flesh aura sea, which contained immense life power, instantly condensed and morphed into a huge scarlet wheel that slowly rotated over his head.

“Lifeblood Wheel!”

As the huge scarlet wheel rotated, it seemed to crush the space in its surroundings and emanated infinite bloodline power.

At the same time, the wisps of mist transformed from the blood spilling from Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s mouth and nose were somehow drawn by the Lifeblood Wheel, and flew rapidly into it.


Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s heart also started to pound abnormally. As he ignited his demonic Blood Essence, he shrewdly discovered that part of his stimulated flesh power was somehow gone.

His expression flickered violently. “Titan’s Wrath!”

At this moment, Nie Tian’s enormous incoming fist and its torrential aura filled his entire view and soul perception.

The devastating fist strike seemed to be vested with star power by every star in this starry river, along with flame power that could incinerate all things, flesh power that could engulf all life force, and soul power that could infiltrate minds like steel needles.


Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory howled as the blood sea he had used to stop the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar morphed into a boundless blood prison, with which he attempted to stop Nie Tian’s frenzied fist strike.

Like the fist wielded by an ancient god, Nie Tian’s fist slammed into the Blood Purgatory Sea, dragging a tail of torrential energies behind it.

In the next moment, the blood sea in the Demon realms that was said to be full of mysteries exploded like a bloody realm, countless rays of blood-colored light shooting in every direction and blood falling like rain.


Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s body, which was ten thousand meters tall, burst forth with purple lightning bolts, as if he were going to explode with the blood sea.

As this happened, the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar was no longer caught in the Blood Purgatory Sea, and was retrieved by Grand Monarch Hell Demon.

Then, he slowly pulled away from the seas of negative emotions to the place where Agatha the Devil was being bound.

However, he kept his eyes on the battle between Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory the whole time. Not once did he turn around to lay his eyes with glittering purple pupils on Agatha.

It seemed to him that every single punch he threw carried enough power to shatter the Sixth Demon Realm now that he had seemingly merged the Rampage Behemoth with himself, and his strength had risen through the ceiling.

A bitter expression appeared at the corner of Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s mouth. “Even though Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory hasn’t recovered his peak strength, he’s stronger than many late tenth grade grand monarchs. However, as he faces the young master’s storm of attacks, he doesn’t even seem to be able to launch any counterattacks. This young master, who I didn’t know about until just recently, is a freak indeed!”

The seas of negative emotions quietly changed, making more fissures appear in the bones of Grand Monarch Ash Bone, who was caught in the middle of them.

“We were at a clear disadvantage in the battle in the Doomed Star Sea, so much so that we had to go awaken the Chaos Behemoth even though we weren't sure about the result of it joining the battle.” Grand Monarch Hell Demon muttered to himself. “Then, I thought I was summoned to the Spirit World to protect him. However...”

Time passed bit by bit.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon soon noticed that the blood wheel slowly rotating over Nie Tian’s head was quietly absorbing the flesh aura Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory exuded as the two of them fought on.

The absorbed power was then fed to Nie Tian, allowing him to be full of vigor at all times.

“Even Agatha and I...” To his surprise, he noticed that wisps of flesh power were even flying out of the bound Agatha and himself, being absorbed by the blood wheel and used to build up Nie Tian’s strength.

“If this goes on, Eternal Purgatory’s defeat will be certain,” he muttered to himself.

After observing for a bit longer, he suddenly exclaimed, “He’s trying to escape, young master!”

As soon as he finished, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory abruptly merged with the badly-damaged Blood Purgatory Sea and fled towards the Second Demon Realm.

“The Second Demon Realm is where the Blood Purgatory Sea normally is!” he exclaimed. “His battle prowess will greatly improve there!”


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