Chapter 1604: Young Master?

Drops of Blood Essence were oozing out of Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s mountainous, formidably strong body like sparkling, crystal-clear purple fruits.

If one took a closer look, they could see that every drop of Blood Essence contained wisps of electricity and violent turbulent energy.


Grand Monarch Hell Demon listened with his heart, and could even hear eerie low cries coming from within the drops of Blood Essence.

He was taken aback. “With those drops of Blood Essence merging into his soul, doppelgangers can be created at any time!”

He observed carefully again, and soon noticed that it was not only the Blood Essence of Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, who had been famous since a previous era, which was wailing; even his demon bones were giving out cracking sounds.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory was clearly injured, and far from recovering.

“Grand Monarch Hell Demon! It’s you?” While he was stunned, a flash of crimson lightning shot through his lower back. 

He couldn’t help but let out a fierce howl of pain. “The Star Behemoth bone!”

At the sight of the crimson lightning, Grand Monarch Hell Demon from the Doomed Star Sea suddenly felt that his bloodline was being suppressed.

Only the Star Behemoths that had been overlords of the Primal Era could give him this kind of feeling in this starry river!


The lightning, which carried a shower of blood, circled around and vanished behind Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

He turned around hurriedly.

By turning around, he was presenting his back to Grand Monarch Hell Demon.

He had forced Grand Monarch Hell Demon to flee from the Demon realms, and he had hunted him down and nearly killed him.

Now, many years later, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, who had become a late tenth grade grand monarch, had returned from the Doomed Star Sea. Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s heart must be filled with hatred for him, but he... still dared to expose his back to him.

This was because he felt that the person behind him was clearly more threatening and deadly than Grand Monarch Hell Demon.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon flew into a rage. “You look down on me, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory! You were able to defeat me and hunt me down because your bloodline grade was higher than mine! You and I were called the Twin Stars in our era, but you are much older than me! I’ve never slacked off with my cultivation when your Blood Essence rebuilt your body in the Blood Purgatory Sea after you died with the Ice Emperor!

“Like you, I am also a late tenth grade grand monarch now, but you actually dare to ignore me!”

The Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar suddenly burst forth with demon light that was mighty enough to penetrate the heavens.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s demon light poured into the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar, causing the huge stone pillar to continuously enlarge and rise until it was tens of thousands of meters high.


Countless demonic patterns surged with power on the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar, sputtering dark electric light, as the pillar flew towards Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory with a crushing momentum.

The starry river seemed to be shaken and cracked, as odd crunching sounds echoed out. Grand Monarch Hell Demon’s activated bloodline talents helped improve aspects such as tenacity, enhancement, and sharpness, all of which targeted the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar.

“Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar!” Grand Monarch Hell Demon roared.

The demon light surging out of the huge stone pillar seemed to make even the void sink, giving others an uncomfortable sense that space was twisting and collapsing, and the magnetic field was in great chaos.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s expression changed slightly as he said, “You are really much stronger after becoming a late tenth grade grand monarch. Now, you are a formidable opponent indeed!”

With that, he gave his shoulders a violent shake.

Countless drops of Blood Essence on his demon body fell and condensed into a miniature Blood Purgatory Sea.

The sea rolled up and stopped the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar. The power coming from within the Blood Purgatory Sea steadily diminished the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar’s terrifying force.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had never turned his head around to look at Grand Monarch Hell Demon since he had turned around.

His eyes and attention had been focused on the person in front of him.


The demon light from the pillar and the Blood Purgatory Sea clashed with each other tens of thousands of times within a second.

However, the Heaven-shaking Demonic Pillar just couldn’t break through the Blood Purgatory Sea to bombard Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s skull as expected.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon, whose strongest weapon had been blocked by the Blood Purgatory Sea, leaned over and noticed the man standing in front of Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

It was a human whose flesh aura was so intense and turbulent that it was like a sea that could engulf the flesh aura of any creature that dared to enter his surroundings.

The human had a bright sea of stars above his head and a verdant land under his feet. There seemed to be a secret realm of fire behind him, where destructive fire was burning. His nine-thousand-meter-tall body wasn’t his divine dharma idol, but his actual flesh and blood...

Nie Tian grinned. “Grand Monarch Hell Demon, right? Legend has it that your potential was even greater than Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s. Feng Beiluo told me about you. It was me who asked you to come to the Sixth Demon Realm in the Spirit World.”

Grand Monarch Hell Demon was surprised. “Are you… the Young Master?”

He hadn’t heard of the so-called Young Master until recently. In fact, he hadn’t thought of him as a strong fighter.

He had been amused to hear Feng Beiluo, the Thunder Demon, and others praise him in unimaginable ways.

He had suspected that their ingratiation, praise, and exaggeration of the Young Master had been meant to make it easy for him to gain their approval and loyalty after he came to the Doomed Star Sea in the future.

He had thought that Feng Beiluo had summoned him to the Spirit World to rescue Nie Tian.

But now...

He hesitated, and then asked doubtfully, “Was it you who injured Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory? Also, where’s Grand Monarch Ash Bone? I’ve heard he’s also in the Spirit World, and he came to kill you.”

“My five evil god puppets are keeping Grand Monarch Ash Bone busy. He’s not returning to the Doomed Star Sea any time soon.” Nie Tian said gently with a smile. “I didn’t summon you to the Spirit World to use your power to fight Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory. I want you to go to the Demon realms to gather the remaining Demons.

“You have to convince them that they must obey you instead of Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, or the Devils of the Void World.”

Overhearing his words, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory was angered. “Nie Tian, do you think Grand Monarch Hell Demon can replace me?”

“Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Ophelia have died. After you die, the Demons will naturally obey Grand Monarch Hell Demon,” Nie Tian said, taking it for granted. “You are different from Grand Monarch Primal Demon. Since you intend to join the Devils of the Void World, you must die.”

“Young Master, why do we have to bring the remaining Demons together and make them obey me?” Grand Monarch Hell Demon asked in puzzlement.

Nie Tian’s eyes went cold. “You just need to know one thing — if you can’t make that happen, we will wipe out the Demons in the Spirit World, but if you become the new master of the Demons, they’ll be given a way out.”

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and Grand Monarch Hell Demon screamed in unison.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon made a quick decision, and immediately said, “OK! I’ll help you kill Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory! Once he’s dead, I’ll be able to lead the remaining Demons as you wish!”

“Grand Monarch Hell Demon, I can’t believe that as a Demon, you’re actually colluding with a human to kill your own kind!” Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory growled in anger.

Grand Monarch Hell Demon laughed wickedly. “I’ve done many things like this in the Doomed Star Sea. Besides, don’t you remember the reason why I was banished and hunted down by you?”

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory immediately froze, and became speechless.


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