Chapter 1595: Stepping Into The God Domain!

In the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

All sorts of outsider starships and buildings of different styles could be seen on the seven dead stars that surrounded the Realm Sea.

The outsiders had long since replaced the humans as the masters of this wondrous place.

A wide array of foreign energies surged in the sea, providing power for that portal in the depths of the sea, so that members of the three major races of the Void World could continue to pour into the Mortal World without obstacles.

In the area where the Devils were gathered, Agatha’s expression flickered violently as she exclaimed, “Bloodlust died!”

Floating in front of her chest was a transparent glassware holding a drop of Blood Essence that lit up with purple demonic light from time to time.

It was a drop of Blood Essence Grand Monarch Bloodlust had left behind, branded with all of the profound truths he had comprehended about his bloodline.

“What?!” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ doppelgänger, along with many Bonedrude and Netherspirit experts that were gathered on the surrounding dead stars, flew over in a breath’s time and fixed the drop of Blood Essence with flabbergasted looks.

In the amethyst-like Blood Essence, they saw Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s soul shadow wallowing in agony.

His heartrending shrieks kept echoing from within it.

However, it wasn’t long before Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s soul shadow faded from the amethyst-like Blood Essence.

After looking into the Blood Essence for a bit longer, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits said with a deeply grim face, “It seems that this middle tenth grade Demon grand monarch has indeed died. But this is very strange. We sent six grand monarchs to take care of Nie Tian’s true soul and destroy the young Tree of Life. It shouldn’t be that hard.”

“If something happened to Grand Monarch Bloodlust, would Lord Ash Bones...?” A Bonedrude said with a deeply-disturbed expression.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits fixed him with a cold gaze. “Grand Monarch Ash Bone has the Bell of Death with him. I doubt that there’s anyone in the Spirit World now that can pose a threat to him.”

“That’s right,” Agatha chimed in. “As long as the Tree of Life doesn’t build up its power within a short time, no one can hurt his life.

“Let’s not forget Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory is also on this mission. Two late tenth grade grand monarchs together... How can there be mishaps when all of the peak grand monarchs of the Spirit World are trapped in our world?”

She couldn’t imagine any scenario where Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s life would be in danger.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits pondered briefly, then said, “Battles are usually full of mishaps. Perhaps Grand Monarch Primal Wood and those three Ancientspirit grand monarchs rushed to Nie Tian’s aid in the Realm of Middle Continent. But if Grand Monarch Bloodlust died fighting them, the four of them probably died as well. I guess it’s not too bad to lose Bloodlust, but win the battle in the Spirit World.”

He assumed that Grand Monarch Bloodlust might have detonated himself as his last desperate move, killing himself and the Ancientspirit grand monarchs.

“If that’s the case...” Agatha of the Devils said, nodding. “I’m keeping this drop of Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s Blood Essence anyways. After we win our battles and return to the Void World, it shouldn’t be hard to bring him back to life with my people’s abundant resources.”

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits smiled. “I’m glad that you see it that way.” 

However, the smile didn’t stay on his face for very long before his face suddenly turned ashen.

One of his sub-souls obtained a shocking piece of information from the Realm of Dark Souls, the Netherspirits’ main realm.

Grand Monarch Soul Breaker had died in battle!

All Netherspirit grand monarchs would leave a cluster of soul fire in their clan before marching off to battle. That cluster of soul fire would retain a profound connection with them and reflect their situation.

The cluster of soul fire Grand Monarch Soul Breaker had left in his clan had become frail due to the destruction of his true soul. It seemed as if it could go out at any moment, like a candle in the wind.

This meant that Grand Monarch Soul Breaker, who had gone to join the operation in the Spirit World, had suffered the same fate as Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits couldn’t stay calm anymore as he immediately issued orders for the outsider experts to instantly return from whichever human domain they were in.

“If Bloodlust’s death was a mishap, Grand Monarch Soul Breaker’s death couldn’t be a mishap as well!

“I’m afraid our people who we sent to the Spirit World are in danger. Prepare for a rescue mission!”


In the starry river outside the Realm of Middle Continent.

Chunks of flesh and mangled limbs streamed into a spatial rift and disappeared.

Ji Yuanquan was keeping the rift open with his spatial power.

Driven by Yin Xingtian’s power, pieces of Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s severed head, mangled flesh, and a rain of blood fell into the spatial rift and vanished.

The charred body of Grand Monarch Soul Breaker of the Netherspirits was also pulled by bolts of lightning conjured by Mo Qianfan and Scotte, and slowly flew into the spatial rift.

The spatial rift Ji Yuanquan was keeping open was like the mouth of a greedy monster, devouring the broken bones, mangled flesh, and scattered blood.

The other outsider grand monarchs, who were still in battle and having more and more injuries added to their bodies, couldn’t help but shiver upon glancing at the spatial rift.

The spatial rift connected to the Floragrims’ main realm.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Soul Breaker’s bones, flesh, and blood were caught by a mysterious gravitational force as soon as they streamed out of the spatial rift.

Like a meteor shower, the chunks of flesh, bones, and blood plummeted towards the forbidden area, where Nie Tian’s true form was seeking to break through to the God domain.


Nie Tian was half-naked in his enlarged form, standing towering like a god that had existed since the beginning of time. His each and every muscle seemed to contain power that could easily destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth.

Under his feet was his wood domain, that exuberant green land.

Right now, it seemed to be receiving Grand Monarch Soul Breaker and Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s mangled bodies. As soon as the pieces fell from the sky, they were consumed and transformed by Nie Tian’s life bloodline.

The two grand monarchs’ immense flesh power was further refined within his true form.


His life power-infused wood domain suddenly burst forth with mysterious light that looked like a green sea.

Streaks of light that were branded with the profound truths of life could be seen transforming within it like divine rainbows and sunglows, as if this was lifting his mastery of wood power to a whole new level.

The transformation of his wood domain, the transformation from a saint domain to a god domain, was complete in a flash! 

After the transformation, his wood domain seemed like an immaculate green jade at first glance, so fresh and green that it was intoxicating even to look at it.

Only after those first moments did the Godspirit Tree and the ancient sky-reaching trees manifest within his transformed wood domain.


The luxuriant wood domain suddenly rose into the sky. In the blink of an eye, it charged through the realm barrier of the Floragrims’ main realm and entered the starry river like a spectacular green heaven and earth.

Then, the wood domain squeezed into Nie Tian’s star domain, which was controlled by his star power sub-soul.

The rich wood power within his wood domain morphed into clear rivers of pure energy that flew to every corner of his star domain. Like catalysts, they somehow made his star domain burst forth with dazzling light.

The illusory starry river conjured by the Heavenly Stars Flower seemed to materialize, filled with sparkling diamond-like stars.

Both his star domain and the Heavenly Stars Flower seemed to be stimulated by his brand new wood domain, and started transforming.

His flame domain was next.

“My wood domain agrees with my life bloodline, which makes it the key to my breakthrough to the God domain! The completion of the transformation of my wood domain is catalytic, and is making every part of my breakthrough to the God domain fall into place!”

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