Chapter 1593: Trap And Kill

Nie Tian was greatly spirited!

He had assumed that they were going to suffer serious losses due to the existence of Grand Monarch Ash Bone and his Bell of Death.

If Dong Li wasn’t here, he probably wouldn’t have been able to defeat Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory with only his true soul and the Spirit Scepter.

Grand Monarch Ash Bone, however, had already beaten Grand Monarch Primal Wood to the point where his bloodline had retrograded by stimulating his death bloodline and boosting the power of the Bell of Death with a piece of Grand Monarch Life Wood’s skull.

With You Qimiao in that frigid lake, Grand Monarch Primal Wood had become the only late tenth grade expert on their side, yet he had turned out to be no match for Grand Monarch Ash Bone.

All of this had made it apparent that they were going to lose this battle.

However, Dong Li’s arrival turned the tide.

Having refined both dark stones and reached a thorough understanding of the truths of darkness, she could suppress any Demon now.

After all, the Dark King had been a Devil paragon from the Void World!

The dark power Dong Li had grasped was from him. The dark power and the two dark stones had all been branded with the ultimate dark power of this Devil paragon.


Dong Li pointed her fingers about casually, and the Purgatory Karmic Flames and purple lightning bolts Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had released were snuffed out.

Even the Blood Purgatory Sea he had summoned from the Demon realms was infiltrated by her dark power.

As immense as his flesh aura was, since it could no longer merge with the Blood Purgatory Sea, his might suffered to a great extent. This gave him an uncomfortable feeling that he had never felt before.

Nie Tian finally put his mind at ease.


He flew to Grand Monarch Ash Bone’s location, wielding the Spirit Scepter.

At this moment, Grand Monarch Ash Bone was swinging the Bell of Death around aimlessly and with great force.


With every swing of the giant bell, he seemed to stir up a storm of death, which would vacuumize a small area around him, allowing him to see the things close to him.

Apparently, even the ultimate darkness didn’t completely restrain this late tenth grade Bonedrude grand monarch.

“A titan...”

With another swing, he hit the mountainous Chatvic with his Bell of Death.

Even before the storm of death could engulf Chatvic, the giant peculiar bell shattered the bones in his shoulder.

The mighty impact created a bloody mist around his shoulder.

Only then did the storm of death the Bell of Death stirred up envelop him.


Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment as he saw several shattered bones in Chatvic’s shoulder being channeled and flying into the mouth of the bell.

New pale flames lit up as soon as they did.

After the swing of the Bell of Death, Grand Monarch Ash Bone had a temporary vision of what was around him. With eyes like two green gruesome lamps, he growled, “You! It’s true that I can’t kill you since you’re not in a flesh form and you have Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s Spirit Scepter at your command. However, you can’t possibly defeat me either, not without your true form.”

With a nasty laugh, Grand Monarch Ash Bone pointed his pale bony hand at Scotte, who was close to him.

“I’ll shatter this lightning dragon’s bones just as I did that titan.”

The pale flames within the Bell of Death burned more and more furiously, as if they manifested dozens of different magical laws and profound truths of death.

Pale flames suddenly flew out of the mouth of the bell and spread towards Scotte, the lightning dragon, who wasn’t aware of what was happening.

His dragon form was thousands of meters long and wreathed in lightning bolts. Right now, he was wiggling about, as if he were trying to break free from this darkness so he could find a target to attack.

However, Dong Li’s dark domain was indiscriminate.

Once they were enveloped, it would be very hard to break free, much less be able to see things like they were in daylight as Dong Li could.

“You’re a late tenth grade Bonedrude grand monarch, so what?” Nie Tian’s true soul cried out.

At the same time, the Spirit Scepter whizzed out like a bolt of lightning and reached the Bell of Death that was being brought down with great force.


The Bell of Death slammed hard into the Spirit Scepter for a second time. The scepter was once again unscathed, while Scotte escaped a heavy blow from the bell.


Vast, murky rivers were released from within the Spirit Scepter.

As soon as the illusory Nether Rivers manifested, Nie Tian’s true soul let out a call of the soul, which seemed to travel through layers of space to a destination that was billions of kilometers away.


The misty cyan Nether Realm was surrounded by five realms, and pure, immense Nether Qi enveloped and separated the entire group of realms from the rest of the starry river.

All of a sudden, strong spatial fluctuations emerged.

“Our new master is calling upon us!”

Roaring, the five evil gods immediately flew out of the realms and traveled through space to the darkness-enveloped area in a breath’s time by relying on the unparalleled grand spell formation Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had left behind.

Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering flesh power instantly filled the area of the starry river that was engulfed in endless darkness. Even Dong Li was shocked.

Upon shrewdly sensing the evil gods’ arrival, she cast a secret spell.

After she did, the darkness rapidly fused into her in clusters.

In a matter of seconds, the darkness vanished completely.

The starry river outside the Realm of Middle Continent returned to its original cold, dim state.

Meanwhile, the five sinister evil gods pounced towards Grand Monarch Ash Bone at the first moment, baring their fangs and claws. Grand Monarch Ash Bone then woke up to the abrupt turn of events, and screamed.

For some reason, even his Bell of Death spiraled out of his hand after being bombarded by the evil god of bloodlust.

He could no longer stimulate the power of his Bell of Death to manipulate the situation as easily as before.

At that moment, all of the God domain human experts and Ancientspirit grand monarchs discovered that the death power spell that had been weighing down on their hearts seemed to be lifted completely.

Yin Xingtian was the first to speak. “Leave Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons to me!”

Immediately afterwards, the Godspan Sword Formation regained its mobility, countless sword lights rapidly weaving into a glorious vast net that flew directly towards Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

“I’ll take Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends,” Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace said, unleashing her Heaven-purging Divine Light. Like a storm of silver needles, it enveloped towards Grand Monarch Nether Channeler.

“Let me deal with the Netherspirit grand monarch!” Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect shouted.

“I’ll help you!” Scotte, the lightning dragon, shouted after him.

Mo Qianfan was a human, and Scotte was a dragon. However, they were both well-versed in lightning power. They would enjoy a significant advantage in battle against their Phantasm or Netherspirit peers.

Even if Scotte were to fight Grand Monarch Soul Breaker single-handedly, he might not necessarily lose, not to mention that he now had the assistance of Mo Qianfan, whose strength had soared thanks to his findings on the floating continent.

Grand Monarch Soul Breaker immediately found himself in an unfavorable situation.

After Ye Wenhan and Ji Yuanquan adjusted themselves to the light and prepared to join the battle, they realized that the six outsider grand monarchs were already engaged in fierce battles against those with Nie Tian.

A puzzled look appeared on Ji Yuanquan’s face. “Nie Tian, we...” 

“Do everything you can to seal off this area of the starry river. Don’t give them any chance to escape.” Nie Tian said, holding the Spirit Scepter. “With the help of my scepter, I’ll make sure that their souls don’t escape. I want all six of them annihilated here today, body and soul!”


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