Chapter 1552: A Brilliant Star

Dazzling stars flickered around Nie Tian.

Having assumed his enlarged form, he looked like a nine thousand meter high mountain peak. Even the outsider grand monarchs were impressed by his form.

Billowing waves of seemingly endless flesh aura emanated from within Nie Tian, shaking even the area of the starry river around him.

With every step he took, stars seemed to explode under his feet, and his star, flame, and wood power seemed to manifest profound wonders, stirring up a resonance in heaven and earth.

Even though his cultivation base was only at the late Saint domain, and his bloodline was only at the ninth grade, the aura he exuded now was ancient and boundless in the outsider grand monarchs’ senses.

At first glance, he looked like a peak God domain human expert, but after they sensed his aura with rapt attention, they found him comparable to a mighty behemoth from the Primal Era.

Staring at Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ escaped sub-soul sighed with mixed emotions and said, “Another expert from the Mortal World has risen to prominence.

“Ji Cang, Qu Yi, Mo Heng, You Qimiao... Whenever the humans are in peril, people with extraordinary talent have risen to the challenge! Although the humans have a long history, it hasn’t been long since they became a powerful race, yet they always manage to surprise us.”

All of the other grand monarchs from the Void World fell silent after hearing this.

Even they felt great pressure from the mighty aura Nie Tian now released after charging out of the Realm of Falling Snow.

The fact that Barbara, who controlled the Spirit Scepter, had failed to defeat him, and Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ doppelgänger had had its fleshly body destroyed by him made him even more formidable.

Furthermore, what Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had just said couldn’t be more accurate.

According to the records of the three major races of the Void World, their most powerful opponents during ancient times were Star Behemoths, titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts.

However, in this era, the vast majority of their truly powerful adversaries, who put them in perilous situations, were humans.

Ji Cang, Qu Yi, Chu Yuan, Shao Tianyang, Mo Heng...

These mighty God domain experts that had vanished from the Mortal World had caused them far too much trouble in the Void World and the Doomed Star Sea.

Those humans in the Doomed Star Sea, who had been labeled as villains and rebels and spit on by their own kind, were especially hard to deal with. Every time they had attempted to cross the Doomed Star Sea, they had had to pay a heavy price of countless casualties.

Even so, most of their attempts had failed eventually.

“Nie Tian of the humans!” Many powerful experts from the Void World called his name inwardly, memorizing it with their hearts full of respect.

At this moment, Nie Tian seemed to rise to the same height as Mo Heng, Ji Cang, and Qu Yi, and become one of the truly mighty opponents in the eyes of the three major races of the Void World!

Seeing Nie Tian’s true self speeding towards the floating continent, a Netherspirit expert hastily called out, “Grand monarch!”

“Don’t worry,” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul said, looking fairly calm. “Our late tenth grade grand monarchs haven’t arrived yet. I’ve already sent word to our people in the Void World and the Doomed Star Sea, informing them of the situation.”

Hearing this, all of the grand monarchs from the Void World instantly felt relieved.

He was right. Not a single late tenth grade grand monarch from the Void World had actually arrived yet.

Even Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had only presented himself in one of his many doppelgängers, and his various soul magics had been greatly suppressed by the five evil gods.

Meanwhile, Barbara only enjoyed her unique lofty status among the Netherspirits because of the Spirit Scepter.

She herself wasn’t a late tenth grade grand monarch.

Every late tenth grade grand monarch of the three major races of the Void World was a mighty existence that could shake heaven and earth, and inspire fear throughout the starry river.

If any of them got here, even the Ripper Behemoth might not be able to secure a victory against them, much less Nie Tian.

“What do we do about those who we’ve sent to the floating continent to kill Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger?” someone asked.

“Call them back,” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits ordered. “Some of the Behemoth Crawlers have already found their way into the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh and blood. Even Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger won’t be able to get rid of them now! To Star Behemoths, Behemoth Crawlers are an incurable plague!”

“Got it!”


In the floating continent that was enshrouded in pale-gray mist.

The Ripper Behemoth, which looked like a humongous centipede, howled in agony as it sank into the depths of the endless black sea.

As Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger penetrated the flesh aura ward and entered the floating continent, the Ripper Behemoth sensed his existence and reemerged from the black sea.

Watching its body that looked like a winding mountain range rise to the sea’s surface, Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger didn’t know what he should do.


Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends, and an early tenth grade Devil grand monarch charged through the flesh aura ward enveloping the floating continent.

Nie Tian was their target.


Controlled by the Ripper Behemoth, enormous rocks and broken lands from the top continent plummeted towards the outsider grand monarchs, making them cry out in fear.

However, they soon discovered that, perhaps because the Ripper Behemoth was suffering from the Behemoth Crawlers, its attacks weren’t as deadly as they had expected them to be.

Another reason might be because they had entered the floating continent.

In its own home, the Ripper Behemoth might have scruples, fearing that the whole floating continent would fall apart if it went all-out to attack them.

The floating continent was like a colossal ship. Not only could it provide shelter to its humongous form, but it could also channel all sorts of power from the starry river.

It was only natural that the Ripper Behemoth didn’t want it to be damaged.

“Nie Tian... Nie Tian...”

The Ripper Behemoth’s soul voice echoed over and over in the mind of Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger.

Its emerging body that looked like a winding mountain range shivered unceasingly as its flesh aura weakened bit by bit.

Originally, the speed at which its flesh aura was consumed had been very slow and almost negligible, considering its vastly immense flesh aura.

That was because very few of the Behemoth Crawlers had managed to pierce into its body.

However, as time passed, the Behemoth Crawlers had multiplied at a shocking rate within it by gnawing at its flesh and blood!

The speed at which its flesh aura was being consumed had grown faster and faster!

“I...” Examining the Ripper Behemoth’s humongous form, Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger felt somewhat helpless. “Even though I can burn the Behemoth Crawlers with flame power, they’re inside of you now. If I burn them, your body will be burned as well.”

“Try it anyway!” The Ripper Behemoth whined.


Rays of fiery light then flew out towards the Ripper Behemoth under the subtle manipulation of Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger.


However, upon contact with the Ripper Behemoth’s flesh aura, the rays of fiery light burst into raging flames, and were neutralized before they could pierce into the behemoth’s body.

Seeing this, the Ripper Behemoth canceled the flesh aura ward around it and opened its pores. Only then did the rays of fiery light finally reach and pierce into its body.


As soon as the fiery light entered its body, the Ripper Behemoth howled even more painfully than before.

Even the entire floating continent started to shake violently. The Ripper Behemoth seemed to lose its precise control of its power, as numerous huge pieces of land started showering down, hitting Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Grand Monarch Nether Channeler.

At this moment, the grand monarchs received Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ order and prepared to return to him.

However, Nie Tian’s true self also charged through the pale-gray mist that enshrouded the floating continent at this moment, and spotted Grand Monarch Bloodlust upon arriving.

“Grand Monarch Bloodlust!”

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