Chapter 1543: That’s Enough!

An incomparably strange fleshly doppelganger was formed in front of his true form with his bloodline essence and flame power sub-soul as its cornerstone, and his flesh power as its energy.


Wisps of red light wandered on the red naked skin of the flame doppelganger Nie Tian had made.


A brilliant fiery spiritual core flew out of the dantian region of his true form into his flame doppelganger.

With a soul, a fleshly body, and a spiritual core, his flame doppelganger had all the conditions that were necessary to become a true being.

“Flame Dragon Armor!” the doppelganger exclaimed softly, and the burning armor instantly flew out of Nie Tian’s ring of holding to clad itself on it.


The flame doppelganger was ignited. It even smoothly displayed Nie Tian’s flame domain. The unfathomable flame formation in the flame domain that was connected to the Flame Land clearly appeared.

“Behemoth Crawlers...”

Nie Tian’s flame doppelganger frowned and muttered, “Is it only the Behemoth Crawlers that can threaten you? Can’t those outsider grand monarchs from the Void World hurt you?”

“So far, only the Behemoth Crawlers can!” the Ripper Behemoth replied.

The burning doppelganger of Nie Tian nodded gently. “Got it.”

Soon, he noticed that the Domain of Flying Snow seemed to be slowly melting due to this flame doppelganger of his. “It looks like the frigid Domain of Flying Snow can’t withstand my flame doppelganger.”

“What do you plan to do, Nie Tian?” the soul shadow of the Ripper Behemoth asked. “Your doppelganger is powerful, but it seems to me that it’s only at the late Saint domain. It doesn’t have a particularly vigorous flesh aura, so it’s not a hybrid like your true self. What your doppelganger can resort to is only the power equal to that of a late Saint domain expert who cultivates flame power!”

During its long life, it had witnessed many wonders and dealt with many intelligent beings in the Mortal World and Spirit World.

It had seen various doppelgangers. To him, Nie Tian’s flame doppelganger was nothing special.

“It’s only at the Saint domain...” Nie Tian said with a smile, “but that’s enough.”

The Ripper Behemoth still wanted to persuade him, but its huge soul shadow suddenly twisted and scattered. “I’ve been found!”

“Great,” Nie Tian’s flame doppelganger said, suddenly soaring into the sky. He broke away from the Domain of Flying Snow and flew into the starry river, where he immediately saw the floating continent that was surrounded by tearing currents.

As soon as his flame doppelganger left, the icy aura in the Domain of Flying Snow recovered.

It seemed that Nie Tian’s silent and motionless true form was still swimming in the endless blood sea to seek the true meaning of life force.

His other eight sub-souls didn’t return to his sea of soul awareness, nor did they condense into other doppelgangers. They simply floated above his true form, sensing the changes in the starry river through the eyes and soul of the flame doppelganger.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons held the Demonic Moon Saber. The deep purple flesh aura floating next to his waist was like a python breathing out demon aura. “There!”

“It’s the floating continent!” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler also shouted. “The Ripper Behemoth is lurking within the floating continent! Finding the floating continent means that we’ve found the Ripper Behemoth!”

Billions of densely-packed Behemoth Crawlers immediately flooded towards the floating continent like a sea.

With the Behemoth Crawlers, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul, Grand Monarch Bone Posterity, and several other grand monarchs of the Void World marched in a formidable array.

As they moved, dense Devil Qi, Nether Qi, and Death Qi spread towards the Domain of Flying Snow.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul pointed to the floating continent and gave an order to the Behemoth Crawlers. “Go!”

The innumerable Behemoth Crawlers, which had long smelled the Ripper Behemoth’s aura on the floating continent, seemed extremely excited as they swarmed forward.

They instinctively felt that the Ripper Behemoth in the floating continent would be a supreme delicacy!

As long as they could eat its flesh, they would be able to reproduce infinitely in a short time, giving birth to new generations of Behemoth Crawlers.

The new generations of Behemoth Crawlers would be even more powerful. In the distant future, they might even become a unique race of life.

Driven by their instinct, they wanted to devour the Ripper Behemoth and make stronger new generations with its death!


Suddenly, a flaming little figure appeared in front of the floating continent. To the outsider grand monarchs, it looked like a grain of rice, only a little bigger than a Behemoth Crawler.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust squinted. “Nie Tian?”

After taking a closer look, he exclaimed, “No! It doesn’t have his violent, turbulent flesh power. Instead, it’s more like an ordinary Saint domain human. Is he here to die?”

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits only gave it a quick look before realizing what was going on. “Doppelganger. It’s a doppelganger transformed from Nie Tian’s flame power and flesh power. I didn’t expect a mere doppelganger to dare to come out to obstruct us. This is like throwing an egg against a rock.”

A deep cyan ancient seal that was like a ghost’s face suddenly emerged in the depths of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ pupil.

“Soul-splitting Seal!” he exclaimed softly before an imprint that was like a ghost’s face was formed.

The ghost-faced seal wriggled uncannily, morphed into the form of Nie Tian’s flame doppelganger, and then… cracked open little by little, as if it were corresponding to Nie Tian’s flame power sub-soul.

Nie Tian actually experienced a piercing pain that originated in his soul.

It seemed that his flame power sub-soul was about to crack and explode because of the explosion of the magical seal formed by Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits.


As the Spirit Pearl floated out of the Domain of Flying Snow, the five evil gods broke through the realm barrier and suddenly appeared before Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul, like five divine mountain peaks wreathed in Nether Qi.

Seeing the five evil gods, even though Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits was very strong, he was also startled. “They’re...”

The Netherspirits behind the sea of Behemoth Crawlers screamed at the sight of the five evil gods.

“The five lords!”

“The five venerable ones!”

When they had been young, they had heard legends of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and his five strongest subordinates from their elders.

The legends of the five evil gods had been passed down from generation to generation in the Void World and in the hearts of the Netherspirits.

They could see the five evil gods’ appearances in numerous magnificent halls of the Netherspirits, holy mountains, and forbidden places, so they had deep impressions of their faces.


The moment the five gods flew out, the Soul-splitting Seal that Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had condensed suddenly exploded.

It couldn’t be easier for the five evil gods, who were also Netherspirits with fleshly bodies and were still becoming stronger and stronger, to destroy the Soul-splitting Seal that Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul had condensed.

“Lords, I don’t understand...” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ sub-soul fixed its eyes on the five evil gods and uttered ancient soul words with strange rhythms, as if he wanted to wake them up.

Suddenly, Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits noticed that as he chanted the soul words, imprints emerged between all the eyebrows of the five evil gods.

“Heavenly Spirit Seals!” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits let out a cry of terror for the first time.

He rubbed his eyes as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He looked again, and found that it was still the Heavenly Spirit Seals that were imprinted between the eyebrows of the five evil gods, like prismatic crystals.

He groaned. “How is that possible?”


At that very moment, Nie Tian’s flame doppelganger flew into the sea of Behemoth Crawlers like a burning river of flames that gradually morphed into a flaming dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

Amid the blazing flames, Nie Tian’s doppelganger had an enjoyable expression on its face. “This is such a wonderful feeling.”

The flame formation in his flame saint domain that was copied from the Flame Land was suddenly activated, erupting with splendid divine flame, crimson crystal light, and unknown flame threads with divine characters.


The void shook as the strong power from a land of extreme flames rushed out of Nie Tian’s flame domain.

In an instant, Nie Tian’s flame domain began to change, releasing a terrifying flame aura that could burn out everything and reduce all living creatures and even heaven and earth to ashes.

As this happened, the sea of Behemoth Crawlers started burning from the center, like a carpet catching fire.

In the raging flames, they crackled as their burning stink spread for thousands of miles.

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