Chapter 1533: Reopen?

In the Domain of Endless Snow.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons and Nie Tian, who was eight thousand meters tall in his enlarged form, were engaged in a fierce battle.

The numerous purple lightning bolts and streams of flesh aura they unleashed clashed violently, lighting up ancient Devil talismans and imprints that carried the profound truths of life power.


As Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s huge arm swung across Nie Tian’s chest, a rainbow of demonic power was created by his fingernails that were like sharp icy blades.

A deep gash instantly appeared in Nie Tian’s broad chest, revealing even his crystallized bones, which shone with dazzling blood-colored light.

It was like a chasm ripping through the earth, yet not a single drop of blood was spilled.

That was because his refined life power instantly formed a dark-red blood membrane over his vital organs.

“Blood Essence! Heavenly Wood Heal: Flesh Reforge!” As soon as Nie Tian bellowed, crimson blood strings flew out of his meridians that were as thick as streams to weave over more than a dozen wounds in his chest, back, and abdomen.

It was as if numerous tiny living beings with their own awareness were helping suture his cuts.

As the battle continued, new wounds were added to his body, but the old ones were also healed at the same time.

This was the terrifying self-healing ability Nie Tian had awakened after his bloodline had broken through to the ninth grade, which was a result of his deepened understanding of life power combined with the wonders of Heavenly Wood Heal.

Even Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons couldn’t match his self-healing ability.


As Nie Tian pressed his palm forward, numerous star formations flew out of it to explode on both sides of Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s body.

“Star Explosion!”

Like the great explosions that had created this starry river and the myriad realms in it, the explosions sent out countless dazzling sparks that shot into both sides of Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s body.

Despite the Demons’ Indestructible Form, Grand Monarch Bloodlust was blown bloody.

Pieces of dark purple skin and flesh that were as hard as armor were torn from under his armpits. Each and every piece weighed hundreds of kilograms.

However, the chunks of flesh torn from Grand Monarch Bloodlust emanated demonic light like purple gems.

Even his spilling blood let out roars that seemed to come from his soul.

Shortly afterwards, the chunks of flesh torn from his body squirmed in a strange way and rapidly morphed into numerous tiny versions of himself.

Even though they were only a few meters tall and carried weak flesh auras, they seemed to be doppelgängers of Grand Monarch Bloodlust, as they each had their own awareness, and could use his bloodline magics skillfully.

Seconds later, the doppelgängers merged into Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s true self and reconstructed his Indestructible Form.

He became full of energy once again.

Seeing this, Nie Tian summoned his bloodline power, star power, and flame power, and entered another round of close-quarters fighting against Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

Numerous bloodline imprints, profound laws of star power, and divine symbols of flame power once again clashed with Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s blustering demonic power.


Nie Tian made a casual grabbing and tossing motion, and blazing glowing spheres that looked like downscaled suns bombarded Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

Grand Monarch Bloodlust roared as his dark purple flesh aura sea was unleashed. The purple lightning bolts within it set off some of the glowing spheres as his magnificent form charged through the storm of blazing spheres and rammed into Nie Tian’s wound-laden chest with his head that felt like a plummeting meteor.

“Titan’s Wrath!”

Nie Tian then raised his fist, infused it with star, flame, wood, and flesh power, and slammed it down on Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s head.

It was like an ancient god hammering a realm in his arms.


Nie Tian’s strike gave rise to waves of immense and frenzied flesh aura from Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s head that caused even him to wobble.

At the same time, starlight and blazing sparks sputtered from Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s eyes, as he was hammered dizzy as well.

To everyone’s surprise, the human hybrid and the Demon grand monarch were evenly matched in a battle without any demonic weapons or spiritual tools.

The nine shining sub-souls within Nie Tian’s sea of awareness corresponded to his flame power, wood power, and star power cores, along with the five evil gods and the Star Behemoth bone.

Even at this moment, in the depths of his battle against Grand Monarch Bloodlust, he could still rely on them to pay close attention to the battle between Grand Monarch Unholy Wind and the evil gods.

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, the late tenth grade Phantasm grand monarch, had lost his confidence after having the illusory Nether River he had created with his flesh power, soul power, and dead humans’ souls ripped apart and devoured by the five evil gods.

He had been at a clear disadvantage in his battle against them.

His obscure soul voice morphed into ancient Netherspirit soul symbols, which formed talismans that connected to the Nether River that ran through the three worlds.

With those talismans, he cast profound soul magics, including the Soul-burning Blood Spell, the Dark Soul Ward, and the Great Quietus of Souls...

However, the five evil gods seemed unaffected by the deadly soul magics, as they continued to pounce fiercely towards him in attempts to capture him.

Not just that, but the evil gods infiltrated Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s soul with their ultimate negative emotions, like devastating seas coming from five different directions.

“No!” he howled in disbelief, not understanding why Nie Tian could revive and control the evil gods their people had enshrined and worshiped for countless generations.

Having won the Nether River’s acknowledgment, he naturally knew the background of the so-called five evil gods.

Not only were Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s five strongest subordinates not helping him, but they were actually attacking him together under Nie Tian’s instructions, and carrying Nie Tian’s unique aura.

This both enraged and baffled Grand Monarch Unholy Wind.

“Door Knock!”

A drop of Blood Essence that looked like a cyan, water drop-shaped jade suddenly started burning in his heart.

Hundreds of soul symbols that shone dazzlingly like stars then manifested in the drop of Blood Essence. Each soul symbol was only the size of an ant.

Then, the souls of numerous beings that the Mortal World and the Spirit World had never seen emerged in the drop of Blood Essence.

Apparently, those souls belonged to members of weaker races that had perished in the Void World.

They were the sacrificial offerings that had helped establish a connection between Grand Monarch Unholy Wind and the Netherspirits in the Void World.

Through ‘Door Knock,’ his questions crossed the barrier between worlds in a profound manner and fell into the Nether River in the Void World.

Then, they were perceived by the Netherspirits’ current high chieftain: Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits.

Wisp after wisp of soul messages that were released by Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits instantly entered Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s mind.

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Is this really just because of the Spirit Pearl? A pearl alone allows him to control the evil gods? Even though Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, the former master of the Spirit Pearl, was a late tenth grade grand monarch, he died a long time ago. Even his sea of awareness has transformed into the misty cyan world within the pearl.”

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind was still confused.

However, he received another wisp of soul message in the next moment.

He instantly grew thrilled and exclaimed, “The portal is opening soon! Our people are going to descend upon the Mortal World from the place where we originated!”

Upon hearing this, every human expert in the Domain of Endless Snow gasped, their faces turning pale.

“Even Yin Xingtian and the three Ancientspirit grand monarchs together can’t stop Grand Monarch Gray Bones?” Ji Yuanquan exclaimed as he split open a spatial rift connecting to the Seven Stars Realm Sea at the first possible moment.

Every human felt deeply uneasy.

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