Chapter 1530: Battle Prowess Skyrockets

The space had originally been sealed. However, the arrival of Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s demonic blade shook and broke the seal.

Thanks to this, a connection was suddenly established between the Seven Stars Realm Sea and the Domain of Endless Snow

Zhao Shanling, who had been eager to seek help from the Domain of Endless Snow, shrewdly sensed the subtle changes in space, and formed a spatial tunnel at the first possible moment.

His cries came through the tunnel to the battlefield in the Domain of Endless Snow. “We’re under attack from Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes!”

At the same time, Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s low cry echoed out, like the bellow of an ancient demonic creature. “Demonic Blade: Moon Perish!”

He slashed the Demonic Moon Saber towards Nie Tian, who was in his enlarged form, with full force.

As hundreds of purple and black lightning bolts sputtered from the crescent moon-shaped blade, drops of blood rose from the pores all over Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s enormous, mountain-like body.

Each and every drop of blood was as large as a grown man’s fist, and shone with dazzling purple light.

It seemed as if the drops of blood had been vested with the power of generations of mighty Devil patriarchs in the Void World, along with countless ancient powerful seals.


The fist-sized drops of blood were suddenly channeled by the ancient seals within them and came together.

Horrific, raging demonic power built up within the drops of blood, which rapidly aggregated into a blackish-violet crescent moon.

Carrying Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s bloodline wonders and the boundless power of his demonic blade, the crescent moon plummeted towards Nie Tian like a meteor.

Nie Tian, who was more than eight thousand meters tall, looked up.

In Nie Tian’s senses, the blackish-violet moon was like a long-deceased ancient Devil god that was brought back to life, only to perish with him again.

The aura of frenzy, bloodlust, madness, and destruction the ancient Devil god exuded spread through the void, as if it were going to envelop all three worlds.

Even Nie Tian’s soul seemed to be influenced, as he felt as if he were bogged down and couldn’t bring out his full power.

He knew that the nine sub-souls within his sea of awareness were being suppressed by the ancient Devil god’s torrential aura at this moment.


All of a sudden, floating over his sea of awareness, the crimson sub-soul that corresponded to the Star Behemoth bone let out a ferocious roar that sounded to be from an overlord of the entire starry river.

It was a voice that used to make countless races in the three worlds tremble in fear!

As the Star Behemoth’s bloodline burst forth to suppress Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s bloodline, countless crimson blood strings instantly flew out of the Star Behemoth Bone and shot up into the void, where they wove into a tight net.

One, two, three... countless...

Blindingly-bright sparks of starlight flew out of Nie Tian’s dantian region.

Seeming to be bathed in a sea of dazzling stars, his every piece of skin and flesh became as translucent and sparkling as jade.

Then, the sparks of starlight suddenly shot up, like a reverse waterfall, to help the divine spear-like Star Behemoth bone defend against Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s full-power strike.

In a split second, blazing light exploded in the void between Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Bloodlust.

Heaven-destroying and earth-extinguishing flesh power and star power engulfed the whole area. Even the power spreading into their surroundings caused hundreds of nasty fissures to appear in the starry river.

It was as if this clash alone caused irreparable damage to the Domain of Endless Snow.

The scary-looking fissures might connect to the space disruption zone, allowing deadly streams of light to pour into the Domain of Endless Snow and plunge its realms into eternal dead silence.

“Nie Tian!” Zhao Shanling’s cry broke the moment of silence that followed the violent clash.

At this moment, most human and outsider experts were gawking at the area where Grand Monarch Bloodlust and Nie Tian were, lost in the aftermath of the magnificent clash between the two.

After only a brief moment of bewilderment, Yin Xingtian’s expression flickered as he turned to Yu Suying and Mo Qianfan, and said, “I think with Nie Tian here, things won’t go out of control even if I leave.”

That strike Grand Monarch Bloodlust had cast with the Demonic Moon Saber he had summoned from the Demon realms was every bit as mighty as a strike from Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

Even so, Nie Tian had managed to fend it off with the Star Behemoth bone and his reverse waterfall of stars.

Furthermore, it seemed that Nie Tian hadn’t even had to exert himself, as his eyes were still glittering with immense divine light.

This proved that even without the help of the five evil gods, Nie Tian was strong enough to fight Grand Monarch Bloodlust head-on!

At this moment, the five evil gods who had destroyed the illusory Nether River were keeping Grand Monarch Unholy Wind busy.

Dong Li, who had been liberated, was suppressing and making Grand Monarch Nether Channeler suffer from her dark power.

You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect was engaged in a fierce battle with Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, where he wasn’t at a considerable disadvantage.

Even though the humans weren’t dominating the battle, they weren’t at a disadvantage anymore. Therefore, Yin Xingtian felt safe about leaving to deal with Grand Monarch Gray Bones himself.

“Alright, go,” Mo Qianfan said.

Yin Xingtian nodded.


Like gorgeous feathers, countless magnificent sword lights came together nine meters over his head before morphing into the Godspan Sword Formation.

Then, with a quick move, he entered the spatial rift Zhao Shanling had used to convey his messages and vanished.

Many who had learned that Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes had shown up in the Seven Stars Realm Sea had felt uneasy.

Both Nie Tian and Dong Li had planned to take a quick trip back to the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

However, Yin Xingtian’s going put their hearts at ease.

Having entered the early God domain and merged the Heaven Span Pavilion’s Godspan Sword Formation into himself, he could easily match a middle tenth grade outsider grand monarch in battle with his awe-inspiring sword intent.

Even the newly-made late tenth grade Phantasm grand monarch, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, had failed to gain an overwhelming advantage against him.

Because of that, everyone felt confident about him leaving to deal with the old Bonebrute expert in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

In the depths of the void, Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims and the three Ancientspirit experts discussed among themselves.

“I can’t believe Nie Tian can even fight Grand Monarch Bloodlust head-on now. I’m truly impressed!”

“And he’s not relying on the five evil gods. He’s actually fighting with his own strength!”

“They say that Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes showed up in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.”

“Grand Monarch Gray Bones! If he showed up in the Seven Stars Realm Sea at this moment, does that mean...?”

“There must be a reason!”

Moments later, they made their decision.


Chatvic the titan, Scotte the lightning dragon, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch suddenly revealed themselves.

Their enormous forms shrank sharply as they intended to follow Yin Xingtian through the spatial rift to the Seven Stars Realm Sea. At the same time, Grand Monarch Primal Wood glanced around vigilantly before calling out to Nie Tian, “The three Ancientspirit leaders intend to go to the Seven Stars Realm Sea to help you defend the portal!”

Nie Tian was dumbfounded, floating in the void.

His aura hadn’t calmed yet after his violent clash against Grand Monarch Bloodlust. Right now, he was doing his utmost to channel flame, star, and wood power from the starry river to recover his strength.

“Why?” He asked subconsciously.

Many human experts that were gathered around the spatial rift created by Zhao Shanling also had confused looks on their faces.

“Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes was Grand Monarch Crystal Bones’s master,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood explained in a hurry. “He seems to have made contact with the Bonedrudes in the Void World after he entered the early tenth grade. He’s one of those who want to join the Void World wholeheartedly!”

Enlightened about the situation, Nie Tian waved his hand and said, “Let them through!”

Zu Guangyao, Dou Tianchen, and the several Saint domain experts from the four great sects who were gathered around the spatial rift immediately stepped aside.

The shrunken Chatvic, Scotte, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch then flew into the spatial rift.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims, however, remained in the Domain of Endless Snow.

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