Chapter 1526: An Old Bonebrute From The Previous Generation

Jing Feiyang from the Divine Seal Sect’s face turned pale with fright as he exclaimed, “That’s Grand Monarch Gray Bones of the Bonebrutes! Come back, Mr. Zhao! And please send word to the Domain of Endless Snow to ask Sectmaster Yu or Senior Yin to come back to defend the Seven Stars Realm Sea against powerful enemies!”

Some of the sect leaders at the Seven Stars Realm Sea who had extensive knowledge of the outsiders also screamed in shock, their faces ghastly. “Grand Monarch Gray Bones! I can’t believe it’s Grand Monarch Gray Bones!”

Zhao Shanling, however, had never heard of Grand Monarch Gray Bones since he was from the Domain of the Falling Stars, and Grand Monarch Gray Bones wasn’t a Bonebrute expert of this generation. Confusion spread across his face.

An early Saint domain Qi warrior from the Streamcloud Sword Sect hastily said, “Mr. Zhao! Grand Monarch Gray Bones was the master of Grand Monarch Crystal Bones, the current Bonebrute high chieftain. After losing the competition for the position of high chieftain, Grand Monarch Gray Bones focused on training Grand Monarch Crystal Bones.

“But for some reason, he was imprisoned by the high chieftain before Grand Monarch Crystal Bones could grow into a powerful grand monarch.

“There hasn’t been any word of him since then.

“Before he was locked away, Grand Monarch Gray Bones was at the middle tenth grade, and he fought Pang Bo from the Five Elements Sect in a duel. Pang Bo, who was at the middle God domain back then, emerged victorious. Now, so many years have passed. While Pang Bo is long gone, this Bonebrute grand monarch who’s been suppressed for thirty thousand years suddenly shows up.”

While explaining to Zhao Shanling, the Qi warrior from the Streamcloud Sword Sect didn’t forget to urge him to use his spatial power to split open a spatial rift that connected to the Domain of Endless Snow.


Pale-gray currents of death Qi rose from Grand Monarch Gray Bones’ every bone. Within a very short time, a realm of death came to form around him.

With his gruesome eyes, he gazed past Zhao Shanling at the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Somewhat excited, he said, “The portal connecting to the Void World lies right in the depths of the Realm Sea. How many years has it been? If I hadn’t been suppressed, I probably would have gone to the Void World long ago and become a late tenth grade grand monarch with the help of our kind in the Void World. Perhaps I even would have been able to follow the footsteps of that great emperor!”

With these words, a huge bone blade suddenly appeared in his hand, wreathed in endless death power.

Many who had dealt with Bonebrutes before recognized the huge bone blade at first sight, and realized that it was none other than the Bonebrutes’ most famous weapon.

“The Bone Shatterer!”

“How come he has the Bonebrutes’ mighty treasure, the Bone Shatterer?”

“I suppose some major changes have happened to the Bonebrutes.”

However, shouldn’t the Bone Shatterer be in Pergson’s hands?

“Let’s see if I can split this Realm Sea built by the Voidspirits.” With a sinister laugh, Grand Monarch Gray Bones, who was as large as a mountain peak, shot towards the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The Bone Shatterer in his hand morphed into a crescent moon-shaped light blade that slashed down towards the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

The sea that was a condensation of a wide array of energies, flesh auras, and discarnate souls was actually slashed in two by the light blade!

Pale-gray death power seemed to form membranes that separated the sea.

With an arrogant expression, Grand Monarch Gray Bones took his time to descend towards the bottom of the sea.

His eyes turned to look at Zhao Shanling and the other human Qi warriors that were gathered around the sea, but he clearly didn’t attach any importance to them.

Zhao Shanling summoned a wondrous mirror from within his ring of holding.

As he locked it onto the coordinates of the Domain of Endless Snow, the blurry image within the mirror gradually grew clearer. This was the key procedure for him to create a spatial rift that connected to the Domain of Endless Snow.

However, the strange thing was that even though he locked onto the Domain of Endless Snow with spatial power, the spatial rift didn’t split open as it was supposed to.

Considering his early Saint domain cultivation base and the might of the Voidspirit Pagoda, it should have been as easy as turning his hand over to establish a connection to the Domain of Endless Snow.

“Mr. Zhao?” Jing Feiyang asked anxiously.

“I’m afraid something must have happened to the space in the Domain of Endless Snow,” Zhao Shanling said with a grim expression. “Whatever it is, it’s keeping me from creating a spatial tunnel that connects to the Domain of Endless Snow. Apparently, this Grand Monarch Gray Bones is here to open the portal in the Realm Sea and let the three powerful races of the Void World into our world.”

Grand Monarch Gray Bones’ intense aura and rich death power suggested that he was at the middle tenth grade, and only a step away from entering the late tenth grade.

Given his strength, if he decided to start a massacre in the Seven Stars Realm Sea now, when there weren’t any God domain human experts around, most of the humans here would most likely suffer the fate of being slaughtered, except Zhao Shanling, who was well-versed in spatial power.

However, Grand Monarch Gray Bones didn’t do that, but charged towards the bottom of the Seven Stars Realm Sea instead.

Apparently, his primary goal was to activate the portal and bridge the Void World and the Mortal World.

At the same time, in the Domain of Endless Snow...

Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Grand Monarch Remote Demon, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, and numerous ninth grade outsider grand patriarchs swooped towards Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, and the other human experts, riding enormous monsters, as a way to assist Grand Monarch Unholy Wind.

All the Demons were still being suppressed by Dong Li’s dark stone and Dark Aureole, and couldn’t bring out their full might.

Even so, knowing that this was a battle that would determine the future of their races, they threw themselves at the humans.

Seeing the incoming outsiders, God domain human experts like Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, Zu Guangyao, and Dou Tianchen, along with many Saint domain experts, instantly realized what was happening. “Kill them!”

Even though this battle was regarded as a duel between Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and You Qimiao, the outsiders had clearly harbored ill intentions, since Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had demanded that the battle should take place in three days, and allowed anyone to observe.

If they hadn’t planned this, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, the newly-made late tenth grade grand monarch, wouldn’t have been hiding in the Realm of Crystal Snow before suddenly showing himself.

Such a large number of tenth and ninth grade outsider experts weren’t gathered in the Domain of Endless Snow to witness the battle between Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory and You Qimiao.

They were here to end this war against the humans once and for all!

Ji Yuanquan soon realized that the vast Domain of Endless Snow was sealed by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh aura in its entirety, which kept him from changing the space in the slightest with his secret magics.

It was as if the space had turned into an impenetrable metal plate!

“This battle will determine the continuation of humanity, and whether we can avoid falling slave to the outsiders!” Ji Yuanquan’s encouraging words echoed through the entire area. Every human that was in the Domain of Endless Snow suddenly realized the perilousness of the situation, and cast their own safety out of their minds.

Those who had been hiding in the distance and waiting to see how the battle between Yin Xingtian, Yu Suying, and Grand Monarch Unholy Wind would turn out also flew to the front by themselves.

All sorts of spiritual tools flew out like dazzling stars and blinding suns.

At the same time, domains that carried different wonders were released one after another. Some looked like seas of flames, some were filled with raging lightning, some were made of thick, heavy earth, while others contained vast glaciers.

The Demon, Phantasm, Fiend, and Phantasm forces, on the other hand, howled furiously, their eyes brimming with bloodlust.

All of a sudden, relentless battles broke out in every corner of the Domain of Endless Snow, on every realm and floating meteor.

Meanwhile, the floating continent in the nearby Domain of Flame’s End sped towards the Domain of Endless Snow, driven by the Ripper Behemoth’s power.

“Almost there.” Nie Tian gazed off into the distance from time to time, and could see the Domain of Endless Snow engulfed in dark purple flesh auras.

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