Chapter 1524: Overwhelming Sword Intent

Dong Li, who had the dark stone and Dark Aureole, was able to suppress all the Demons with the Dark King’s aura.

Even the grand monarchs were horrified and upset by the Dark King’s remnant power.

However, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind of the Phantasms wasn’t a Demon, so he was naturally unaffected.


Thousands of vicious ghosts and evil spirits flew swiftly from various realms of the Domain of Endless Snow immediately after Grand Monarch Unholy Wind appeared.

Unexpectedly, the vicious ghosts and evil spirits condensed into an illusory weird river like the Nether River.

The river was a magic Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had developed with his bloodline power, his knowledge of souls, and the souls of the dead humans after deriving enlightenment from the Nether River.

Both pain and despair appeared in the depths of the eyes of any living being who gazed at it. 

This pain and despair was conveyed to all the onlookers. As soon as they looked at it, they would be affected.

Even God domain experts like Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, and Ye Wenhan suffered from anguish as they looked at the illusory Nether River.

Watching the river condensed from the vicious ghosts and evil spirits of the dead humans, they could feel the torture and pain that those people had suffered before they died.

That feeling of despair and pain permeated the depths of their souls, making them so uncomfortable that they wanted to scream wildly.

“Dong Li!” As Yin Xingtian shouted, the Godspan Sword Formation spread out behind him like a peacock spreading its tail.

As soon as the Godspan Sword Formation appeared, he looked like a different person. He had an imposing ancient manner, along with overwhelming sword intent, like a supreme sword paragon.

He shouted because he had noticed that the Nether River that Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had created was flowing in the direction of the dark area where Dong Li was.


The illusory Nether River passed the saint domain of Fu Yusen of the Heavenly Illusion Sect.

His domain seemed to be easily ripped open by the illusory Nether River.

In a twinkling, numerous soul lights merged into that illusory Nether River, and Fu Yusen’s saint domain fell apart.

He uttered a heartrending cry before a strand of his soul fled desperately to the spatial rift next to Ji Yuanquan.

The late Saint domain sectmaster of the Heavenly Illusion Sect, who had been bent on breaking through to the early God domain in a short time, ended up losing his domain and only escaping with a strand of his soul.

It was hard to believe how fragile his saint domain that was full of illusions turned out to be as the Nether River passed by.

Many human experts shouted and stayed as far away as they could from the fleeting illusory Nether River.

“Brother Fu!”

“Fu Yusen’s saint domain was broken just like that? The power of a late tenth grade grand monarch is really unusual!”

“Beware that illusory Nether River!”

“Grand Monarch Unholy Wind has been different since his bloodline reached the late tenth grade!”

However, Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and Master Blood Spirit, who stood next to Dong Li, didn’t cower.

“Godly Dao of the Sword,” Yin Xingtian exclaimed.

Then he slashed the Heavenbreaker, whose grade had been improved, at the Nether River that Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s power had morphed into.

After that, the Godspan Sword Formation behind him that was as colorful as a peacock’s feathers also moved.

A sword light slashed at the illusory Nether River, as if it had come from an endless void and penetrated time and space.

Because of the sword light, the starry river outside the Domain of Endless Snow was split in two, like a giant curtain.

There seemed to be sword spirits “chirping” in the Godspan Sword Formation. When the God domain experts sensed it with their souls, they seemed to see that the sword light had morphed into intelligent children who shouted and played happily, showing the primitive mystery and the ultimate meaning of swordsmanship in the simplest way.

Gawking at Yin Xingtian and the changing Godspan Sword Formation, Ye Wenhan was suddenly lost in thought.

“I didn’t expect the shapes of the sword spirits to be like this. The sword intent and sword spirits imprinted by generations of sectmasters of my Heaven Span Pavilion seems to have been vested with spirit by Yin Xingtian!” The thought put a strange look on his face.


Dragging a colorful tail of godly brilliance, the dazzling, gorgeous sword light finally came down.

This slash seemed mighty enough to separate heaven and earth, and even change time.

It seemed as if all the sectmasters of the Heaven Span Pavilion, the first human who had comprehended the true meaning of swordsmanship, and all the other talented swordsmen had come from ancient times to manifest in Yin Xingtian’s slash in the form of sword spirits.


The illusory Nether River that Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had created by joining his bloodline with hundreds of millions of human souls and engraving it with secret soul magics was cut in two by the slash from Yin Xingtian!

Countless rainbows of light, sword intents, and soul fragments were released.

Yin Xingtian spread his aura, and his divine dharma idol suddenly manifested, like the first paragon of swordsmanship who had forged metal into sword-shaped weapons in ancient times.


Hundreds of metres above his divine dharma idol’s head, his extremely sharp sword intent and pure spiritual power condensed into a vague, small sword.

That sword was a manifestation of his soul!

The small sword released the purest sword intent to drive the Godspan Sword Formation, and to make the Heavenbreaker cut the severed illusory Nether River.

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, who had flown out of the Realm of Crystal Snow, suddenly stopped.

Looking at Yin Xingtian in astonishment, he felt the terrifying power of the Godspan Sword Formation in the man’s hands; it seemed to put him in a trance.

All the human experts who had seen Fu Yusen’s saint domain be penetrated by the illusory Nether River stayed far away, as they were afraid that they would be hurt by the illusory Nether River or Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s power.

At this moment, seeing Yin Xingtian use the Heavenbreaker to drive the Godspan Sword Formation and tear apart the illusory Nether River with a single slash, they all shouted with excitement.

“Patriarch Yin!”

“He has truly amazed the world with that single, brilliant strike! Grand Monarch Unholy Wind is clearly a late tenth grade grand monarch, an outsider bigwig equal to Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory!”

“I can’t believe he can neutralize Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s bloodline magics already!”

They had known that Yin Xingtian must have terrifying battle prowess now that he had broken through his cultivation base and won the acknowledgment of the Godspan Sword Formation.

However, they now found that they had misjudged his strength!

The strength Yin Xingtian had displayed was simply unbelievable. Even Chu Rui, who had been severely injured by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, was likely no match for him.

Yin Xingtian’s voice rang in the hearts of Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, and Master Blood Spirit. “Let’s join hands to stop Grand Monarch Unholy Wind so that Dong Li can help You Qimiao by fighting the Demons. It seems Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s bloodline was forcibly upgraded. In my opinion, he’s nowhere near Grand Monarch Nether River, so if we all work together, we may have a chance to win.”

After that slash, he had keenly perceived that the power that Grand Monarch Unholy Wind had released wasn’t on the same level as that of the legendary Grand Monarch Nether River, whose original name was Grand Monarch Soul Ferry, the chief of the Phantasms.

They were both late tenth grade grand monarchs, but there was a very large gap between their strengths.

This made Yin Xingtian’s confidence skyrocket.

“OK!” Yu Suying and the others shouted.


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