Chapter 1515: Reluctant To Part

The floating continent was completely silent.

Only the huge Space Spirit Jade was still floating beside Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi.

The Ripper Behemoth in the black sea was also unusually quiet, and didn’t disturb them.


Suddenly, a strange noise came from the huge Space Spirit Jade.

Pei Qiqi snapped out of her daze.

She shyly pushed Nie Tian away and blushed for the first time, revealing a beautiful side that no one had known.

However, she quickly returned to her usual aloofness and said, “I must leave now.”

Nie Tian, who hadn’t yet come to his senses, froze, and asked in puzzlement, “What?”

Then, he sobered up and hurried to ask, “What’s the hurry?”

Pei Qiqi’s unusual behavior gave him a feeling that her return to the Voidspirits with her father, who she had just met, was not as simple as she had said.

He had a vague sense that Pei Qiqi’s departure might be fraught with unpredictable peril.

Perhaps she was unsure that she would be able to survive the peril, so she decided to open up to him and act so boldly.


The layers of space in the Space Spirit Jade seemed to be forcibly pushed aside.

Pei Yukong’s weary face emerged in the huge Space Spirit Jade.

He was still in the space disruption zone, but his eyes seemed to be able to see through the layers of space.

Looking at Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi, he said, “I have killed the vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, but I’ve also used a lot of my strength. Qiqi, you can’t stay there for long. Come over as soon as possible.”

“OK,” Pei Qiqi said as she nodded and looked at Nie Tian for the last time.

“See you,” she said softly.

Then she slipped into the Space Spirit Jade.

A moment later, her figure appeared in the depths of the space disruption zone in the Space Spirit Jade.

She waved at Nie Tian.

And then all the images were cut.

Like a landmass, the Space Spirit Jade that Pei Yukong had taken out of the black sea slowly sank and morphed into an island on the black sea again. All its wonders were gone.

It looked as if Pei Yukong had never been here, or killed Xuan Guangyu in the space disruption zone.

The only difference was that Pei Qiqi was no longer around.

The scent of her fingertip still lingered in Nie Tian’s nose. He couldn’t help remembering in a daze what they had experienced together since they had met in the Realm of Split Void.

Their brief embrace finally made him understand that the woman he had always called Senior Martial Sister Pei had been branded deeply in his heart.

Suddenly, the Ripper Behemoth’s soul voice sounded in the floating continent. “It wasn’t as easy as Pei Yukong said to kill that Xuan Guangyu.”

A blackish-green tentacle that was ten thousand metres long yet as soft as cotton flew out of the deep black sea and extended toward the island that the Space Spirit Jade had morphed into.

Mud and dirt covered the Space Spirit Jade again, along with various trees and flowers that were moved over from other islands by the tentacle, magically obscuring the huge Space Spirit Jade and making it look like just another island.

After doing all these things, the Ripper Behemoth, whose tentacle stretched like a giant dragon, continued speaking. “Pei Yukong is dying. He wants to engrave all the true meanings of space that he has comprehended in his life onto the depths of the girl’s bloodline through the ancient magic altar of the Voidspirits before he dies.

“It’s just hard to say whether he’ll succeed.”

It seemed to know a lot about Pei Yukong and the Voidspirits.

Nie Tian’s expression changed as he asked, “What?! The man… is dying? Really? He’s just met Senior Martial Sister Pei, but he’s about to die? Is it because of his battle with Xuan Guangyu? But in my opinion, it wasn’t that difficult for him to kill him. Did Xuan Guangyu fight back before he died? Did he seriously injure him?”

The Ripper Behemoth answered, “No, it had nothing to do with the battle.”

It hesitated before slowly explaining, “He was about to die. If he hadn’t been dying, I guess he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to meet that girl.”

“Please tell me,” Nie Tian said aloud with a solemn expression. “Will Senior Martial Sister Pei be in danger after leaving with him?”

“Of course there’ll be danger,” the Ripper Behemoth said. “Pei Yukong isn’t inferior to Qu Yi of the Void Spirit Society when it comes to his knowledge of the true nature of bloodlines and spatial power. Bloodlines mean inheritance, especially for the Voidspirits. They can forcibly transfer their bloodline power and wonders through their unique ancient altars.

“If the transfer succeeds, Pei Yukong will die, leaving no trace behind.

“Your Senior Martial Sister Pei may be able to use his bloodline power to greatly improve her strength, and her bloodline will likely reach the tenth grade in a short time.

“In addition, she will benefit a lot in her subsequent growth.”

Nie Tian hesitated, then said, “You’re talking about success. What if… the transfer fails?”

The Ripper Behemoth didn’t hide the truth from him, and explained candidly, “If it fails, the girl’s Bloodline Crystal Chains will explode, and her heart will be destroyed. The Voidspirits are different from most outsider races. They cannot be revived with only a drop of blood.

“They can’t be reincarnated like humans can after their bodies perish.

“When a Voidspirit is dead, they’re really dead, and will never be able to come back to life.”

Nie Tian’s expression changed as he hurried to ask, “But Senior Martial Sister Pei isn’t a pure Voidspirit! She’s a hybrid of the Voidspirits and the human race! In addition to possessing the bloodline of the Voidspirits, she has cultivated with humanity’s system that’s made up of spiritual energy and spiritual cores. She should be different, right?”

The Ripper Behemoth straightforwardly answered, “That doesn’t make any difference. Once she dies, she is really dead, because her father Pei Yukong isn’t really a pure Voidspirit either. They’re the same, because his mother was also a human.

“Because of this, he encountered many obstacles on his way to becoming the chief of the Voidspirits.

“In some races’ opinion, impure blood is a great insult. It took him a long time to get the Voidspirits to slowly accept him.

“What he has been doing is laying the groundwork for his daughter’s future, because only if he is accepted by his clansmen and becomes the chief of the Voidspirits will those clansmen accept his daughter.

“It’s a pity that he’s going to die after he has finally gotten what he wants.

“I’m afraid that he won’t be able to see his daughter be accepted by his clansmen after her bloodline reaches the tenth grade. It’s even doubtful whether the arrogant Voidspirits will accept her after his death.

“After all, since he became the chief, the voices against him have never stopped.

“He can silence those people, but his daughter doesn’t necessarily have that kind of ability...”

It went on and told Nie Tian about Pei Yukong and the internal disputes among the Voidspirits.

Nie Tian listened carefully, and finally asked, “Why will he die soon? Is it because he is too old, or something else?”

“Irreparable injuries,” it answered.

“My bloodline has magical healing powers,” he said.

The Ripper Behemoth dampened his spirits by saying, “Even Grand Monarch Life Wood of the Floragrims cannot heal him, let alone you. Even though your bloodline is more mysterious than his, its grade is low. Pei Yukong has too little time left to live. He can’t wait for you to become a late tenth grade grand monarch like Grand Monarch Life Wood.”

Nie Tian fell silent.

Grand Monarch Life Wood, who was the best at healing serious injuries, was a late tenth grade grand monarch. If even he couldn’t help Pei Yukong recover from his injury, then considering Nie Tian’s current strength and grade, it seemed there was really nothing he could do about it.


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