Chapter 1497: Atonement

Song Chequan had been cornered.

Only after he had to face Pei Qiqi and Dong Li in battle did he truly realize how terrifyingly powerful these two women, who had attracted worldwide attention recently, were.

Plus, he had to fight them single-handedly.

Their competitiveness made the two of them go all-out in their battle against him, as they both wanted to make the kill.

Song Chequan’s dharma idol morphed into a sparkling heavenly river filled with small rocks that looked like diamonds.

Every rock and every drop of water was the condensation of his spiritual power.

However, at this moment, that heavenly river transformed from his dharma idol was gradually contaminated by inky-black darkness.

The circulation of his spiritual power became hindered.

All of a sudden, the Space Boundaries Crystal flew into the sparkling heavenly river like a swift fish, causing the numerous profound water power incantations the river had been vested with to break apart with loud noises.

Within seconds, the sparkling heavenly river dissipated entirely.

Immediately afterwards, the endless darkness engulfed Song Chequan’s true form and put him in agony, as the dark power gnawed at every inch of his fleshly body.

In despair, a call suddenly caught his ears.

That made him realize that You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect had decided to come to Duan Hongwen’s rescue at this perilous moment to save his sect’s face.

Therefore, he wailed and called for help.


Standing on the vast back of the golden-silver fish, You Qimiao sent the five evil gods that were spewing murky energy flying off to the side with a fling of his sleeve. After that, he shot a sideways glance in Song Chequan’s direction.

Eyes filled with disgust, he said, “The vice sectmaster of my sect only attacked Master Blood Spirit after being incited by you lot. Now he’s dead, killed by Nie Tian.”

Song Chequan’s expression flickered with shock.

“He died. What right do you have to live on?” You Qimiao’s voice was as cold as ice. “After all, you two joined hands to attack Master Blood Spirit, right?”

As soon as he said these words, the huge fish transformed from the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror swam off into the distance like a bolt of lightning.

Song Chequan instantly realized that You Qimiao had no intention of helping him. He had been abandoned.


After Nie Tian activated the bone’s Domain Split bloodline talent, the vast Realm of Looming Shadow fell apart as the Realm of Heaven Span had.

Landmasses that were thousands of kilometers across were cut off, and drifted away from the realm.

Duan Hongwen, who had placed high hopes in You Qimiao rescuing him, had long since perished. Not even a wisp of his soul survived.

In his enlarged form, Nie Tian slowly rose out of the Realm of Remote Heaven, clutching the Star Behemoth bone.

He looked down, and saw mountains toppling, rivers disappearing, and the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth dissipating into the starry river. His face remained expressionless.

This was the second human realm that had been destroyed by him. The Realm of Jade Billows was the first.

However, he didn’t have any regrets.

Many Qi warriors from different domains were scattered in different areas in the starry river. As You Qimiao drew near, they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

“You Qimiao...” Many of them had heavy hearts as they said the name inwardly.


A spatial rift suddenly split open.

God domain experts, including Chu Rui, Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, Zu Guangyao, and Dou Tianchen, came out of the spatial rift one after another.

They had been paying close attention to the situation in the Realm of Looming Shadow and what Nie Tian was up to the whole time.

Upon learning that You Qimiao was coming from another domain, they had realized that a major conflict between him and Nie Tian was inevitable.

Before Nie Tian had made his killing move, they had done everything they could to urge him to hold his temper and avoid getting into a fight against You Qimiao at this moment, when his power was unmatched throughout the human world.

Now, Duan Hongwen had died. You Qimiao was clearly enraged. They had no choice but to rush here together.

Since they knew that none of them could single-handedly handle You Qimiao in battle, they hoped to scare him off with their numbers.

Finally, You Qimiao arrived. The huge fish resumed its form as the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror and floated over his head.

Instead of unleashing his dharma idol right away, he stood before the majestic, mountain-like Nie Tian in his true form, and said, “Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan attacked Master Blood Spirit together in order to secure some Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir. Sure, he was in the wrong for doing that. But since Master Blood Spirit is still alive, the punishment of death was a bit too harsh, wasn’t it?”

“Oh? How do you think I should have handled it then?” Nie Tian said.

You Qimiao let out a cold snort. “You should have given him an opportunity to be reborn at least! But you didn’t even do that. Clearly, you attach no importance to my sect or myself!”

“What’s done is done. There’s no meaning in us talking about that now, is there?” Nie Tian said coldly.

You Qimiao nodded slowly. “You’re right. He died. Talking about it won’t bring him back.” 

All of a sudden, his puny figure expanded at an alarming rate like an inflating balloon.

At the same time, his aura skyrocketed, and became raging like a storm.


The scattered spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth from the crumbling Realm of Looming Shadow was attracted by him, and started fusing madly into him. In the blink of an eye, a power shield came to form around him.

Staring at You Qimiao, whose aura rose through the heavens, Chu Rui took a step forward and shouted, “You Qimiao! Nie Tian is a Son of the Stars of my sect. If you dare to make a move against him, you’ll be challenging my sect! You’re well-aware of how powerful our sectmaster and grand elder are. If either of them returns, your sect won’t be able to survive their wrath!”

“Your sect?” You Qimiao shook his head. “I’ve shattered the Realm of Heaven Span already. Do you really think I’m afraid of your sect? So what if Ji Cang and Mo Heng return? Even Ji Cang would have to pay a heavy price himself if he were bent on killing me! As for Mo Heng, he’ll have to advance to my cultivation base before he can even talk about killing me.”

As his voice rose, and his aura continued to climb, the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror also expanded in size.

In merely ten seconds, You Qimiao’s dharma idol expanded to the same size as Nie Tian in his enlarged form. Even though his dharma idol didn’t carry the slightest flesh power, the power of two opposing attributes, one blazing hot and the other frigid cold, along with the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth from the Realm of Looming Shadow, vested his dharma idol with an ethereal, unbridled, and immortal quality.

“Nie Tian, you killed the vice sectmaster of my sect,” he said in a grim voice. “I have to make you atone for your doing. My entire sect will turn against me if I don’t.”

Nie Tian breathed at a comfortable pace as he took his time to release the Flame Dragon Armor and press the Spirit Pearl into his forehead, between his eyebrows. Clutching the Star Behemoth bone, he asked, “Atone for my doing? How do you propose we do it?”

“One strike. As long as you let me throw one strike at you, whether you survive it or not, we’ll be even. I won’t seek trouble with you or your subordinates again to settle Duan Hongwen’s death.” With these words, You Qimiao turned to look at the darkness-enveloped area in the distance. “I’ll let those girls off as well.”

“One strike? Alright!” Nie Tian agreed to it without hesitation.

“Wait!” Chu Rui exclaimed. “Nie Tian, he’s currently the strongest expert in the human world. I’m sure that given time, your battle prowess will surpass his, but this is definitely not the time to fight him!”

Many others joined in the effort to talk him out of it.

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