Chapter 1495: Savior?

A streak of dazzling light and a sea of darkness chased Song Chequan into the distance.

The dazzling light morphed a few times before eventually confining Song Chequan to a small area of the starry river.

Cornered, Song Chequan was forced to unleash his dharma idol and engage in a battle with Pei Qiqi, who held the Space Boundaries Crystal.

“Bloodline: Space Storm!”

Instead of casting a Void Spirit Society secret magic, Pei Qiqi’s first move was to cast one of the Voidspirits’ unique bloodline talents.

Numerous dazzling spatial blades shot out from her acupoints and rapidly formed a vast storm of spatial blades.

The storm rotated and sliced the void as it swept towards Song Chequan’s dharma idol with an overwhelming momentum.


In merely a few seconds, Song Chequan’s huge dharma idol was sliced and reduced to a thousand glowing pieces, his aura dropping significantly.


At that moment, Dong Li arrived, wielding the Dark Aureole.


Inside the Realm of Looming Shadow.

The five evil gods were still launching waves of raging attacks towards the divine mountain peak transformed from Duan Hongwen’s dharma idol.


Accompanied by their fierce howls, wondrous talismans and peculiar spell formations that only souls could perceive were branded on the divine mountain peak.

Nie Tian, who was watching the evil gods attack at will, saw that those talismans were the Netherspirits’ unique soul symbols, and those spell formations consisted of countless soul strands.

It was well-known that the Netherspirits were the most skilled at soul attacks.

The divine mountain peak Duan Hongwen had morphed into seemed unbreakable as it continued to absorb earth power from the Realm of Looming Shadow. However, things started to change under the five evil gods’ frenzied attacks.

Duan Hongwen’s refined soul power inside the divine mountain peak started to be skillfully dismembered, like a skilled butcher dismembering a deer.

Fissures began to emerge inside the lofty mountain peak, which looked very much like a real one.

Numerous profound incantations Duan Hongwen had inscribed inside of it with earth power were severed.

Moments later, with a loud boom, the divine mountain peak crumbled, just like the Shadow Palace had.

As the mountain peak collapsed, grayish-yellow divine light regathered to Duan Hongwen’s true form, though he looked quite weary now.


Endless rumbles came from the earth he stood on as more earth power was channeled from the depths of the earth to replenish his drastic consumption.

At the same time, he took out a handful of medicinal pills with a mild scent, and stuffed them down his throat.

Duan Hongwen glanced around at the evil gods. Sensing their formidable power, he, who had learned about the Void World from You Qimiao, exclaimed, “Nie Tian! These monsters of yours carry intense Nether Qi. They either belong to the Phantasms, or more likely the Netherspirits!

“You must have secret connections with the Netherspirits in the Void World! Otherwise, why can you order them to fight for you? Both their power and understanding of souls outmatches yours!

“And they have their own awareness!

“What can possibly allow you to control such powerful beings if you don’t have connections to the Netherspirits? You work for them, don’t you?”

Seeing the unfavorable situation he was in, Duan Hongwen had to adopt another approach to confront Nie Tian while panting heavily.

“I work for the Netherspirits?” Nie Tian said, looking confused. “Even you don’t believe that, do you? You’re dying here today, whatever excuse you try to find.

“Also, you say they’re stronger than me?” Nie Tian grinned, and his torrential flesh power burst forth.

In a split second, his bloodline was activated. His flesh aura sea came to form as he expanded into his enlarged form. Lastly, the Star Behemoth bone fell into his hand like a divine spear.

He stood towering like a god from ancient times, the flesh aura he exuded rapidly spreading to every corner of the Realm of Looming Shadow.

Bulging veins could be seen on his exposed skin. Like heavenly rivers, they seemed to contain crimson crystals that shone like stars.

After he assumed his enlarged form, Shangguan Zhi from the Shadow Society was the first to let out an exclamation. “What the?!”

At this moment, everyone felt terrifying pressure from Nie Tian, who was clutching the huge Star Behemoth bone, and whose bloodline had entered the ninth grade!

Shangguan Zhi was no exception.

“Such incredible power!” Almost every human expert that had entered the Realm of Looming Shadow after Nie Tian sensed his aura, and felt as if they were beholding a high mountain with awe.

“Actually, even if you hadn’t deactivated your Wall of Shadows due to the pressure from the dark power, I would have been able to break it myself.” Nie Tian’s voice rumbled through heaven and earth as he casually slashed the Star Behemoth bone towards Duan Hongwen. “Domain Split.”

The Star Behemoth bloodline within the bone instantly burst forth.

As soon as this happened, everyone present felt as if a giant horrifying shadow had manifested in their sea of awareness.

The horrifying shadows were all branded with a Star Behemoth’s aura.


Right after Domain Split was activated, blood-colored light shot out of the bone to cut the Realm of Looming Shadow like huge scythes. Because of this, the Realm of Looming Shadow started to crack as the Realm of Heaven Span had.

“Nie Tian!” Shangguan Zhi screamed. “How dare you go against your promise?!”

Without any delay, the Shadow Stele shot up into the heavens. Countless shadow abominations returned to the realm barrier to stop the Realm of Looming Shadow from being destroyed by Nie Tian.

“You’re too late.” He assumed a firm grip on the Star Behemoth bone in his hand and slashed it towards the heavens as the Wall of Shadows reformed. “Domain Split!”


Countless rays of crimson light shot skywards and cut the Wall of Shadows like numerous pairs of scissors.

As the Star Behemoth’s bloodline talent burst forth, the Wall of Shadows was cut open right after coming to form.

“You bastard!” Face distorted with fury, Shangguan Zhi attempted to intercept the power from the bone.


A streak of dazzling lightning suddenly flashed in front of Shangguan Zhi, then in a breath’s time, it morphed into a huge Thunder-devouring Whale that spit out devastating thunderballs towards him.

Shangguan Zhi was instantly engulfed in lightning and thunder.


Struck by interweaving lightning bolts repeatedly, Shangguan Zhi let out muffled groans, and could no longer stop Nie Tian from destroying the Realm of Looming Shadow with Domain Split.

While the Realm of Looming Shadow crumbled, Duan Hongwen, who had suffered raging attacks from the evil gods and returned to his true form, could only do his best to avoid the countless rays of crimson light that filled heaven and earth.

Like a god, Nie Tian looked down at Duan Hongwen and said with an expressionless face, “You’d die here today even if you had entered the middle God domain, not to mention that you haven’t.”

All of a sudden, he reached out and made a grabbing motion towards Duan Hongwen with his enormous hand.

From Duan Hongwen’s point of view, his enormous hand that was emanating blood-colored light was like a red all-enveloping dome that he couldn’t possibly escape.

“Nie Tian!” The shout of You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect suddenly echoed from the distant starry river. “Duan Hongwen is with my sect. Spare his life, and I won’t care what you do with Shangguan Zhi and Song Chequan.”

Duan Hongwen was overjoyed. “Sectmaster! You came!” 

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