Chapter 1484: Evil Revives

In the Seven-star Realm Sea.

Li Langfeng stood in front of Dong Li, bowed gently and reported the latest news to her. “A lot of Demons and Phantasms have emerged in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven recently. The outsiders suffered heavy casualties because of the sudden appearance of the Ripper Behemoth, so they were forced to evacuate the Domain of Heaven Span. Now, they’ve spread out to invade other human domains.

“In the Domain of Forbidden Heaven, outsiders are frequently seen in areas nearest to the Domain of the Falling Stars.

“In my view, their real target is likely the Domain of the Falling Stars.

“After all, it used to have spatial rifts that connected directly to the Demon realms.”

As Li Langfeng reported, experts like Mo Qianfan, Hua Mu, and Jing Feiyang stood there and listened.

Dong Li said with a gloomy face, “We haven’t solved our problem with Xuan Guangyu, the Shadow Society, and the Jade Heaven Sect yet. Now, the outsiders have come out to stir up trouble... What on earth are the God domain experts of the four ancient sects doing?”

She had thought that all the outsider experts would be hunted down and killed in batches after suffering a serious blow from the Ripper Behemoth.

However, something unexpected happened: You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.

Mo Qianfan sighed. “You Qimiao angered the Ripper Behemoth, causing the destruction of the Godspan Sword Formation and the Realm of Heaven Span, and now Fan Tianze has to forcibly seek a breakthrough in his cultivation. He was humanity’s main force. Now that he’s been forced to go into secluded cultivation, it affects all of us greatly.”

Jing Feiyang’s eyes were filled with hatred as he said, “As for Xuan Guangyu, who should have been the mainstay of the Void Spirit Society, he also disappeared after killing Brother Xie and stealing his Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir. If I’m not wrong, he also wants to break through after he got the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir.”

Mo Qianfan frowned tightly. “Those outsiders must have learned that the experts of the human race are not at peace with each other at present, so they dare to split up and attack us in different areas. There used to be three spatial rifts in the Domain of the Falling Stars connected to the Demon realms. If they are restored by the Phantasms and the Demons and become completely interconnected, we’ll be likely in trouble.”

Dong Li said, “The nine realms in the Domain of the Falling Stars used to be the territory of the Demons, Phantasms and Fiends a long time ago. As long as the geological structure is slightly changed and the energy is transformed, it’ll become very suitable for the outsiders to live, and suitable for outsiders with low bloodline grades to migrate there and grow safely.”

“Whether it’s Xuan Guangyu, You Qimiao, or the outsiders who often show up, they are all very difficult to deal with,” Mo Qianfan said, looking worried. “We’re still not strong enough. It looks like we’ll have to wait for Nie Tian to get back as soon as possible. I wonder what mutual understanding he has reached with the Ancientspirits.”


In the Second Demon Realm of the Spirit World.

A scarlet blood sea suddenly boiled and bubbled continuously.

This was the Blood Purgatory Sea.

Ophelia, who had been frightened by Dong Li and retreated from the Seven-star Realm Sea, returned to her post as the guardian of the Blood Purgatory Sea. She had brought back the bodies of her clansmen and other outsiders who had died tragically in the human world, and hurled them into the Blood Purgatory Sea.


All of a sudden, the bottom of the Blood Purgatory Sea burst forth with brilliant dark purple Demon light.

Ophelia quickly flew into the sky. Looking down at the bottom of the Blood Purgatory Sea, she could see countless rays of purple crystalline light rapidly converging!

Gradually, an extremely strong Demon power tide formed in the depths of the sea.

Ophelia’s eyes that were like amethysts glittered with ecstasy and worship. “Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh aura is rapidly reviving! Now that there’s a great change in the Spirit World, and we are in urgent need of help, you are coming to life at long last!”

Almost all the Demons of the noble clans in the Second Demon Realm gathered from all directions immediately after hearing the news, especially the Gaytons clan!

“Blood Purgatory Sea!”

“That one at the bottom of the Blood Purgatory Sea… is finally coming out of there?”

The dead Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory was the origin of the Gaytons clan’s bloodline. Before he had died, he had carried a late tenth grade bloodline!

Legend had it that he had been born in the Blood Purgatory Sea, and had comprehended the true meaning of power from it. After stepping out of the blood sea, he had advanced step by step and become a late tenth grade Demon grand monarch.

Grand Patriarch Cardy, who had been said to be the most promising grand patriarch to become a grand monarch, had died tragically in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven. He had also been a member of the Gaytons clan, and his bloodline had been engraved with some strength from Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

A doddering Demon fell on his knees and cried out in tears immediately after he arrived, “Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory! You fought and killed Ice Emperor Xuan Yu of the human race, and returned to the blood sea as only a drop of Blood Essence. Now, you’re finally coming out of the sea after reviving your power and regathering your fragmentary soul and consciousness little by little! Your Majesty, please come out as soon as possible. We need your guidance!”

A group of Demons kneeled by the Blood Purgatory Sea in worship, their eyes full of fanaticism and expectation. “Please walk out of the blood sea!”

A melodious, ancient Demon voice suddenly sounded in the soul of every Demon. “I hear your cries. How did Cardy, who I had vested with strength, die?”

The current head of the Gaytons clan reported with excitement. “My well-beloved ancestor, Cardy died in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven of the human race. It’s said that he was besieged and killed by the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and numerous human experts.”

The level of the Blood Purgatory Sea suddenly lowered. It seemed the flesh aura and energy that it had accumulated for thousands of years was pouring into an overwhelmingly-powerful being’s body like a flood. “The humans!”

Ophelia took a deep breath, her eyes sparkling. Her enchanting body was trembling slightly. “It has begun!”


In the Nether Realm.

Grand Monarch Unholy Wind, who had received the Nether River’s summons, stood under the Nether River, his soul consciousness swimming in the Nether River, receiving glowing spheres of soul power.

Mysterious soul imprints entered the depths of his soul and became part of him, along with thick, pure soul power.

That soul power was from the many spirit-form beings in the Nether River.

As his flesh aura rocketed, the countless spirit-form beings that drifted in the Nether River branch disappeared accordingly.

As he accepted power from the Nether River, a very obscure thought fell into his soul. “Grand Monarch Soul Ferry turned his back on his own bloodline and was punished by the Nether River! All of his descendants had their strength taken back by the Nether River, and died in a twinkling because of him!”

From it, he learned that Grand Monarch Soul Ferry, the current head of the Phantasms who had renamed himself Grand Monarch Nether River, had betrayed the Nether River after leaving the Nether Realm.

No one knew if Grand Monarch Soul Ferry had died, but the Nether River had clearly given him up.

This had indirectly led to Froste’s sudden death.

“Finally, a late tenth grade grand monarch with a late tenth grade bloodline...”

All of a sudden, some of Grand Monarch Unholy Wind’s ancient bloodline imprints unraveled pieces of ancient memories.

“The origin of our people lies with the Netherspirits from the Void World. We were made by a combination of Grand Monarch Heaven Spirit’s sea of soul awareness and the native creatures at that time.”

In a flash, Grand Monarch Unholy Wind understood the whole story, and became aware of the responsibility he shouldered.


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