Chapter 1480: A Moment of Enlightenment

The Star Behemoth bone, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron were summoned one after another.

Nie Tian attempted to attack the Nether River with each of them.

He soon discovered that all kinds of physical attacks were ineffective against the Nether River.

Sure enough, the raging flame power unleashed by the Flame Dragon Armor and the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron could vaporize a small segment of the Nether River, along with the evil spirits in it, as Scotte had done with his Thunder Blasts.

However, they faced the same problem as Scotte had.

They didn’t have endless resources of flame power that allowed them to neutralize this entire branch of the Nether River.

Furthermore, fresh water was still pouring in through the great vortex from the Void World, along with more evil spirits.

It seemed to him that as long as that great vortex existed, fresh water and evil spirits would be able to enter the Silent Star Sea endlessly.

However, he didn’t have even a remotely equal amount of flame power to vaporize the Nether River.

“None of these work.” As he pondered other options, the Spirit Pearl came to mind. However, he soon gave up on the idea. “That won’t work either. The Spirit Pearl was created by Grand Monarch Nether Spirit of the Phantasms to collect the soul fragments of the five evil gods. How can it be used against the Nether River?

“If none of my tools work, what about my incantations?

With these thoughts, he unleashed his star, flame, and wood domains together, which emanated divine light. Then, he cast different profound spells and incantations he had learned targeting the Nether River.

Titan’s Wrath, Primal Chaos, and Illusory Ancient Talisman were cast one after another, but failed to make any impact.

“No, they don’t work either.

“Even the Sea of Illusory Stars and other profound star magics from the Fragmentary Star Incantation couldn’t cause any noticeable damage to the Nether River.

“Flame power, lightning power, and soul power. Only these three types of power work. However, they all require inexhaustible energy sources to make an impact, and they can’t destroy the Nether River at its source.

“The Nether River transformed from the broken soul awareness of that mighty one runs through the three worlds. Even though he’s dead now, I guess it’s hard to find anyone who can contend against his power.”

Nie Tian racked his mind, but still couldn’t think of a solution.

He even started to doubt that Grand Monarch Primal Wood had actually received instructions from the third-generation Tree of Life.

What made it so confident that he would be able to solve the problem in the Silent Star Sea with the help of these grand monarchs?

“Why does it believe in my ability to find a solution? How much does it know about me?

“I only met it briefly in that mysterious place. Its understanding of me is probably only limited to my life bloodline, right?

“If it’s my life bloodline that gave it such confidence...”

His expression flickered as a lightning bolt of enlightenment flashed across his sea of awareness. 

Bloodline talents and bloodline magics he had picked up from that endless blood sea entered his mind one after another.

He moved on to make new attempts.

He tried Life Drain, but failed to draw any power from the Nether River.

After all, the Nether River didn’t consist of flesh power.

Then, he tried Life Shackle and Life Erosion. The Nether River didn’t show any noticeable reaction to those either.

“What bloodline talent or magic could it be?

“If the third-generation Tree of Life is right and I can indeed find a solution to destroy this Nether River, could it be some bloodline talent or magic I’ll pick up after my bloodline enters the ninth grade?”

His bloodline aura had fallen dormant again, and was now only a step away from entering the ninth grade.

The upgrade could happen at any moment now.

He suspected that the third-generation Tree of Life had assumed that his bloodline had already entered the ninth grade, and had thus speculated his abilities against that standard, which was why it was so convinced that he could handle the Nether River.

“Do I really need to enter the ninth grade?” The question took up his mind.

“What about Profound Truths Crystallization?” He suddenly remembered this bloodline talent, which he had awakened after entering the eighth grade.

He thought he might as well give it a shot, given the desperate situation he was in. Then, as he activated his bloodline, drop after drop of his Blood Essence was ignited.

He attempted to refine and separate Profound Truths Crystals from the Nether River.


His Blood Essence continued to burn.

“Profound Truths Crystallization!”

His flesh aura flowed with his soul awareness. Life Drain, which had been ineffective earlier, suddenly combined with Profound Truths Crystallization in some way, giving rise to an unusual gravitational force.


Numerous peculiar soul symbols and soul strands that were swimming in the Nether River seemed to be attracted, as they instantly gathered from a scattered state towards the spot where Nie Tian fixed his gaze!

“What the?!” The four grand monarchs from the Spirit World and Pei Qiqi sensed the anomaly right away.

Originally, all they could see in the Nether River were countless evil spirits that brutally fought and devoured each other.

They couldn’t see or perceive the soul symbols and soul strands in any way.

However, as Nie Tian activated Profound Truths Crystallization by burning his Blood Essence, they suddenly noticed that a small glowing sphere started to form in the Nether River.

Even though they didn’t know what was in it, they knew it must contain some unusual wonders.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood finally couldn’t help but exclaim softly, “Nie Tian...”

Waves of extremely strong life aura exuded from Nie Tian’s body.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood, who had advanced to the late tenth grade after being granted power by the Tree of Life, shuddered, his eyes lighting up. “That’s the aura of the origin of life!”


A misty, emerald green stream of pure wood power flew out of him into Nie Tian.

He did this because he sensed that Nie Tian was losing his life power at an alarming rate now that he had activated that mysterious bloodline talent. That made him realize his role in this, and his duty, which was to provide Nie Tian with the power he needed as he sought to deal with the Nether River.

Eyes wide, Grand Monarch Primal Wood turned to Chatvic, Scotte, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch, and called out, “Join me!

“Since we can’t destroy or refine the Nether River ourselves, let’s give Nie Tian the grand monarch-level flesh power he needs to do so!

“He needs a tremendous amount of power to sustain that special bloodline talent of his!”

The three Ancientspirit experts stood aghast. “What?!”

“Fuse your flesh power into Nie Tian!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood repeated himself aloud.

He had learned that there was a difference between Nie Tian’s life bloodline and his Floragrim bloodline.

Life power could be divided into two categories: wood power and flesh power.

He could only extract and refine wood power.

Other than their unique bloodline wonders, Chatvic, Scotte, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch also carried immense flesh power.

Flesh power was the foundation on which all outsider and Ancientspirit races built up their strength. Flesh power was to them as spiritual power was to humans.

Their various bloodline powers corresponded to humans’ spiritual power with different attributes.

Different bloodline powers spawned and were boosted by different bloodline talents and magics.

Therefore, even though Grand Monarch Primal Wood had entered the late tenth grade, he couldn’t absorb the other three Ancientspirit experts’ bloodline powers to strengthen himself.

However, Nie Tian could.


The soul symbols and soul strands that were scattered throughout the Nether River were somehow gathering under the effect of Nie Tian’s bloodline talent: Profound Truths Crystallization.

“This is far more difficult than condensing a Profound Truths Crystal from that Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart!”

Nie Tian’s Blood Essence burned as his flesh power was consumed at an alarming rate.

“Hurry! Don’t hesitate anymore!” Having observed for a while, Grand Monarch Primal Wood was convinced that the bloodline talent Nie Tian was using now had an incredible effect on the Nether River.

The three Ancientspirit grand monarchs exchanged glances. Apparently, they were still hesitant.

“The Spirit World has come to the end of a life cycle! The Silent Star Sea is of great importance now!” Grand Monarch Primal Wood exclaimed. “Perhaps it’ll be the answer to our problem! This area of the starry river has been sealed by the first-generation Tree of Life, and is a place where our people can survive and grow stronger!”


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