Chapter 1478: Blowing up the River!

At the same time.

The Ripper Behemoth flew towards the Realm of Heaven Span controlling the floating continent with its immense flesh aura.

“You Qimiao!” Fan Tianze, who didn’t have what You Qimiao wanted, swung his Limpid Cyan Sword to unleash rivers of light that looked like silk, with which he attempted to put an end to You Qimiao’s efforts.

Sword cries came from the dazzling rivers of light, like thousands of frogs croaking.

At the same time, wisps of sword intent flew out of the Godspan Sword Formation. They were so fierce and sharp that they seemed to be able to cut any grand monarch open and reduce any solid items to shreds.

However, You Qimiao had no intent to fight him head-on.


Standing on his Yin Yang Chaos Mirror, he flew back and forth like the wind to avoid the interconnecting rivers of light that filled the void.

As he did, mighty energies that were blazing and ice-cold surged from within the mirror from time to time.

As hard as Fan Tianze tried, he couldn’t lock his soul will onto You Qimiao.

He knew that this was caused by the gap between their cultivation bases.

After a while, You Qimiao said in an ethereal voice, “It’s finally here.

“Your sect bullied mine by relying on your profound reserve power. My master went to great lengths to find those unique treasures. He planned to use them to improve his odds at entering the late God domain, yet Chu Yuan took them from him to forge his divine sword!

“This can’t be forgiven!”


The Yin Yang Chaos Mirror created even more violent fluctuations that further provoked the Ripper Behemoth.

While the Ripper Behemoth’s heaven-shaking, earth-shattering howls finally rumbled through the void, You Qimiao vanished.

In a flaming rage, the Ripper Behemoth soon reached the Realm of Heaven Span, and the floating continent where it hid itself entered Fan Tianze’s view.

“Domain Split!”

A peculiar soul cry echoed from the depths of the floating continent, but instantly reached Fan Tianze’s soul.

Clusters of gray mist that were vested with bloodline wonders and the profound truths of ripping power flew into the Godspan Sword Formation and the realm barrier that protected the Realm of Heaven Span.

At this moment, all the Qi warriors in the Realm of Heaven Span looked up, and saw fiery explosions that looked like magnificent fireworks in the highest heavens.

They were extremely beautiful, but extremely deadly as well.

“Damn it!” Ye Wenhan moaned in a low voice.

He could sense that as soon as the frenzied Ripper Behemoth activated its bloodline talent Domain Split, even the structure of the Realm of Heaven Span went through changes.

The earth trembled, lofty mountain peaks toppled, and rivers ran dry.

Countless small insects that lived underground, where it was dark and damp, died violently.

As his soul awareness spread out, he discovered that the entire Realm of Heaven Span was like a punctured balloon that was rapidly deflating.

The leaking ‘air’ was spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.


Explosions gave rise to dazzling fiery light that lit up large areas of the realm barrier.

The sword lights branded by generations of sectmasters of the Heaven Span Pavilion were crushed by the Ripper Behemoth’s bloodline talent like small rocks crushed by a charging war chariot.

Chu Rui let out a sigh. “That’s the Star Behemoth’s unique bloodline talent: Domain Split.” 

Ye Wenhan had a complicated expression on his face.

All of a sudden, Fan Tianze’s furious roar echoed from high above. “Evacuate! Evacuate the Realm of Heaven Span now!

“What are you waiting for, Ye Wenhan?! The Godspan Sword Formation can’t stop the Ripper Behemoth!”

Ye Wenhan’s expression flickered with astonishment as he finally turned to the elders who had long since been waiting for his decision and said, “Tell everyone to evacuate through our teleportation portals! We’re leaving the Realm of Heaven Span for now!”

“For now?” An elder said, sagging his head. “It’s most likely going to be forever.”

Another elder chimed in deep frustration, “Any realm that a Star Behemoth sets its mind on will be deprived of all its energy of heaven and earth. What a shame! For generations, our sect has developed and thrived on this land. We’ve developed the Godspan Sword Formation and numerous sword-testing sites in the mountains! And all that will be destroyed in one day because of a Star Behemoth!”

The Qi warriors of the Heaven Span Pavilion evacuated in order, complaining and mourning as they did.

“How will we atone for this when the sectmaster returns? How will we face our former sectmasters in death?”

“What have we done to deserve this? First, the Ancientspirits and outsiders launched a joint invasion of our domain. After we barely survived that crisis, that Ripper Behemoth came along and set its eyes on us. Why is it always our sect that suffers?”

Chu Rui withdrew his gaze from the heavens, turned to Zu Guangyao and Dou Tianchen, who were standing next to him, and said, lowering his chin, “The Heaven Span Pavilion is bound to suffer tremendous losses from this series of tribulations. We, on the other hand, have slowly regained strength from recent events. Unlike our sect, the Heaven Span Pavilion, the Five Elements Sect, and the Void Spirit Society are all going downhill.”

“We’re only rising because of Nie Tian,” Zu Guangyao said with blunt honesty. “Dou Tianchen and I both broke through into the God domain because of Nie Tian.”

“You’re right.” Chu Rui agreed. 

Dou Tianchen smiled and added, “It seems to me that the power Nie Tian currently possesses is already every bit as strong as that of the four great sects. Experts like Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, Master Blood Spirit, and Xie Qian. There’s also Dong Li and Pei Qiqi. Actually, that seventh junior martial brother of mine doesn’t need our sect anymore.”

“Perhaps he doesn’t need us anymore, but we need him,” Chu Rui said with a wry smile.

Everyone nodded, agreeing with his last remark.


In the Silent Star Sea.

Floating in front of the winding branch of the Nether River, Grand Monarch Primal Wood and three Ancientspirit grand monarchs fixed their eyes on the flowing river with knitted brows.

Some changes had happened to the Nether River since Nie Tian had last visited.

Soul-form beings from the huge vortex had already filled the entire branch of the Nether River.

In every part of the Nether River, countless souls and spirits could be seen fighting endlessly and devouring each other to make themselves stronger.

Nature’s ‘survival of the fittest’ was cruelly manifested here.


Wielding her Space Boundaries Crystal, Pei Qiqi flew off towards the source of this branch of the Nether River by herself.

She hoped to study the wonders of that vortex and derive new enlightenment.

Pointing at the winding river, Nie Tian said to the four grand monarchs that were with him. “Alright, this is the place. How are we supposed to destroy this branch of the Nether River?”

“Scotte.” Grand Monarch Primal Wood, Chatvic, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch turned to look at the lightning dragon simultaneously.

As a middle tenth grade lightning dragon, every drop of Scotte’s blood contained mighty lightning power that could easily destroy heaven and earth.

Furthermore, lightning power was a natural bane of Phantasms and Netherspirits!

The Nether River should be any easy target.

“Alright, let me give it a shot.”

As soon as he said these words, violent thunderclaps came from the huge scales that covered Scotte’s magnificent dragon form, which was close to ten thousand meters long.

“Bloodline: Thunder Blast!”

Scotte opened his mouth, and thunderballs that contained raging life-exterminating power flew out of it.

Each and every one of them was vested with his boiling dragon blood, which seemed mighty enough to destroy even a small-scale realm.

“Such mighty bloodline power, much mightier than the power of that Thunder-devouring Whale and any thunder pool!” After briefly sensing them, Nie Tian discovered that each of those thunderballs contained more lightning power than the lightning power in all the thunder pools in a lightning realm combined.

In a winding stream, dozens of them flew towards a place in the middle of the Nether River.

Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s eyes lit up. “Blow up a place in the middle of the Nether River?

“That’s a good idea,” Chatvic said in approval.

Nie Tian also nodded slightly.

This branch of the Nether River had stretched countless kilometers from that huge vortex, and wound through numerous realms.

If Scotte severed it in the middle, it would be like a broken bridge. The fresh water from the great vortex wouldn’t be able to reach the far end of the river.


One thunderball after another fell into the Nether River, giving rise to heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing explosions.

A sea of lighting and thunder rapidly drowned that segment of the river. No matter how strong those vicious spirits and evil souls were, they perished like dissipating smoke in a breath’s time.

That segment of the Nether River vaporized under Scotte’s devastating bloodline power.

Nothing remained of that segment that was once hundreds of kilometers long.

“It worked!” Golden-feathered Divine Finch exclaimed in elation. “No wonder lightning power is regarded as the bane of soul-form beings! Even the Nether River transformed from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s soul awareness can be destroyed by it!”

A hint of complacence appeared in Scotte’s enormous eyes.

However, that complacence soon vanished completely.

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