Chapter 1477: Robbers

In the Domain of Vast Darkness.

A vast lake with mild ripples was dotted with green isles that looked like emeralds.

The Water Moon Sect’s headquarters was located here.

After gaining a special vessel that contained three drops of Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir from Dong Li, Xie Qian, who was at the late Saint domain, returned to his base through inter-domain teleportation portals.

As soon as he emerged in a magnificent stone palace that was close to three hundred meters tall, elders of the Water Moon Sect gathered to greet him.


“Welcome back, Sectmaster!”

Not only the elders of the Water Moon Sect, but the leaders of many local forces of the Domain of Vast Darkness also came from different domains to offer him respectful greetings upon hearing of his return.

Years ago, when Xie Qian had insisted on gathering the Water Moon Sect’s forces to support Nie Tian, he had been met with strong resistance. Many of the other major local sects of the Domain of Vast Darkness had been opposed to his decision.

However, all of them regretted their decision now.

An untimely icy voice suddenly echoed out. “Xie Qian!”

With a loud boom, the inter-domain teleportation portal in the palace through which Xie Qian had returned cracked and exploded.

At the same time, a glorious spatial rift came to form, from which a man walked out.

Many Qi warriors from the Domain of Vast Darkness exclaimed in shock upon seeing the new arrival.

“Xuan Guangyu?!”

“Vice Sectmaster Xuan of the Void Spirit Society!”

Xie Qian’s face dropped. “What can I help you with, Vice Sectmaster Xuan? We fought side by side in the Domain of Heaven Span not long ago. Yet you barge in here now and destroy my sect’s teleportation portal. What’s that about?”

Xuan Guangyu simply reached out with one hand and said, “Cough it up.” 

“What?” Xie Qian asked, looking baffled.

Xuan Guangyu let out a cold snort. “The three drops of Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir Dong Li gave you. You’re merely at the Saint domain. It’d be a great waste to let you use them.”

“So you’re here to rob me?” Xie Qian found this hard to believe.

He had never expected that Xuan Guangyu, as the vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society, would so openly rob him at this special time when they were facing an invasion of Ancientspirits and outsiders.

“You said it,” Xuan Guangyu said.

Xie Qian took a deep breath. “What if I refuse?” 

“Then you’ll die.” With these words, Xuan Guangyu lowered his chin.

Raging spatial fluctuations instantly burst forth. At the same time, he unleashed his dharma idol and his Immortal grade divine tool, the Void Splitter.


As soon as his dharma idol manifested, the spacious great hall of the Water Moon Sect was filled with slithering unstable spatial blades.

Within seconds, the grand palace toppled with loud rumbles.

All of the Water Moon Sect disciples and Qi warriors that had rushed over from other parts of the Domain of Vast Darkness ran for their lives, screaming or cursing.

“Want to run?” In his enormous dharma idol form, Xuan Guangyu wielded his Void Splitter.

As the giant blade slashed across the air, a dazzling spatial rift was split open.

Numerous disciples of the Water Moon Sect and experts from across the Domain of Vast Darkness were sucked into the spatial rift. In the next moment, their bodies were reduced to bloody chunks of flesh, and their souls dissipated.

Xie Qian howled madly as he unleashed his saint domain. Drops of blood could be seen floating in it, emanating misty blood-colored light.

This was a manifestation of him going all-out.

However, the gap between his cultivation base and Xuan Guangyu’s was simply too great.

Xuan Guangyu swung his giant blade a second time.

Hundreds of thousands of spatial blades instantly drowned Xie Qian’s saint domain. As they interwove, Xie Qian’s soul was shredded along with his body.


Xuan Guangyu’s dharma idol shrank, and he resumed his true form.

Then, he lifted his hand and made a grabbing motion. Xie Qian’s belongings, including his ring of holding, flew past his splayed hand one after another.

“Found it.”

Without any hesitation, he destroyed the sealing spell Xie Qian had vested the ring of holding with, and saw a transparent bottle with three drops of Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir spinning in it, exuding unusual soul power fluctuations.

Xuan Guangyu’s eyes lit up. “This is it!”

With a wild laugh, he split open a spatial rift and left in an unhurried manner.

A few hours later...

Xie Wanting and Xie Yunhai, the sister-brother pair, rushed back to the Domain of Vast Darkness upon hearing the shocking and terrible news. At the sight of the Water Moon Sect’s ravaged headquarters and Xie Qian’s remains, they choked with sobs. “Father!”


In the Blood Sect’s headquarters in the Realm of Flame Heaven in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Sitting upright on her Blood Lotus, Li Jing, the sectmaster of the Blood Sect, fixed Master Blood Spirit with an elated look. “Are you really going to make your breakthrough to the God domain here?”

All of the Blood Sect disciples with low cultivation bases had been asked to leave the headquarters.

Now, the blood cisterns were filled with the blood of all sorts of spirit beasts as vastly rich blood power filled the sky like multicolored clouds.

Ever since Nie Tian had had an acrimonious falling-out with Luo Wanxiang in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven and gained the support of experts such as Fan Tianze, Chu Rui, and Ye Wenhan in rectifying Master Blood Spirit and his Blood Spirit Sect’s name, the Blood Sect could stop hiding.

Master Blood Spirit had taken Li Jing and other disciples of the Blood Sect to the Blood Spirit Sect’s former headquarters.

However, they had found the place to be deserted and uninhabitable, which made it an unfit location for the Blood Spirit Sect to reestablish itself in.

Furthermore, since the Blood Spirit Sect disciples’ cultivation largely relied on refined spirit beast and outsider blood, as long as they had enough blood resources, any realm would work for them.

Therefore, they had chosen the Blood Sect’s old site in the Realm of Flame Heaven.

Master Blood Spirit smiled and said, “I’m confident in breaking through to the God domain even without the help of the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, not to mention that I have three drops of it now.” 

Seeing his confidence, Li Jing, who had entered the early Void domain, said, “If that’s the case, allow me to celebrate your success in advance, Patriarch.”

Since the Blood Sect was Master Blood Spirit’s legacy, there was nothing wrong with her calling him patriarch.

“Hmm?” Master Blood Spirit, who was just about to enter secluded cultivation, suddenly sprang to his feet and unleashed his saint domain. “Who’s there?”

Duan Hongwen from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and Song Chequan from the Jade Heaven Sect, both of whom were at the early God domain, revealed themselves, their hidden auras bursting forth. “Give up your Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir, Master Blood Spirit.”

Master Blood Spirit’s expression flickered. “Duan Hongwen! Song Chequan!” 

Astonished, Li Jing cried out, “Earth Web!”

Countless rays of blood-colored light then shot out from the depths of the earth, from every corner of the Blood Sect’s headquarters.

They rapidly wove into a huge blood-colored net that enveloped the entire area.

The pungent smell of blood from the net made even Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan nauseated.

Song Chequan’s expression flickered. “The blood net contains toxins!” 

Master Blood Spirit’s face split into a cunning smile. “Blood domain: Bloodflow Reverse! Duan Hongwen, Song Chequan, it’s not so easy to take my Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir! My saint domain isn’t like just anyone’s!”

In his bloody saint domain, streams of blood that belonged to different outsider races flowed in a peculiar way following Master Blood Spirit’s soul will.

Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan, who had reached the early God domain, felt that their bloodflow had suddenly reversed and become uncontrollable!

“Hurry! Send word!” Master Blood Spirit called out in a deep voice. “I can trap these two God domain cultivators here for a quarter of an hour! I’ll be safe, but only during this time!”

Li Jing’s expression flickered drastically as she said in a hurry, “Got it!”


Zhao Shanling, who was in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation, jerked his head up to look in the direction of the Realm of Flame Heaven. “God domain cultivators have entered the Realm of Flame Heaven and are causing a major stir in the spiritual energy of heaven and earth!”


The Voidspirit Pagoda opened a spatial rift, and he flew in without delay.

Shortly afterwards, a spatial rift manifested in the sky over the Blood Sect’s headquarters in the Realm of Flame Heaven.

Zhao Shanling flew out of it, holding his Voidspirit Pagoda.

He was followed by Dong Li, who was wreathed in an ink-black dark aura. The Dark Aureole over her head unleashed endless darkness that devoured all light as it spread like a sea.

It appeared as if the entire Realm of Flame Heaven was going to be engulfed in utter darkness soon.

In the darkness, Duan Hongwen and Song Chequan’s faces turned pale with fright.

“Dong Li!”

“She’s become so powerful already?!”

Their divine will failed completely in the darkness as they lost their senses to a large extent.

The might of their spiritual incantations was greatly reduced.

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