Chapter 1457: Mysteries

Dashing through the dim starry river, Nie Tian suddenly exclaimed in shock, “The Nether River!”

He came to an abrupt stop.

A winding river ran past a few realms that were penetrated by the sword-like branches of the incredibly colossal tree.

That river didn’t run through any of the realms, but rather floated quietly in the starry river.

Not a single discarnate soul could be seen in the long, winding river, only dazzling cyan spots that lit up from time to time.

This river was clearly different from the one Nie Tian had seen in the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

However, it was undoubtedly what had stirred his senses and attracted him here.

The Spirit Pearl’s soul examined the Nether River in its unique manner, and then said, “This river is different from the one we have in the Nether Realm.

“That one runs through the north of the Nether Realm, with countless souls and spirits floating in it, killing each other and transforming.

“This Nether River, however, doesn’t have any soul-form beings in it. And it doesn’t run through any of these realms...”


The Spirit Pearl suddenly flew out of Nie Tian’s hand and into the distant starry river.

Like a cyan bolt of lightning, it flew off following the Nether River, as if to trace this branch of the Nether River to see if it connected to the one in the Nether Realm.

“If it doesn’t connect to that branch of the Nether River, then it’s a whole new branch...” Surprised by this thought, Nie Tian sensed the Spirit Pearl’s movement, but didn’t fly after it. At the same time, he returned the Star Behemoth bone to his ring of holding.


The Flame Dragon Armor suddenly assumed its dragon form: Agaz. Staring at the branch of the Nether River in front of him with his enormous dragon eyes, he said, “This river contains copious Nether Qi. Phantasms should be able to absorb power from it and enhance their strength. It’s just that...”

“What?” Nie Tian asked, looking curious.

“It’s just that they can’t collect evil spirits and vicious souls from it to refine into their bloodlines or keep as their servants,” Agaz said. “Back when I was still with my father, he told me that the Phantasms’ branch of the Nether River gathered discarnate souls, evil spirits, and all sorts of soul-form beings spontaneously.

“In this sense, it’s kind of similar to the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

“Every time a fierce battle broke out between the Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, Bonebrutes, or other races in the Spirit World, some of the discarnate souls of those who died in battle would be magically absorbed by that branch of the Nether River.

“Once they entered the Nether River, they would either be devoured by stronger spirits or devour weaker spirits themselves and become stronger.

“Many Phantasm grand patriarchs and grand monarchs would pick powerful spirits from the Nether River to refine with secret soul magics or enslave for use in battle.

“However, I can’t sense the existence of a single spirit in this branch of the Nether River.”

Rubbing his chin, Nie Tian pondered in silence for a long while before suddenly saying, “If this branch of the Nether River hasn’t absorbed any spirits or souls, then it means no battle has taken place in this part of the starry river. Perhaps those cyan spots that light up from time to time record Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s profound soul magics.”

As his train of thought came to this point, he focused his attention on the spots in the river.

Without the help of the Spirit Pearl, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see what was vested in the cyan spots that grew dazzling every now and then.

While he observed with rapt attention, he also saw interweaving soul strings flashing across the Nether River from time to time.

However, he couldn’t see through their wonders, even though he was concentrated quite hard.

“It seems that I have to turn to the Spirit Pearl for help.” He then communicated with the Spirit Pearl, asking it to return, so he could observe the wonders of this branch of the Nether River through it as his third eye.

“Give me a bit more time...” The Spirit Pearl’s soul responded as it flew farther and farther away, as if it intended to find the origin of this branch of the Nether River and an answer.

“Alright, I’ve got time. I’ll wait.” He nodded and waited in this unknown area of the starry river.

While waiting, he glanced around at the landmasses and the unimaginably colossal tree that had penetrated and been absorbing nourishment from them. “Where on earth did this colossal tree come from? Even the Tree of Life that created the Floragrims shouldn’t be this large. Besides, didn’t the Tree of Life wither long ago?”


At the same time, the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron blasted through the ward that covered the hole in the ground surrounded by buried titans. 

“My heavens!” An exclamation escaped Pang Chicheng’s mouth as soon as he dove through it into the starry river below.

What he saw was so overwhelming that he couldn’t say a word for a long time.

The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron also lost its composure. “T-this is far too magnificent... Unbelievable… I only heard master talk about this place. Even though he imprinted the accessing method in me, since you hadn’t awakened your bloodline and I had to protect the Realm of Fire Spirit, I’ve never had a chance to come here myself.

“But master never mentioned this colossal tree!

“All he ever told me about was the magical land where titans were buried, but he never said this place held so many wonders!

“Wait! I’m sensing the Flame Dragon Armor’s aura!”

“Take me there!” Pang Chicheng blurted, overtaken with fighting will. “I want to see what Nie Tian is up to in this mysterious part of the starry river! Everything here is rightfully mine! My father left them for me! Nie Tian is nothing but a despicable thief. He stole my fortune!”


Pang Chicheng cursed furiously as he sped through the starry river with the enlarged Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron.


Agaz the flame dragon suddenly sensed something. “Pang Chicheng! As I expected, he can also access this place now that he’s broken through to the God domain and gained the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s acknowledgment. As Pang Bo’s divine tool, the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron carries a special flame dragon aura. Now that Pang Chicheng’s bloodline has broken out, he can finally access this place with its help.”

Nie Tian gave a cold harrumph. “Pang Chicheng!”


The Star Behemoth bone was summoned from within his ring of holding. Clutching it, he took a deep breath and activated his life bloodline.


His body expanded violently, his rich flesh aura bursting forth like an erupting volcano.

After assuming his enlarged form, he instantly reached a Life Blend state with the Star Behemoth bone.


Without meaning to, he let out a furious howl in Pang Chicheng’s direction.

His flesh power suddenly changed, as if he had turned into a Star Behemoth from the Primal Era.

Though separated by a great distance, Pang Chicheng bellowed, “Nie Tian! My father left this mysterious place for me! And I’m the Flame Dragon Armor’s one and only master!”

“You?” Nie Tian said with a nasty laugh. “Deluded by Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, you awakened the Ripper Behemoth and nearly caused the portal to be reopened, allowing the powerful races of the Void World to invade our world. How dare you say that you deserve to be the Flame Dragon Armor’s master? Since you’ve been expelled from the fire element sect and the Realm of Fire Spirit, you should have lived the rest of your life with your tail between your legs. However, you just continue to stir up trouble everywhere!

“As stupid as you are, all that you’ve done has ended up hurting the human race!”

Pang Chicheng was just about to fight back as he suddenly caught sight of the mysterious river. 

He was flabbergasted. “The Nether River?! How come there’s a branch of the Nether River here? Don’t tell me this is the Nether Realm...”

A frown of surprise appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “You don’t know anything about this river either?” 

Pang Chicheng was Pang Bo’s only son. Nie Tian had assumed that now that he had gained the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s acknowledgement and found his way to this mysterious place, many of his questions about the wonders of this place would be answered.

Who would have thought that Pang Chicheng would know nothing about the unusual phenomenon here either?

“Of course I’ll figure out what’s going on here, but I’ll kill you first so I’ll have every secret here to myself.” With a cunning laugh, Pang Chicheng unleashed his dharma idol, which then morphed into an erupting volcano.

If anyone examined it with rapt attention, they would see that it was very similar to the volcano in the Realm of Fire Spirit where he used to practice cultivation, and with a secret teleportation portal underneath it.


Thousands of streams of fiery light met on the rocky surface of the volcano, instantly forming close to a hundred spell formations that were vested with the profound truths of fire.


The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron suddenly dove into the volcano through its mouth at the top, its raging flame power fusing with that of the volcano.

“Four Manifestations Heaven-burning Formation!” Pang Chicheng’s furious roar echoed out from within the volcano.

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