Chapter 1424: Fights in the Domain of Heaven Span


Nie Tian appeared in his enlarged form, clutching the Star Behemoth bone like a divine spear.

His saint domain instantly spread out to envelop him.

The outermost layer of power that resembled the boundless starry river wrapped around a middle layer of raging flames and a secret grand spell formation that carried the profound truths of fire.

At the core was an exuberant land that was full of life force.

Standing on the exuberant land in his enlarged form, Nie Tian seemed to be strengthening himself with the endless wood power it contained.

The Qi warriors from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace that were fighting in different parts of the battlefield couldn’t help but cast their gazes towards him.

Elders and Sons of the Stars, including Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, Xin Qing, Fang Yuan, and Wang Meijia, along with numerous regular disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, all cheered upon noticing that Nie Tian had entered the Saint domain.

“Saint domain!”

“The seventh Son of the Stars has broken through into the Saint domain!”

“Nie Tian has entered the Saint domain!”

At this moment, Grand Monarch Withered Bones of the Bonebrutes slammed a huge pale-white hammer made of shattered bones down onto Dou Tianchen’s Immortal grade divine tool. “Split!”

The Heavenly Stellar Stream that shone like a cluster of sparkling gem-like stars instantly exploded.

Dou Tianchen’s glowing dharma idol that was a condensation of pure star power fell apart along with it.


The Immortal grade divine tool, Heavenly Stellar Stream, flew back into him like a stream of glorious stars.

Resuming his true form, Dou Tianchen hastily took out a medicinal pill and stuffed it down his throat without even looking at it.


As soon as the medicinal pill entered his stomach, tiny sparks of starlight started flying from his eyes and nose.

“That’s a Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill!” Wei Lai exclaimed softly. “The former sectmaster refined them. Each and every Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill is a condensation of star essence he gathered from close to a hundred stars and his own power. Since they’re extremely valuable, they’re usually used to save lives. I can’t believe Dou Tianchen is actually using it to improve his combat prowess.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “A Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill!”

Only after becoming a Son of the Stars had he learned that the former Lord of the Stars had gone to great lengths to refine a cauldron of Seven Orifices Star Essence Pills.

These miraculous pills suited the needs of all those who practiced star power.

Ji Cang, Chu Rui, Luo Wanxiang, and a few others had each been bestowed one when they had been Sons of the Stars, so that they could save themselves with them when their lives were in danger.

Both Chu Rui and Luo Wanxiang had survived perilous situations with their Seven Orifices Star Essence Pills.

However, Ji Cang, the current sectmaster, had never used his. After he had broken through into the late God domain, his strength had become unmatched throughout the Mortal World. This had made his Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill useless to him.

Therefore, he had handed it down to the first Son of the Stars of the next generation: Dou Tianchen.

“Such intense star power!”

Even Dou Tianchen, who was at the early God domain, couldn’t fully digest the star power within the Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill immediately after swallowing it.

Glorious starlight started coming out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. His whole body soon started to emanate bright starlight.


His dharma idol that had just been shattered by Grand Monarch Withered Bones manifested again, shining even more dazzlingly than before. Even his Immortal grade divine tool, the Heavenly Stellar Stream, shone brighter than ever.

Wei Lai let out a soft sigh and said, “Even though that Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill can help Dou Tianchen recover his strength and heal his injured sea of awareness within a breath’s time, he’s only entered the early God domain recently.  And he’s facing Grand Monarch Withered Bones, a mighty Bonebrute who managed to injure even Grand Elder Mo Heng in the Domain of Nether Heaven.”

“Let me give it a try, Eldest Martial Brother,” Nie Tian called out.

Immediately afterwards, he flew over in his enlarged form and stood between Dou Tianchen and Grand Monarch Withered Bones.

Gazing at Nie Tian, who had entered his enlarged form after activating his bloodline talents, many disciples were both shocked and baffled.

“What’s Nie Tian doing?!”

“Is that his dharma idol?!”

“No, it can’t be!”

“Then why is he in a form that... that’s every bit as large as Grand Monarch Withered Bones and Dou Tianchen?!”

Elder Yan Zhan took a close look at him and said, “That’s a form similar to the Demons’ Ancestral Awakening form and the Bonebrutes’ Indestructible Form! His flesh power is shockingly immense!”

“I can manage!” Dou Tianchen exclaimed.


As he cast a spiritual incantation, his Immortal grade divine tool, the Heavenly Stellar Stream, morphed into an enormous hand glowing with starlight.

“Grand Starry Sky Hand Seal!”

A hand that covered a large area of the starry river pressed down towards Grand Monarch Withered Bones. Countless clusters of starlight exploded within it like stars to release heaven-rending, earth-crushing divine power, causing all lives in its presence to tremble in fear.


“Death Pulse!”

As soon as Grand Monarch Withered Bones activated this bloodline talent, the pale-gray death power wreathing him poured upwards like reverse waterfalls.

Close to a hundred streams of death power with pale-gray spots glittering inside seemed to manifest the ultimate truths of death as they slammed into the descending giant hand seal.


Blinding light that stung even the souls of those who looked at it burst forth from the places where Dou Tianchen’s huge falling hand clashed with Grand Monarch Withered Bones’ rising streams of death power.

Clusters of starlight exploded like perishing stars, sending fragments of starlight flying in all directions like shooting stars.

Death power that carried the profound truths of death also scattered into their surroundings. A mere touch of it would compromise those with low cultivation bases, causing them to rapidly approach the end of their lives.

Having just taken a Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill, Dou Tianchen seemed to have more power than he could use. His battle prowess was off the charts.

However, it seemed to Nie Tian that Dou Tianchen was only able to match Grand Monarch Withered Bones in battle now because of that miraculous pill he had just taken.

Once its efficacy wore off, Dou Tianchen would soon return to his original strength.

“If you insist...”

Nie Tian turned to look in another direction, and blurred into action. In the next moment, he arrived beside Zu Guangyao and looked at Grand Monarch Blood Axe of the Demons, grinning.

With a smile as bright as the sun, Zu Guangyao said, “I’m not like that kid. I don’t have a Seven Orifices Star Essence Pill I can use, and I don’t strain myself to prove my strength. Nie Tian, I can see how strong you must have become. I believe you can handle Grand Monarch Blood Axe for a while. My battle with him has lasted quite some time now. It’s about time I take a break.”

He took the initiative to back down.


His dharma idol shrank into a blazing sun-like sphere before returning to his true form.

Without seeking privacy, he simply took out Heavenflame Crystals and clusters of true sunflame he had gathered, and started recovering his strength and nourishing his soul with them.

Standing in front of the Demon grand monarch in his enlarged form, Nie Tian seemed to be the same size as him. “Grand Monarch Blood Axe.”

Clutching his gigantic blood-colored axe, Grand Monarch Blood Axe seemed like a mountain peak as he unleashed his flesh aura sea to enshroud a large area around him. By doing this, he put such a heavy pressure on the space around him that it seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. “Seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, I witnessed your battle against Ophelia in the Shatter Battlefield. You were quite weak back then.”

He spoke with narrowed eyes, his dark purple pupils emanating suffocating light. “But I guess you deserve to be my opponent now.”

Without saying another word, he raised his Blood Axe and brought it down towards Nie Tian’s head.

Raging Demon Qi fell like a blackish-violet heaven, as if to crush Nie Tian.

Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s flesh aura sea filled every inch of the area of the starry river where Nie Tian was, keeping him from shifting to another location with Starshift.

Not just that, but Nie Tian felt that even his soul was bogged down as he looked up at the falling Blood Axe.

He didn’t expect an axe strike from Grand Monarch Blood Axe to be so mighty.

“Domain Split!”

Effortlessly, Nie Tian ignited drops of his Blood Essence to activate the Star Behemoth’s bloodline talent.

An ancient aura that had inspired fear across the three worlds instantly burst forth from the bone.

In a split second, a raging flesh aura mixed with the Star Behemoth’s flesh aura behind Nie Tian in his enlarged form, morphing into what seemed to be the true form of the Star Behemoth, which had ruled the Primal Era.

As the colossal illusion quietly came to form, this entire area of the starry river seemed to be crushed by its aura, giving rise to cracking sounds.

The colossal illusion that was a condensation of Nie Tian and the Star Behemoth’s flesh auras crouched down and roared, throwing its head back.


As this happened, the Star Behemoth illusion morphed into a pillar of crimson light that grew thicker and thicker, so much so that it seemed to be able to penetrate Realm Seas and shatter realm barriers.

The pillar of crimson light met the falling Blood Axe head-on.


A large amount of blood-colored light splashed upon the mighty impact. As it scattered, the Star Behemoth bone could be seen pierced into Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s Blood Axe.

Time seemed to freeze for a second before Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s flesh aura sea suddenly grew thin and dispersed.

Nie Tian, in his enlarged form, was knocked flying downwards by the impact, and vanished from everyone’s view.

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