Chapter 1408: Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits

In the starry river where the portal stood.

After Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, and You Qimiao disappeared into the portal, the portal gradually closed due to Pei Qiqi’s efforts with her unique bloodline wonders.

Shortly afterwards, giant spirit-form beings marched towards this area of the starry river in a formidable array.

They were all hundreds of meters tall and had different appearances. Some looked like evil spirits. Some looked like satanic beasts, while others looked like sinister monsters.

Each and every one of them exuded an aura that was as immense as that of a God domain expert.

Mo Heng, who was guarding the portal, grew grim as he watched them march in his direction.

“Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’s sub-souls...”

As powerful as Mo Heng was, he felt great pressure after examining them with his soul awareness. It was a suffocating feeling that his true soul might be destroyed if all of them attacked him at the same time.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, the current chief of the Netherspirits, had as many as a thousand sub-souls. Every single one of them possessed outstanding battle prowess, and soul power that was as immense as the sea.

Mo Heng did a rough calculation, and realized that he was facing about a hundred of Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’s sub-souls.

This meant that this overlord of the Void World, who aspired to rise to Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s height, had sent as much as ten percent of his power through the boundless starry river to fight him.

“Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits, by sending so much of your power to this part of the starry river, aren’t you afraid that your true self and true soul will be severely injured by Sectmaster Ji Cang of my sect?” Mo Heng asked aloud.

“Ji Cang won’t be able to injure me any time soon.” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ voice came from every one of his sub-souls present.

It was in perfect human language.

“Luo Wanxiang from your sect turned against you upon my incitement,” Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits said, sounding perfectly calm. “He was one of your sect’s so-called Sons of the Stars. The star incantations and soul spells he practices have no essential difference from Ji Cang’s.

“It’s just that Ji Cang’s cultivation base is higher, and his understanding of star power is more profound.

“Small things always reveal big truths. From what I’ve learned from Luo Wanxiang, I’ve already figured out the secrets of your sect’s various secret magics. Ji Cang might be the strongest human, but he’s in the Void World now, and his opponent is me.”

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’ resounding voice filled this entire area of the starry river.

More than a hundred of his sub-souls suddenly started rotating around Mo Heng to form a profound soul formation that had been passed down from the Netherspirits’ ancestors.

“Soul Capture!”

A dome of glorious light came to form over Mo Heng.

As the glowing dome continued to morph, countless soul symbols fell out of it. As Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits let out a low exclamation, they seemed to unleash profound truths of souls that had existed in the Void World from ancient times.

Mo Heng’s dharma idol instantly split apart, and morphed into his true form.

However, a soul shadow with Mo Heng’s appearance was separated from his true form and started flying backwards, like a balloon being blown away by a gust of wind.

As this happened, Mo Heng’s eyes started to grow dim and lifeless.

“Shadow Wings!”

A set of enormous, shadowy bat wings with a span of a thousand kilometers suddenly spread out over Mo Heng’s head, sheltering him from the glowing dome for a split second.

In just this split second, Mo Heng’s soul shadow that was flying farther and farther away from him flew back into him through the top of his head.

Mo Heng’s eyes glittered with life once again.

“Jiang Yuanchi!”

“Yes, it’s me.”

The shadowy wings gradually grew bright and shiny as they continued to stretch.

Then, a mysterious shadow manifested under the dazzlingly bright wings.

That piece of shadow seemed to hide Jiang Yuanchi’s true form. “Mo Heng, even though the two of us may not be able to fight Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits’s true self or true soul, we should be able to handle these bodiless sub-souls.”

Mo Heng nodded. “Right.” 

Immediately afterwards, Mo Heng and Jiang Yuanchi, who were both from the Mortal World and at the middle God domain, launched joint attacks against the hundred sub-souls of the Netherspirits’ current chief.


At the Seven Stars Realm Sea.


Pei Qiqi and You Qimiao flew out of the calm surface of the sea.

Floating over the sea were Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, Ji Yuanquan, Shangguan Zhi from the Shadow Society, Duan Hongwen from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and Song Chequan from the Jade Heaven Sect, none of whom had left during this time.

Dong Li and Nie Tian’s Saint domain subordinates were also waiting in silence.

“You were gone for nearly two weeks. What on earth happened at the bottom of the Seven Stars Realm Sea?”

“Where’s Nie Tian? Where’s Luo Wanxiang and Jiang Yuanchi?”

The two groups of people poured out questions upon seeing them.

You Qimiao took a moment to straighten his sleeves and then said, with the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror in his hand, “Grand Elder Mo Heng of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is in another world, guarding a portal that connects it to this Realm Sea. That world is called the Void World. There live Netherspirits, Devils, and Bonedrudes. Jiang Yuanchi is still searching for the spiritual materials he needs for his breakthrough into the late God domain.”

“Qiqi!” Ji Yuanquan exclaimed softly.

“Nie Tian was badly injured in the Void World,” Pei Qiqi explained. “Right now, he’s recovering in the depths of the Seven Stars Realm Sea with the help of its unique wonders. As for Vice Sectmaster Luo Wanxiang of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, he’s been bewitched by the Netherspirits. He betrayed us all for an opportunity to derive enlightenment from the Netherspirits’ Nether River.”

Mo Qianfan’s expression flickered. “Mo Heng!” 

Astonished, Yu Suying said, “Who would have thought that Mo Heng went to another world after his sudden disappearance from the Domain of Endless Thunder! And the Void World? What is it? What special features do the Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, and Devils have?”

Many powerful experts were gathered around Pei Qiqi, but it seemed that none of them had heard anything about the Void World or the three major races that lived there.

Therefore, Pei Qiqi had to explain what she and Nie Tian had seen and heard in the Void World to them, with an emphasis on what they had learned about Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit of the Netherspirits.

“An expert who transcended the limits of the tenth grade. After his death, his immortal soul morphed into the Nether River that runs through three worlds!”

Everyone gasped with astonishment after hearing about Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, as if this was the first time they had heard that someone could actually transcend the limits of the tenth grade.

“What’s the situation over at the Heaven Span Pavilion?” Pei Qiqi couldn’t help but ask. “Has our main force met that of the Ancientspirits and outsiders?”

Hearing this, Ji Yuanquan and many others grew very grim.

Even Duan Hongwen, Shangguan Zhi, and Song Chequan cast their gazes down, looking somewhat embarrassed and ashamed.

Ji Yuanquan let out a sigh. “Things aren’t looking good over there. Since none of our late God domain patriarchs are around, and...”

With these words, he cast a glance at You Qimiao, Shangguan Zhi, and Song Chequan. “and some of us came to the Seven Stars Realm Sea while they should have joined the battle that’s taking place there, we’re currently at a clear disadvantage. Our forces are being forced to make retreats. And we receive word of Saint domain cultivators dying in battle every day.”

“Sectmaster You,” Pei Qiqi said, fixing her eyes on him.

Duan Hongwen, Shangguan Zhi, and Song Chequan also turned to look at him, hoping to hear Jiang Yuanchi’s stance on the matter.

You Qimiao shook his head. “I don’t know when he’ll come back or what his stance will be. But I’m certain about one thing: we don’t need to wait here at the Seven Stars Realm Sea anymore. As for the battle between us and the invaders, you should make your own decisions.”

With these words, he beckoned for Pei Qiqi to go to a nearby dead star with him, where he gave her the soul crystals and Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir he had promised her and Nie Tian.

In the depths of the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Nie Tian didn’t activate Primal Chaos or use any external help. He didn’t even activate his domain. He simply floated in the sea, not doing anything.

However, countless wisps of flesh power that might be from Ancientspirits, outsiders, or even the three powerful races of the Void World seemed to be attracted by his life bloodline, as they took it upon themselves to swim towards him like tiny fish and disappear into the parts where he had suffered the most serious wounds.

At this moment, a message from the Spirit Pearl’s soul entered his mind. “Master!

“Due to our departure from the Void World, the five evil gods have failed to gather all of their lost memories and soul fragments. However, they’ve become much stronger than before, and a large part of their power and memories are still being awakened.

“If we enter the Void World again, they’ll be able to continue to complete their souls and memories.

“So you’ve got to become stronger yourself before they’re fully awakened. Also, you’d better strengthen your control over them with that mysterious talisman spell and the restraining power of the pearl. They have to submit to you, body and soul. Otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble when you visit the Void World again.”

“I see,” Nie Tian replied.


Pei Qiqi returned from the dead star. Eyes glittering with the light of excitement, she flew into the Seven Stars Realm Sea and went directly to Nie Tian. With a wisp of soul awareness, she said to him, “I got the soul crystals and the Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir. You Qimiao didn’t go back on his word.

“Also, I solved the mysteries of the spatial power the creator of the portal left in it.

“I came to a shocking discovery.”

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