Chapter 1406: A Purple Glede Badge

“Stop it!” Mo Heng shouted angrily, but didn’t dare to do anything.

He didn’t even dare to get too close to the female Devil because he saw that the badge was still pressing on Nie Tian’s chest.

He knew what the badge meant, and how powerful it was.

He knew that if Agatha wanted, the badge could easily crush Nie Tian’s heart and turn his repeatedly-tempered body into blood rain and scattered flesh.

Agatha’s tone became calmer and calmer as she said, “I’m not doing this because I want to vent my anger. I don’t hate him.

“It’s because I’m a grand monarch of the Void World, and I must finish my mission. Since this young man is his child, he’ll definitely be unusual in the future. I’ve carefully checked his bloodline, aura and strength.

“After he makes more breakthroughs in his bloodline and cultivation, perhaps even I won’t be able to catch him.

“I must get rid of such a threat. Even if he finds me and kills me later for his kid, I still have to do this for my people.”

She seemed to be trying to persuade both Mo Heng and herself.

The badge suddenly emitted a bright purple light. Many intertwined sharp powers rampaged and permeated Nie Tian’s chest.

Many of his ribs were broken, and blood poured out of him.

“Ow!” Some kind of restriction seemed to be torn apart, allowing him to let out a soul cry in sharp pain.


In the world inside his Spirit Pearl, a resounding roar came from the five Illusory Ancient Talismans that imprisoned the evil gods.


It seemed that under the guidance of the Spirit Pearl’s soul, and under the effect of the Illusory Ancient Talismans, the five evil gods’ soul power poured crazily into his sea of soul awareness, where it wiped out all of the purple lightning bolts that Agatha had released to imprison his sea of soul awareness, like a flood that burst the dike.

His sea of soul awareness was soon free again.

“Spirit Pearl, Flame Dragon Armor, bone...” Nie Tian called inwardly.


The Flame Dragon Armor was the first to fly out from his ring of holding. Before Agatha could react, it turned into a crimson suit of armor that covered Nie Tian’s body, which was now a bloody mess.

The flame dragon’s raging power rushed into his body, helping him remove Agatha’s purple lightning.

Then came the Star Behemoth bone.

The bone was like a flaming divine spear. The bloodline and veins imprinted on it were lit. A wild, ancient and overbearing flesh aura that was different from his own poured into his body.


His mangled body kept shaking, blood spattering.

He saw rays of purple lightning fly out from his body along with his splashing blood.

Strangely, as soon as the rays of purple lightning flew out of his body into the starry sky, they morphed into light purple feathers and merged into the badge.

If one looked closely, one would find a vivid and exquisite devilish bird engraved on it.

However, the Star Behemoth bone shrank and morphed into a beam of crimson lightning that pierced towards the badge that had been put on his chest by the female Devil Agatha.

It hit the badge hard!


Two completely different horrifying powers which could shatter the heavens and crush the earth burst forth on Nie Tian’s chest.

The Flame Dragon Armor gathered all its power to protect his chest, so that his heart and other viscera would not be crushed by these two raging powers.

However, the unique air-transportation spiritual tool Nie Tian and Agatha were on suddenly exploded.

The violent clash between the two wild powers and the explosion of the flying tool sent Nie Tian plunging downwards.

The badge suddenly morphed into a dancing purple Devil bird, and fought the Star Behemoth bone above him.

“Nie Tian!” Mo Heng was overjoyed by Nie Tian’s breakout. His divine dharma idol extended his huge hand.

Strands of pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth wove into a giant hand with five crystal fingers, each of which was a hundred meters long and looked like gorgeous light ribbons filled with spirit energy.

Nie Tian, who was falling rapidly, was caught by the huge hand.

“Agatha!” Mo Heng said angrily. “You will definitely regret what you did today!”

“I won’t regret it,” Agatha said in a very stubborn manner. “After I spread word of this kid wandering nearby, stronger experts from the Netherspirits and my people will come to deal with him and you. Since that portal you guard can allow humans to come into our world, then there’s a possibility that our people can enter your world!”


The purple Devil bird shook off the Star Behemoth bone and flew to her.

She instantly landed on the bird’s back.

“Ancient magical beast, Purple Glede!” Pei Qiqi, who had come through a cracked spatial rift, exclaimed softly as she watched Agatha fly away riding the Devil bird, covering thousands of miles in a split second.

Mo Heng froze for a moment, and then returned to his normal form, saying, “It seems that your master Qu Yi has taught you a lot of things. You can even recognize a Purple Glede.”

Nie Tian fell out of his disappearing hand and then floated before him enveloped in a ball of spirit energy.

“Isn’t it said that Purple Gledes are ancient magical beasts raised by the Demons?” Pei Qiqi asked.

“Like the Demons’ bloodline, the origin of the Purple Gledes’ bloodline is also from here,” Mo Heng answered casually. “That female Devil’s mount is a Purple Glede with the purest bloodline. Compared to our ancient starships, that Purple Glede is much faster. Others can hardly catch up with it, save experts like you who cultivate spatial power.”

“I can still locate her now,” Pei Qiqi said hurriedly. “If we don’t hurry up, it will be too late.”

Mo Heng shook his head and said, “Forget it. Don’t pay any attention to her. It’s awfully difficult and troublesome to kill her. The most urgent thing at hand is to protect Nie Tian and see how badly he’s injured, and if his life is in danger.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t die,” Nie Tian cut in weakly, then coughed violently. “I need a tremendous amount of flesh power. Take me back to the Seven-star Blue Sea. From it, I can absorb flesh aura from those unknown sources that will help me recover faster.”

He had heard every word of the conversation between the female Devil Agatha and Mo Heng.

He had too many questions, but he knew that this was not a good time to ask them. He also knew that if Mo Heng didn’t want to tell him, he wouldn’t get anything out of him.

“Let’s return to that dead realm of the Netherspirits first. We have an agreement with You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect,” Pei Qiqi said.

“What is it about?” asked Mo Heng.

“You Qimiao promised us that he’ll give Nie Tian and me forty percent of the soul crystals and Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir in a Soul-devouring Lake he found,” Pei Qiqi replied. “Soul crystals aren’t so important, but Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir has a wondrous effect. Senior Mo, if you drink it, it will help you a lot when you break through into the late God domain in the future.”

Mo Heng was shocked. “Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir! You Qimiao actually has such good knowledge of the Void World. Even I didn’t know that there’s a dead realm with a Soul-devouring Lake around here with Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir at the bottom. It’s clear that this is the first time he’s been here, but he knows it so well.”

“You Qimiao and Jiang Yuanchi of the Shadow Society have long known about the Void World, but they just couldn’t find a way to enter it,” Pei Qiqi said.

Mo Heng pondered, then said, “It shouldn’t only be Soul-cleansing Origin Elixir that the two of them are after,” 

Pei Qiqi turned her Space Boundaries Crystal, opened a new spatial passage, and led Mo Heng and Nie Tian to walk through it.

Above the Soul-devouring Lake.

At the moment, there was a fierce battle taking place between You Qimiao, Luo Wanxiang, and the Netherspirits.

Dozens of Netherspirits had been killed by You Qimiao and reduced to mists of blood that floated above the Soul-devouring Lake without falling.

Nie Tian was lying on his back. His body automatically activated Life Drain.

The mists of blood that had formed after the Netherspirits had been killed were then attracted by his body, and swarmed directly into his heart.


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