Chapter 1403: Tie

The female Devil made a grabbing motion towards Pei Qiqi.

Her tender palm suddenly expanded wildly and tremendously, billowing Devil power surging out of it.

The purple-black Devil power kept changing, and then condensed into many native and peculiar Devil beasts of the Void World.

All of a sudden, Pei Qiqi’s expression changed.

Her Space Boundaries Crystal turned, and then like a streak of lightning at dawn, she fled from the place that the Devil’s palm shrouded.


A huge, deep pit extending dozens of miles suddenly appeared in the dead realm where the Devil’s palm had been.

The huge pit was a palm print with five closed fingers.

“I was right. You do carry the Voidspirits’ bloodline.” The female Devil seemed to have known it. She sneered and pulled her palm towards Nie Tian.

In his view, a palm filled with bright purple magic light magnified infinitely.

It seemed that there was a sea of purple clouds that was about to drown this heaven and earth, and even completely covered Nie Tian’s body in his giant form.


Thousands of purple lightning bolts flew out from the sea of purple clouds that the palm had morphed into. The lightning contained ultimate Devil power, stunning Nie Tian.


His bloodline burst forth. In the Life Blend state, he used drops of Blood Essence to activate the Star Behemoth bone, which flew against the current like a godly spear and a lightning rainbow!

An ancient, wild, and fierce aura from the bone rushed out from the giant Nie Tian, and was suddenly magnified by it.


A lightning rainbow condensed by the Star Behemoth bone collided violently with the sea of devilish clouds with purple lightning.

The billowing, strong Devil Qi from the female Devil’s palm seemed to morph into countless crazy ferocious beasts that gnawed at the power that shot out from the bone.

The female Devil was slightly surprised. “Hmm?!”

Her eyes that were like purple diamonds quietly looked at Nie Tian through the surging Devil Qi and the crimson light from the bone as she said, “A human hybrid can actually be so strong. Your bloodline and aura do not seem to be of any species known to us. And the bone you are wielding has a very ancient origin. It seems to be...”

While speaking, she pointed another hand at Nie Tian from afar. “Bloodline, Devil Power Tide.”

The surging Devil power turned into a raging Devil power sea. Blinding Devil light exploded like thunderbolts to form a Devil Power Tide, which was even more powerful and overwhelming.


Increasingly strong explosive forces burst forth over Nie Tian’s head.

In an instant, he canceled his Life Blend with the Star Behemoth bone, his body in the giant form bombarded and beaten back to its original form. 

He was dispirited, his expression grim.

He knew that because he had used the Illusory Ancient Talisman five times in a row, most of the various powers in his dantian and spiritual sea had been exhausted, as had most of his profound flesh power.

The grand monarch Devil in front of him was at the early tenth grade, but her strength wasn’t any weaker than that of Demons like Grand Monarch Blood Axe.

His strength wasn’t strong enough to begin with. When he suddenly encountered the female Devil, it was normal that he couldn’t even maintain his Life Blend state after being bombarded.


While he was absorbed in thought, Pei Qiqi drove her Space Boundaries Crystal and appeared beside him, whispering, “Let’s give up the wonders in the Soul-devouring Lake for the time being. We can come back and try again when You Qimiao is finished with Luo Wanxiang.”

Nie Tian hesitated.


Suddenly, the most glorious treasure of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, which had sunk to the Soul-devouring Lake and morphed into a huge yin-yang fish, flew out of the lake.

The yin-yang fish was red and white. It stared at Nie Tian with its weird eyes, and then suddenly exhaled a mouthful of stale air.

It was a mouthful of muddy energies of different attributes, and it came from the same origin as the energies You Qimiao had displayed before!

Nie Tian froze for only a second before he suddenly realized something, and shouted, “Thanks!”

He forcibly summoned his remaining strands of energy of different attributes to create a Primal Chaos around him. Then, under the female Devil’s bewildered gaze, he flew into the torrent of muddy energies.


The moment he entered it, the torrent of mixed energies swirled around him naturally.

A twisting, tearing, and raging magnetic field easily came to form. The uncanny energies swirling around him started working for him!


The wildly turbulent Devil Power Tide the female Devil had released was immediately shattered by the twisting, tearing force after touching the raging magnetic field around Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up.

Pei Qiqi hesitated. Instead of urging him to leave, she quietly shrank to the side and kept as far away as possible from Nie Tian and the female Devil.

In a flash, Nie Tian, who seemed to be enveloped in a thick natural carapace with the twisting, tearing magnetic field surrounding him, entered a fierce battle against the female Devil.

Pei Qiqi was dazzled by their battle. “She’s so strong!”

The native early tenth grade grand monarch from the Void World didn’t even use the Demons’ common bloodline talent, Ancestral Awakening, yet she was able to walk elegantly in the twisting, tearing magnetic field around Nie Tian.

She suffered from the tearing and erosion of the murky energies from a Realm Sea.

However, she remained unhurried and calm from beginning to end. Even her semi-translucent silk dress wasn’t torn in the slightest.

Her purple-black flesh aura sea, which had been thoroughly refined, was extremely compressed, and guarded her firmly like a purple forcefield.

The turbulent magnetic field that even Song Chequan of the Jade Heaven Sect had to avoid seemed to be unable to hurt her.

Her casual waves of a hand, punches that carried billowing Devil Qi, or simple flicks of her finger could create a momentary rift in the twisting tearing magnetic field, through which she could press on towards Nie Tian.

Seeing the female Devil easily breaking in, Nie Tian, who had just restored a bit of his confidence with the external help, looked very gloomy.

“Both of you are very interesting. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to kill you right now.” The female Devil said softly in what sounded like broken Demon language, as if she had total control of the situation, “You humans are very interesting, and can combine your bloodlines with those of other races to create hybrids.

“Both of you are undoubtedly the most successful of the hybrids.

“I’m very curious about you, and I’m going to study how you successfully became a hybrid.”

She crossed the dangerous raging magnetic field and suddenly appeared in front of Nie Tian.

Nie Tian felt his scalp turn numb.


Twisted ropes of Devil light suddenly flew out from the female Devil’s body.

The dozens of ropes didn’t give Nie Tian time to react before they tied him up like purple lightning bolts, rendering him unable to move.


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