Chapter 1387: Strange Spatial Power

Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying flew out of the Seven-star Blue Sea with grim expressions.

“Well...?” Dong Li asked, looking anxious.

Mo Qianfan shook his head in frustration and said, “There was a strange power in the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea that disturbed our souls and kept us from maintaining our god domains for a long time. The pressure we felt down there was simply too great. If we lost the protection of our domains, our fleshly bodies would have shattered immediately. Even our souls might have perished.”

“What about Luo Wanxiang from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?” Dong Li asked.

Yu Suying smiled bitterly. “Perhaps it’s because his cultivation base is higher than ours, or because he had some special means he could rely on... he sank to the depths that we couldn’t. I’m sorry. The two of us didn’t have that ability. We suspect that he’s reached the bottom of the sea. We just don’t know if he’s found Nie Tian.”


A spatial rift suddenly appeared out of thin air, and Pei Qiqi and Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society arrived through it.

“Luo Wanxiang is in the depths of the sea?” Ji Yuanquan asked upon arriving.

Mo Qianfan nodded and explained what had happened to them.

With a knitted brow, Ji Yuanquan said, “Fan Tianze, Chu Rui, and the other experts that are gathered in the Heaven Span Pavilion are busy preparing for the imminent battle. Even though they want to, they can’t come here. Qiqi, I...”

Without any hesitation, Pei Qiqi said, “I don’t care about the battle that might break out in the Heaven Span Pavilion’s territory. I’ll go under, find Nie Tian, and see if I can get him out of there.”

With these words, she released her Space Boundaries Crystal, despite vigorous opposition from the others.

With a whoosh, she vanished into one of the facets of the Space Boundaries Crystal.

Immediately afterwards, the wondrous crystal plummeted into the Seven-star Blue Sea.

Surprisingly, the irregularly-shaped crystal didn’t seem to be met with much resistance as it dove into the Seven-star Blue Sea. Soon, it went so deep that it vanished from people’s view.

“No wonder the Space Boundaries Crystal is regarded as an invaluable spatial treasure,” Zhao Shanling marveled. “It’s indeed much more powerful than my Voidspirit Pagoda.”

Even with the help of the Voidspirit Pagoda, he wouldn’t be able to sink as smoothly and rapidly to the depths of the sea as Pei Qiqi could.

He could only watch and marvel at what a wondrous thing it was to achieve.

Before long, the invaluable spatial treasure that had come from the Shatter Battlefield reached the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea.

With a strange fizzing sound, Pei Qiqi flew out of the crystal and floated in front of the red bronze arched gate Nie Tian and Luo Wanxiang had entered successively.

Her eyes burst forth with glorious light. “There’s a portal at the sea bottom!”

The huge arched gate that hadn’t seemed very special to Nie Tian and Luo Wanxiang was full of magic and wonders to her.

There were obviously certain things that she could see, but Nie Tian and Luo Wanxiang couldn’t.

With a single glance at the arched gate, Pei Qiqi, who was well-versed in spatial power and carried a spatial bloodline, spotted numerous spatial power spell formations within the red bronze that made up the gate.

Not just that, but her spatial bloodline suddenly grew restless, as if it was stirred by the arched gate.

Pei Qiqi shuddered, and her eyes grew even wider. She suddenly thought of a possibility. “I can’t believe my bloodline is actually interacting with this portal. Don’t tell me that this huge arched gate that connects to another heaven and earth was established here in this Realm Sea by someone who carried the same bloodline as me?

“One of my parents must carry a spatial bloodline.

“Then, is it possible that the expert who built this portal belongs to the same race as that parent of mine?”

Thrilling thoughts flashed across her mind.

However, immediately afterwards, she noticed Luo Wanxiang and Nie Tian’s blurry figures in the portal.

“They’re in there as I expected.”

Without trying to derive enlightenment from the portal, Pei Qiqi grabbed the Space Boundaries Crystal with a swift move. Even to this point, she hadn’t suffered a bit from the strange soul-disrupting power Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying had talked about.

An interpretation would be that she was immune to that strange soul power!


After Nie Tian and Luo Wanxiang, she was the third person to fly into the huge arched gate.

However, the moment her tall and slender physique entered the gate, her spatial bloodline seemed to suddenly start seething.

Her heart beat so heavily that it sounded like a titan sounding a drum. Even her head spun from her thunderous heartbeat.

Wisps of strange spatial power that carried an evident flesh aura came from the red bronze arched gate, fusing into Pei Qiqi like shards of curious light.

The strange spatial power rapidly found its way to Pei Qiqi’s heart, where it strengthened her spatial bloodline.

Because of this, it took her a bit longer to cross through the portal.

But eventually, she traveled through the portal and arrived in the part of the starry river where Nie Tian and Mo Heng faced Luo Wanxiang, as well as the huge spirit-form beings and an army of countless evil spirits and vicious souls.

The three of them exchanged astonished gazes.

“Nie Tian! Senior... Mo!”

“Senior Martial Sister Pei!”

Pei Qiqi felt relieved upon seeing Mo Heng, who had vanished for years.

She believed that no matter how powerful Luo Wanxiang was, he would never be able to hurt Nie Tian with Mo Heng here.

Plus, Nie Tian had long since grown into a brilliant fighter. Not just anyone could defeat him in battle.

Mo Heng took a deep look at Pei Qiqi. He seemed to sense some special aura from her as he said, “Kid, you seem to carry an aura that’s very similar to the aura of that portal on the other side.”

Nie Tian, who had come to the same finding, chimed in, “They both carry flesh auras that are vested with the profound truths of spatial power.”

“I sensed that too,” Pei Qiqi said. “Also, when I traveled through that portal earlier, wisps of strange spatial power flew out of it and fused into my bloodline. Now, I’m trying to digest it bit by bit to see if I can find some sort of information in them.”

Many years ago, Pei Qiqi had found a vast volcano on the floating continent that had been penetrated by a beam of spatial power.

Thanks to her unique bloodline, she had been able to absorb the residual spatial power within it. After refining it into her bloodline, she had rapidly built up her bloodline power and made breakthroughs in her bloodline grade.

This was the second time something like that had happened.


The enormous spirit-form beings suddenly howled, staring at Pei Qiqi.

From the look of it, they considered Pei Qiqi, who was the last to arrive and carried a spatial bloodline, to be a greater and more hideous foe than Mo Heng.

However, they had clearly never met Pei Qiqi before.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he instantly realized something. “Bloodline! They must have sensed your spatial bloodline. I bet their sworn enemies are a people that carry a spatial bloodline like you! They’re powerful beings in this part of the starry river, yet they seem to be confined here by this portal. Perhaps portals like this are what have been keeping them from entering our heaven and earths...”

After a brief moment of pondering, he jerked his head towards Mo Heng and said, “I once heard from some people I met in the depths of a space disruption zone that some members of the Void Palace Sect from the Realm of Split Void were living in another part of the starry river. Grand Elder, have you met anyone here from the Void Palace Sect?”

Mo Heng took a moment to think, then said, “No, but someone certainly has something to do with the Void Palace Sect... Girl, you carry a special bloodline. You might be able to reseal this portal from the other side. You’d better take Nie Tian back in a bit. As for this vice sectmaster of our sect, just leave him here with me.”

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