Chapter 1384: Open The Arch

It seemed that Luo Wanxiang had plotted this for a long time.

His shout was penetrating and resounding, and could actually ignore the uncanny sea water of the Seven-star Blue Sea and reach Nie Tian’s mind.

Because of his shout, Nie Tian’s true soul, which had been refined and cleansed over and over in the Seven-star Blue Sea suddenly shook and broke apart, as if it were sliced by countless sharp blades.


Countless wisps of unknown energies from the Seven-star Blue Sea swarmed in like gossamer.

Nie Tian’s true soul quickly came back together. All the soul strands were extremely fine and pure.

“Luo Wanxiang!” Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying, who were both at the early God domain, shouted and plunged into the sea.

Mo Qianfan was like a streak of electric light, while Yu Suying was like a beam of silver light.

As soon as they entered the Seven-star Blue Sea, all sorts of energies which were hundreds of times stronger than the tangled forces in the starry river crept in, inflicting great pain upon the two God domain experts.

Worse still, the deeper they sank into the Seven-star Blue Sea, the more they suffered.

“They’re dividing my soul, like pulling silk from cocoons.”


Tiny electric arcs sputtered from the bolt of lightning Mo Qianfan had morphed into.

Those electric arcs were his soul power that he was losing.

As for Yu Suying, her sputtering soul power was like silver shavings.

The two God domain experts who cultivated powers of different attributes were both under great pressure as their souls and spiritual defenses were repeatedly impacted by the uncanny sea water.

“Don’t! You all stay where you are!” shouted Dong Li.

She stopped Xie Qian, Zhongli Jian, and the other Saint domain experts who had attached themselves to Nie Tian. “You should have noticed that it even seems hard for the electric light and silver light transformed from Senior Mo and Senior Yu’s divine dharma idols to bear the impact of the Seven-star Blue Sea. Besides, Luo Wanxiang is at the God domain. Even if you go down there, you won’t be able to do anything.”

“Don’t take that risk!” Yin Yanan said to Dong Qisong.

“The Seven-star Blue Sea has become much more dangerous than it used to be,” Zhao Shanling said seriously. “I once explored it with the help of my Voidspirit Pagoda. At that time, it was far less dangerous than it is now. Something weird must have happened in this sea. Let’s just wait and see. Don’t rush it.”

“As for Nie Tian...” He smiled and curved his lips. “I’ve known him for so long, but I’ve never seen him suffer much. The Seven-star Blue Sea gives me a feeling that it’s accepting him and being friendly to him. Anyone other than him that enters the sea is considered a stranger, and will be targeted.”

“Really?” exclaimed Dong Li. “Is that what you feel?”

He nodded. “It should be the case.”

Hearing this, Dong Li was suddenly relieved, and became more certain about preventing the others from acting rashly.


Balls of bright starlight kept exploding in the twisted, tearing, and raging magnetic field around Nie Tian.

The balls of starlight were released by Luo Wanxiang, the vice sectmaster.

The force that a middle God domain expert displayed, even casually, should be very powerful, but in the Seven-star Blue Sea, it was greatly weakened.

By contrast, the magnetic field surrounding Nie Tian turned out to be surprisingly powerful, as it easily neutralized Luo Wanxiang’s attacks.

Nie Tian suddenly became very calm. He fixed a glare at Luo Wanxiang and shouted, “Vice Sectmaster Luo, I’ve just cast a glance at the bronze arched gate under the sea. What secret is hidden behind it? What kind of secret can make you show up after hiding for so long? Are you not afraid that Fan Tianze and the others will come from the Heaven Span Pavilion to kill you?”

“Kill me?” Luo Wanxiang sneered. “I’ll be gone by the time they get here.”

Nie Tian was stunned. “Gone?”

“I’ll have left the human world through this Realm Sea!” Luo Wanxiang didn’t bother to give a detailed explanation. “I can’t believe a moron like you, who doesn’t understand anything, fused the three Spirit Pearls of the Phantasms into one! I wonder how you managed to give the five evil gods fleshly bodies.

“Unfair, this is really unfair. You don’t know a damn thing, yet everything has worked out for you, as if it were a god’s will!” 

As he spoke, Luo Wanxiang held out his finger to point at Nie Tian’s forehead.

Simple yet ancient Phantasm characters then streamed out of his finger.

“Book of Spirits, Soul Skill— Control!”

The Phantasm characters suddenly disappeared, but in the next moment, they appeared in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, and morphed into miniature soul shadows of Luo Wanxiang. They couldn’t wait to claw into Nie Tian’s true soul one after another to replace his consciousness and become the new master of his true soul.

“Soul-controlling Arcane Spell...” Nie Tian shouted spontaneously, with a weird look in his eyes.

Not long ago, he had used the Spirit Pearl as his third eye to explore the mysteries of the Nether River’s branch, and saw much analysis of souls and many arcane soul skills that had completely baffled him.

There were also some soul skills that were plain and easy to understand.

The so-called soul skill recorded in the Book of Spirits that Luo Wanxiang now displayed was one of the soul spells that he had seen: Soul-controlling Arcane Spell; he had already comprehended its mystery.

It was a spell that allowed the caster to use wisps of his soul awareness to fetter other people’s true souls, drive their consciousness away, and replace it temporarily.

“Soulblade!” Nie Tian said inwardly. Refined soul strands rapidly condensed into a long, narrow sword.

The small sword followed a certain track to reach and slice Luo Wanxiang’s miniature soul shadows, like a butcher skillfully dismembering an ox.

It didn’t meet any obstacles.

The small figures with Luo Wanxiang’s appearance turned back into ancient evil Phantasm characters after being dismembered. Then, after the sword made of Nie Tian’s soul strands slashed them a few more times, they were reduced to light smoke that dissipated.


In Luo Wanxiang’s eyes, there seemed to be clusters of cyan flames going out one by one.

His expression changed dramatically. “You, you...”

He had gone through a lot of hardships, and even secretly turned against his sect, before he could get a part of the Book of Spirits from the Phantasms and practice the variety of soul skills within it.

How could he expect that Nie Tian, who hadn’t even touched the threshold of the God domain, would be able to easily neutralize the soul skill he had painstakingly practiced?

While he was in a daze, Mo Qianfan and Yu Suying approached and attacked him, heedless of the gap between their cultivation bases.


Nie Tian wanted to do something, but he found that the violent magnetic field around him suddenly changed.

His head spun, and he fell headlong.

When he came to his senses, he saw that he had fallen to the great bronze arched gate he had seen earlier.

It was the five evil gods that had brought him down!

As soon as he arrived, the five evil gods roared simultaneously and pushed at the arched gate with all their might, as if they wanted to open a gate to a new world, a brand new world that was different from the human world.

“Wait,” Nie Tian said hastily.

Luo Wanxiang was here to open the bronze arched gate. With his understanding of Luo Wanxiang, it wouldn’t be a good thing to open it!

He tried to stop them, but it was already too late.

Pushed by the five evil gods, the huge bronze arch slowly creaked open.


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