Chapter 1352: Priceless Star Treasure

Those who practiced star incantations or possessed star domains were all attracted to Nie Tian.

To be exact, they were attracted by the transformed Heavenly Stars Flower in Nie Tian’s domain, including Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner!


Hundreds of millions of miles away, the Immortal grade divine tool All Manifestations Star Banner connected to Luo Wanxiang’s soul suddenly abandoned him and flew out.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether and the group of Phantasms with him instantly paled, and didn’t know what was happening.

Luo Wanxiang was shocked. Ignoring Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s inquiry, he turned into a streak of starlight that chased after the All Manifestations Star Banner.

He could hear the plaintive cry of the All Manifestations Star Banner’s soul, as if it couldn’t stop itself.

“Realm of Maelstrom...”

Sikong Cuo, the sixth Son of the Stars, arrived through the Thousandsword Mountain Sect’s teleportation portal. However, he paled immediately after his arrival.


The Heavenly Stellar Stream that had long since been refined and become one with him suddenly went out of control and flew into the sky.

Sikong Cuo’s face turned pale as he was horrified to find that his star power core seemed to be pulled by a magnetic field, uncontrollably leading him to fly out of the Realm of Maelstrom. “What is happening?”

Soon, figures left the Realm of Maelstrom, and emerged in the starry river outside.

All of their surprised eyes were focused on Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s manifested star domain and the uncanny Heavenly Stars Flower within it were simply too eye-catching!

Around the Heavenly Stars Flower, which was rooted in the bright starry river, were ninety-nine stars that had transformed from Star Eyes. All the stars seemed to be directed by the Heavenly Stars Flower, spinning in mysterious tracks.

“The, the Nine Stars Flower in my body!” Dou Tianchen, who was also a Son of the Stars and had reached the late Saint domain, stuttered.

Of the seven Sons of the Stars, he was the oldest, and had the highest cultivation base.

He also had fused a Nine Stars Flower into his body long ago.

Moreover, the nine blossoms of the Nine Stars Flower had all bloomed.

At the moment, staring at Nie Tian and the Heavenly Stars Flower which was obviously not the same as his Nine Stars Flower, Dou Tianchen actually had a kind of feeling that he was inferior, and was being repressed by Nie Tian.

This kind of feeling made him very depressed, as if… he should submit himself to the rule of Nie Tian.

Soon, Dou Tianchen came to his senses. His eyes were wide open as he stared at Nie Tian’s star domain and the ninety-nine stars within it. “This is not my feeling, but rather the feeling of the Nine Stars Flower that has integrated into my star power core.

“Sea of Illusory Stars! The secret soul spell that Nie Tian’s practicing is the Sea of Illusory Stars! It’s just that the way his Sea of Illusory Stars works seems to be not quite consistent with the method recorded in our fragmentary star marks. His Sea of Illusory Stars seems to be moved by that weird flower similar to the Nine Stars Flower. What the hell is going on?”

Wei Lai, Fang Yuan, and Wang Meijia all felt that their star power cores were being attracted and suppressed by the Heavenly Stars Flower.

A little star power flew out from their bodies towards Nie Tian’s star domain, like broken light.

“Hmm?! The Heavenly Stellar Stream!” Ji Yuanquan of the Void Spirit Society couldn’t help but exclaim.

Soon, everyone noticed that there seemed to be a miniaturized starry river being dragged out from the Realm of Maelstrom, and it seemed it was about to fall into Nie Tian’s palm.

“Nie Tian!” Sikong Cuo’s exasperated voice came from the starry river below. “The Heavenly Stellar Stream has long become one with me, which was permitted by the grand elder! Why are you suddenly taking my Heavenly Stellar Stream away?”

Nie Tian looked down at him with indifferent eyes. “I didn’t take it away. It’s just that your tool is attracted to me.”

Sikong Cuo nursed a grievance. “Nonsense!”

Nie Tian turned his head around to look at the dim sky, and added, “Not just the Heavenly Stellar Stream, but the All Manifestations Star Banner is attracted to me as well.”

Wei Lai was taken aback. “What? Vice Sectmaster Luo’s All Manifestations Star Banner is also attracted? Where is he?”

“He’ll be here,” Nie Tian said.

Hearing this, the people of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace suddenly fell silent.

They had come here from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace because they had heard from Dong Li that Luo Wanxiang had appeared in the starry river near the Domain of Heaven Python.

They all wanted to know whether Luo Wanxiang was in collusion with the Phantasms.

But what could they do even if he was really in collusion with the Phantasms?

Ji Cang and Mo Heng were the only two people who could defeat him, but they had both mysteriously disappeared.

Who else could they turn to? Chu Rui? Zu Guangyao?

As they stood silently, Sikong Cuo’s Heavenly Stellar Stream flew to Nie Tian’s star domain and quietly stopped.


All of a sudden, the Nine Stars Flower that was rooted and blossoming in Dou Tianchen’s star power core suddenly flew out.

His Nine Stars Flower rose from his head, and suddenly led him to get closer to Nie Tian.

His Nine Stars Flower seemed to treat the Heavenly Stars Flower in Nie Tian’s star domain in the way of worship, like a civilian kowtowing to an emperor!

Looking at this spectacle, Wei Lai was greatly shocked, and suddenly said, “Nie Tian, is this strange flower… transformed from a Nine Stars Flower?”

Nie Tian nodded. “Yes.”

Wei Lai’s voice trembled as he said, “The legend has actually come true. Rumor has it that after the nine petals of the Nine Stars Flower are born, there’s a very, very small probability of a transformation. After the transformation, it will be beyond the scope of Earth Cultivated spirit materials, and will become a priceless Heaven Nourished star treasure!”

Fang Yuan, Wang Meijia and Sikong Cuo were all greatly shocked.

“Heaven Nourished! A priceless star treasure!”

“That strange flower is a Nine Stars Flower that has undergone metamorphosis?”

Earth Cultivated spirit materials with attributes like water, fire, earth, lightning, ice, and space were rather common, but Heaven Nourished spirit materials with these attributes were much harder to find.

Even so, they did emerge from time to time.

However, such a treasure with a star attribute was really rare!

Millions or even tens of millions of years might pass without a single Heaven Nourished grade star treasure appearing.

In Wei Lai’s opinion, this strange flower, which had undergone a transformation from Nine Stars Flower to Heavenly Stars Flower, was such a priceless Heaven Nourished grade treasure.

This kind of strange treasure was often the darling of a certain kind of power. It could usually absorb the power of a certain attribute on its own to strengthen itself, and affect other creatures and artifacts with the same attribute.

Wei Lai, Fang Yuan, and Dou Tianchen were all affected.

The Heavenly Stellar Stream and the All Manifestations Star Banner were also being affected.

Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan, whose faces were full of admiration, kept marveling.

“ A priceless Heaven Nourished star treasure!”

“What an extraordinary thing that has been created!”

“Pei Qiqi gained the favor of the sectmaster because she got the priceless Space Boundaries Crystal in the Shatter Battlefield,” Ji Yuanquan said softly, “That priceless space treasure can become a divine tool naturally, without refinement. This kind of divine tool is the most terrifying thing in heaven and earth. The Void Mirror of our sect grew stronger and stronger, and eventually became a priceless Heaven Nourished star treasure as well.”

Mo Qianfan marveled. “So this will grow into a divine tool. It’s possible for a divine tool transformed from priceless Heaven Nourished star treasure to reach the peak.”

Nie Tian was somewhat confused. “A Heaven Nourished grade treasure can grow into a divine tool by itself?”


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