Chapter 1336: Such Power?!

The Thunder Devil’s face was twisted with shock.

Not only him, but all of the others also focused their attention on the illusory Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, and the battle against Nie Tian and Pang Chicheng.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian split the huge illusory cauldron that had transformed from Pang Chicheng’s flame domain from within, revealing himself in this enormous, majestic form. It naturally caught everyone’s eyes.

Like the Thunder Devil, the first thing that came to their mind was also the question: did Nie Tian enter the God domain?

Hou Chulan came to a sudden enlightenment. “Wait! It’s his outsider bloodline that allowed his body to expand so dramatically! And the aura he exudes seems to have rich wood power flowing in it, which reminds me of the Floragrims’ legendary Heavenly Wood Heal spell, even though it’s not completely the same!”

“Such a special bloodline aura!” The Thunder Devil exclaimed softly.


As soon as Nie Tian burst from within the illusory Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron in his enlarged form, the enormous cauldron exploded into a sky full of fiery sparks, which rapidly dissipated.

After all, it wasn’t the really Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, but rather an illusion transformed from Pang Chicheng’s domain.


Pang Chicheng panted heavily as he made hand seals to gather the raining sparks to reform his flame domain.

However, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to display the Four Manifestations Heaven-burning Formation again.


In his enlarged form, Nie Tian clutched the Star Behemoth bone in one hand, with his Blood Essence burning inside of him.

He had gone into this form by first activating Life Strengthening and Blood Essence Seething, and then combining his power with that of the Star Behemoth bone through Life Blend.

In this form, he had fought Grand Monarch Dark Nether of the Phantasms head-on!

What he had used to break the Four Manifestations Heaven-burning Formation was the Star Behemoth bone’s bloodline talent: Domain Split.

The Four Manifestations Heaven-burning Formation was a fiery arcane realm that Pang Chicheng had built with earthflame crystal strings and the divine symbols Pang Bo had left behind.

Domain Split happened to work best on spell formations like that.

In his enlarged form, Nie Tian stood towering in front of Pang Chicheng and looked down on him like a heavenly god. “It’s a pity that you haven’t entered the God domain and haven’t gotten your hands on the real Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron.” 

The situation was suddenly turned around!

Just earlier, Pang Chicheng had looked down on Nie Tian like a deity, and suppressed him with the power of the four magical beasts in the illusory heaven and earth he had created.

However, as soon as his spell formation was broken, their situation reversed, and Nie Tian looked down on him instead in the real world, as if he were looking at a puny insect.


Nie Tian activated his life bloodline and ignited his Blood Essence to lift the bone in his hand.

Then, like a crimson divine sword, the bone was brought down from the heavens and slashed towards Pang Chicheng.


A sword light split the sky like a bolt of lightning.

It ripped through the remains of the shattered spell formation, including the earthflame crystal strings and lava rivers, like a blade ripping through gauze.

Even space revealed fine fissures as it slashed past.

“Such power!” Yuan Jiuchuan’s expression flickered drastically as he couldn’t help but back away from Nie Tian, fearing that he would be hurt.

He felt that this strike contained enough power to inflict serious damage on a God domain expert, or cut a grand monarch!

The fear in Yuan Jiuchuan’s eyes grew stronger and stronger. “He’s become even stronger!”

He started to think about whether he should find an excuse to leave the Realm of Fire Spirit.

“Such strong void-splitting power!” Huang Jinnan exclaimed. “Has that guy’s power really come to such heights?”

Hou Chulan, Lou Hongyan, and Lin Yaoyao were also shocked. They felt that the might of Nie Tian’s strike could match that of a God domain expert’s!


The sword light stretched through the sky and slashed Pang Chicheng’s flame domain, which he had just reformed, in half.


Pang Chicheng screamed as he fell out of the sky, along with his mangled flame domain.

As soon as he fell into the lava lake of the volcano, he summoned fierce flame power from the lava and the fiery spell formations his father had left behind to fix his domain and cure his injuries.

Everyone noticed the fine cuts on his face as he fell out of the sky.

That made them understand that this heaven-shaking, earth-shattering strike from Nie Tian had inflicted severe damage on both his domain and himself!

“You!” Nie Tian let out a soft cry. His eyes glittered as he communicated with the Spirit Pearl.

The five evil gods that were chasing after the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society seemed to receive his command, as two of them suddenly turned around and flew towards Ren Yuanji from the Death Curse Sect.

One of those two evil gods looked like a scary fish that lived in the depths of the sea, covered in thick scales and extremely violent.

The other was like a skinny bony creature, whose hands were as sharp as blades and inspired endless fear.

Both of them were exceptionally large and sinister. They only approached Ren Yuanji, yet he was almost engulfed in negative emotions.

Fear appeared in the depths of Ren Yuanji’s eyes, where mysterious talismans flew out from time to time.

The talismans flew towards the two evil gods, as if to stop them.

However, they seemed to be completely immune to the spells of the Death Curse Sect.

Those talismans didn’t seem to have the slightest effect on them.

The evil god of fear swung its bony arm, sending out a slash of devilish cyan light. In the next moment, Ren Yuanji screamed in pain and stumbled backwards.

“My... my spells!”

The spell he had been using to prevent the five Divine Sons and Daughters from forming their domains failed.

Blood dripped from his whole body as he fled from the evil gods.

“Pang Chicheng!” He bellowed.

“Pang Chicheng!” The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society thundered after him.

Both of them were suffering a great deal from the five evil gods released by Nie Tian.

However, Pang Chicheng was supposed to take care of Nie Tian.

Pang Chicheng was focused on recovering with the power within the lava lake after returning to it.

Therefore, he hoped that the Thunder Devil would help suppress the five peculiar evil gods, or stop them from attacking Ren Yuanji and the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society.

“Yuan Jiuchuan!” he shouted.

The Thunder Devil shrugged. “Sorry, I’ve got to go take care of some things. See you.” 

Then, in nonchalant manner, he morphed into a bolt of lightning that shot off into the distance, as if he were nothing more than an onlooker.

The Saint domain experts from the evil sects, who had been asked to join this operation by Pang Chicheng, stood aghast. “What?”

Peng Yan was also dumbstruck.

“The Thunder Devil left just like that, as if nothing that’s happening here concerns him?” Lin Yaoyao muttered, looking confused.

“The power confining me is gone!” Huang Jinnan tried to move around, and found that he could mobilize his spiritual power to form his domain again.

Hou Chulan quickly turned to Pu Yangbai and said, “Why don’t you go first?” 

Pu Yangbai nodded. Enveloping himself in his earth domain, he charged towards the starry river outside the Realm of Fire Spirit.

At this moment, the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society was still running away from three evil gods, while Ren Yuanji had just suffered a heavy blow. No one could stop him.

Without meeting any obstacles, he went through the fiery spell formation in the realm barrier and entered the starry river.

As soon as he did, the expressions of the intruders that were in the Realm of Fire Spirit flickered.

It was even more so with Fu Huan.

“Young Lord!” He shouted.

All of a sudden, all of those who had come from other realms fixed their eyes on Pang Chicheng, and waited for his decision.

The fact that Pu Yangbai had escaped meant that it wouldn’t be long before Saint domain elders of the wood element sect, the metal element sect, the earth element sect, and the fire element sect got here.

Even though they had destroyed all of the teleportation portals, those elders of the Five Elements Sect would be able to get here by passing through the protective grand spell formation that enveloped the Realm of Fire Spirit, as the five Divine Sons and Daughters could.

If that happened, they would have to face many more enemies.

Even now, they hadn’t found a way to get rid of Nie Tian, this major troublemaker.

Pang Chicheng pondered briefly. His flame domain fused into the lava lake as he said, “Go if you want. I’ll stay in the Realm of Fire Spirit and break through into the God domain! No one will be able to hurt me as long as I’m here! After I enter the God domain, I’ll be able to enter the underground palace to take the actual Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron. Then, I can still gain control of the fire element sect!”

He seemed full of confidence.

Glaring at Nie Tian in his enlarged form, he said through gritted teeth, “I’m bent on taking what my father left for me, including that Flame Dragon Armor!”  

With these words, he disappeared into the depths of the lava lake.


One fiery spell formation after another lit up on the inside of the volcano, and started operating madly.

In the next moment, raging flame power started converging from every corner of the Realm of Fire Spirit.


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