Chapter 1315: Fight Against Grand Monarch!

Great Quietus of Soul!

After Grand Monarch Dark Nether used his Blood Essence, burned evil souls, and displayed his bloodline magics, all the souls of the living creatures his eyes could see were affected.

He looked at Nie Tian, at Master Blood Spirit, and then at Dong Li.

But he didn’t give Hua Mu or Li Langfeng a look.

Because at this moment, Hua Mu and Li Langfeng were too weak to deserve his attention.

He would not have given Dong Li a look if her black tortoise’s bloodline hadn’t broken through to the ninth grade, its aura hadn’t been so indescribable, and its origin hadn’t been so unclear.

However, when he gave her a look, the power of the Great Quietus of Soul came with it!

It seemed that Dong Li’s soul awareness was being evaporated like Nie Tian’s.

Her dark spirit energy couldn’t stop it!

“Blood Escape Art!”

In another location, Master Blood Spirit roared sharply. His shrinking blood domain turned into a river of blood, and suddenly flew far away and vanished from Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s vision.

The prismatic crystal in the middle of Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s eyebrows couldn’t reflect Master Blood Spirit anymore.

The terrifying feeling that wisps of his soul awareness were being evaporated instantly disappeared for Master Blood Spirit.

The evil heaven and earth transformed from Nurkic’s flesh aura turned into a streak of misty cyan light that shot after Master Blood Spirit.

In fact, during his fight with Master Blood Spirit, Nurkic, whose bloodline was at the late ninth grade, had been at a disadvantage.

This was because the bloodline magic that Master Blood Spirit practiced was unique among humans. He knew powerful forbidden spells that mixed the blood of thousands of races.

Nurkic’s sea of flesh aura had been suppressed by Master Blood Spirit’s blood domain, and couldn’t display its full power.

After that, Nie Tian’s Star Behemoth bone had released Blood Suppression. Nurkic was affected once again, and the true strength of his bloodline was reduced by another ten percent.

This had made Nurkic even weaker.

Nurkic didn’t have a chance of winning until Grand Monarch Dark Nether used the Great Quietus of Soul bloodline magic, which quickly reduced Master Blood Spirit’s domain and consumed his soul power.

It was only natural that Nurkic wanted to chase after him.


Behind Grand Monarch Dark Nether, the three grand Phantasm patriarchs who had been hiding in thick Phantasm Qi emerged one after another.

They were actually working together to move an arc-shaped wheel plate.

Strength that could connect to other parts of the starry river and cause spatial disorder came from the wheel plate.

It seemed they had come here from some other world through a spatial tunnel they had formed with the help of the wheel plate after breaking layers of space.


The thick blood film wrapping Nie Tian burned with raging flames until it turned into ashes.

Wisps of smoke poured from Nie Tian’s body and head.

That was Nie Tian’s vaporizing soul power!

Seeing Nie Tian and Dong Li in such pain, Hua Mu’s heart was filled with grief. “A grand monarch’s power! This is the horrifying power a grand Phantasm monarch can display with the Blood Essence and soul magics he has spent a hundred thousand years deriving!”

The image of the Heavenly Demonsbane between his eyebrows rapidly became clearer.

It seemed the Heavenly Demonsbane was aware of his weakening, and thus wanted to break free and cause trouble again.

In complete darkness, Dong Li let out a cry of pain. “Nie Tian!”

Surrounded by shattered bones and shredded corpses, Nie Tian’s pupils seemed to be smeared with a layer of redness as violent madness rocketed in them.

“Bloodline Blend!”

Drops of Blood Essence in his heart were suddenly ignited!

His flesh power, which was as powerful as the deep sea, abruptly exploded from within his internal organs and bones.

The bone of the Star Behemoth suddenly flew into his hand.


He clutched the bone with a swift move. His body, which was very robust to begin with, crackled and expanded.

His bones, muscles, veins, viscera, and even blood seemed to swell in an instant. The first reinforcement of his original form was soon completed.

After the strengthening, he became like the dharma idol of a God domain expert, or a Demon after activating its Indestructible Form.


In an instant, his body grew dozens of times over, until it was a hundred meters tall.

A thick flesh aura exuded from his enlarged body, a stream of which shot straight up into the sky from the top of his head.

Because of his enlarged size, the Star Behemoth bone, which had originally been too long and thin for him to wield, suddenly became proportionate.


In his enlarged form, Nie Tian drew on his surging flesh aura to slash the bone towards Grand Monarch Dark Nether.

The starry sky was split apart.

A gorgeous crack, inside of which unknown brilliance flowed, suddenly appeared.

A streak of blood-colored light flew to Grand Monarch Dark Nether like a red rainbow passing through the sun.

Between Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Dark Nether, the evil souls forming the Great Quietus of Soul, the drops of blood in the form of cyan crystals, and countless Phantasm magic incantations that ordinary people could not even perceive all exploded and vanished.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s Great Quietus of Soul, which could influence anyone he gave a look at, suddenly failed.

Dong Li’s screams stopped.

Standing on a meteorite, Hua Mu, who had almost lost control under the influence of the Heavenly Demonsbane, froze. Then, with great strength of will, he managed to suppress the Heavenly Demonsbane inside of him.

“Nie Tian is actually able to break a Phantasm grand monarch’s soul magic!” Hua Mu yelled as if he had seen something absurd.

Li Langfeng finally calmed down.

“Grand monarch!” The three grand Phantasm patriarchs pushing the arc-shaped wheel plate shouted at the same time.

After his bloodline magic was broken by Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Dark Nether only froze for half a second before he laughed wickedly, and prepared to draw more power to drive his bloodline talent.

But just then, the shouts of his three clansmen behind him startled him.

Unconsciously, he turned his head, and immediately found that there were many abnormal spatial fluctuations in the rifts torn by the arc-shaped wheel plate.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s face became very gloomy as he roared, “Who’s doing this?”

“The space in this area of starry river can’t be suppressed for much longer,” a grand patriarch hurriedly said. “A God domain expert of the Void Spirit Society is trying to come here! We guess it must be Ji Yuanquan. If he comes, he may bring other experts too. We can’t stay too long!”


The arc-shaped wheel plate, which they were pushing, started to give off harsh sounds, as if it couldn’t stand the pressure.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether, who didn’t want to give up, shouted. “That’s the last Spirit Pearl of our race!”

He held out his hand, and large dark blue claw grabbed towards the Spirit Pearl in an attempt to carry it back to the Nether Realm.

The five evil gods suddenly emerged and bit the dark blue hand.

The large hand was a mixture of flesh aura and soul awareness, but after being bitten and torn by the five evil gods, it rapidly fell apart.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether shook his bleeding left hand. “Ah!”

“Grand Monarch!” The three grand Phantasm patriarchs urged him in a loud voice again.

Even Nurkic, who had fought Master Blood Spirit, came to his senses, and knew that they had to leave at once. He ended his pursuit of Master Blood Spirit and came back right away.

“I don’t want to give up!” Grand Monarch Dark Nether growled, shaking his bloody left hand. Looking at the Spirit Pearl and the five evil gods, which were identical to the five statues in the northern region of the Nether Realm, he felt extremely stifled as he eventually shrank into a spatial rift behind him.


The four Grand Phantasm patriarchs also morphed into streaks of cyan light that disappeared with the arc-shaped wheel plate.


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