Chapter 1298: I Don’t Believe

In the Fragmentary Star Palace, Dou Tianchen couldn’t help but roar as he watched the colorful miasma corrode the Sixth of the Nine Star Heavens.

Chu Rui shivered. “Gupi! It’s the power of Gupi! With the power of Jiang Yuanchi, a middle God domain expert, it’s impossible for him to suddenly break through the Sixth Heaven! Each of the Nine Star Heavens’ nine defenses has a profound law and meaning imprinted by a Lord of the Stars. The Nine Star Heavens, which nine Lords of the Stars worked together to create, may even be able to intercept those who are at the peak of the God domain.”

Listening to Chu Rui talk about how powerful Gupi was, the elders and many disciples with different cultivation bases of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace were so scared that they didn’t know what to do.

“Only an abomination such as Gupi that does not belong to the human realm can have the power to suddenly break through the Sixth Heaven!”

“What to do? There are only three heavens left! Once the Nine Star Heavens is broken and the power of Gupi leaks into the Realm of Fragmentary Star, will we be able to escape?”

“The power of Gupi can kill a God domain expert!”

In the starry river.

Ye Wenhan sighed. “Our Heaven Span Pavilion, the Void Spirit Society, and the Five Elements Sect know clearly that Jiang Yuanchi joined hands with the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Jade Heaven Sect to attack the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, but we didn’t come forward to stop it. On the one hand, the Shadow Society has made contributions to the human race. On the other hand, isn’t it because we are afraid of Gupi?

“If we annoy Jiang Yuanchi and he releases Gupi, it will be a pestilent nightmare that will prevail across the whole human world, and no domain will be able to escape.

“Until now, we have been unable to find another way to seal Gupi except the secret shadow spell of the Shadow Society. And it is more impossible to refine it.”

As Ye Wenhan spoke, Ji Yuanquan of the Void Spirit Society said, “I finally understand. Jiang Yuanchi’s sealing of Gupi is like having a natural protection. There are some people who can kill Jiang Yuanchi, like your sectmaster, the sectmaster of our sect, and Ji Cang, who has disappeared.

“But once we kill Jiang Yuanchi, no one can continue to seal Gupi. Once Gupi comes out, it will dramatically destabilize the human world.

“Maybe that’s why Jiang Yuanchi has nothing to fear, and dares to attack the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. The others worry about Gupi’s existence, so they can’t do anything to him.”

Ye Wenhan nodded. “That’s true.”

“What to do?”

The disciples, elders and the Sons of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace were all deeply troubled.

Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and others, who had come to help, didn’t know what to do either. They could do nothing about Gupi.

This creature that even Ji Cang, Qu Yi, and Chu Yuan couldn’t kill could only be sealed by the secret shadow spell of the Shadow Society.

“The Seventh Heaven!”

Colored miasma entered the seventh tier of defenses of the Nine Star Heavens. As a result of its penetration, a number of miniaturized star formations actually burned and crackled.

In his dark grey shadow domain, Jiang Yuanchi no longer made a sound. There was only a large amount of miasma continuously permeating his whole domain.

Wei Lai suddenly woke up with a start and shouted in a loud voice, “There are only two heavens left. All disciples above the Saint domain should immediately evacuate the Realm of Fragmentary Star through the teleportation portals!”

Yan Zhan and Chu Rui also came to their senses.

Judging from the current situation, the Nine Star Heavens, which had protected the Realm of Fragmentary Star for thousands of years, seemed destined to be permeated by Gupi.

When the poisonous fog floated into the Realm of Fragmentary Star, who could survive a power that could even kill God domain experts?

For a moment, everyone was shocked.

Noticing the sect disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace were all ready to leave the Realm of Fragmentary Star, helpers such as Yu Suying and Yin Xingtian naturally became more hesitant.

“Nie Tian?”

They stared at Nie Tian, waiting for him to nod. As long as Nie Tian gave the order, they would return the same way they came, and leave the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

“Where there is life, there is hope,” Mo Qianfan said softly in an attempt to persuade Nie Tian. “Nie Tian! The power of Gupi is beyond the reach of humans! Ji Cang, Chu Yuan, and Qu Yi were unable to seal or refine it that year. Now it and Jiang Yuanchi appear to have reached some kind of agreement that allows him to use its power. Let’s not fight when there’s no chance to win.”

“Come on, let’s go. We’ll have no hope until we leave here.” Chu Rui said with a sad smile, and urged Wang Meijia to take her disciples to leave quickly through the teleportation portals.

In this hopeless situation, many disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace howled and shouted.

“Let’s leave quickly while the Nine Star Heavens can shelter us for a while.”

“Nie Tian! You are the hope of the sect, you go first!”

“Nie Tian! Please kill Jiang Yuanchi in the future!”

They all thought that only if he lived now, and in the future reached a deep realm, could he erase their sect’s humiliation at some point in the future.

“Gupi, the abomination of the Fiends...” Nie Tian lowered his head, talking to himself. Suddenly, he looked at the miasma that was slowly permeating the Nine Star Heavens, and grinned. “I don’t believe it!”


Under the astonished and inexplicable eyes of all the people present, he drove the Star Boat to rush into the sky.

The Star Boat flew through the sky and sent him to the sky of the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

Then he gave up on the Star Boat. With his own strength, he charged into the innermost defensive barrier of the Nine Star Heavens.


All the three broken-star seals on his chest gave him a distinct burning sensation.

He checked them, and immediately realized that because he practiced the Fragmentary Star Incantation and thus had the three star seals in his body, the layers of defense in the Nine Star Heavens regarded him as a friendly force.

He was able to travel through them freely.

Chu Rui, Wei Lai and Fang Yuan all roared as their figures rushed into the sky, trying to forcibly take Nie Tian down.

“Don’t! Nie Tian!”

“You are the future hope of the sect. Don’t do anything stupid!”

“Nie Tian, come down!”

Both inside and outside the Realm of Fragmentary Star, many Saint domain and Void domain experts of the human world all uttered similar sighs, as if they had seen the doomed death of Nie Tian.

“Is that real? A person flew out of the Realm of Fragmentary Star!”

“That, that’s Nie Tian, the seventh Son of the Stars! Now, the poisonous miasma of Gupi has penetrated the Seventh Heaven of the Nine Star Heavens. Why did he go to court death instead of quickly leaving the Realm of Fragmentary Star?”

“Is he who is called Godmaker a fool? Gupi is so horrible that Ji Cang, the Lord of the Stars, couldn’t kill it in the Dead Star Sea!”

“What a pity! I was counting on his power to help me break through to the God domain!”

“Will his flesh power be corrupted by Gupi’s miasma? Will his domain be dissolved? Will he die prematurely?”


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