Chapter 1296: Strange Change

“Nie Tian!”

“Nie Tian is back!”

Outside the Realm of Fragmentary Star, many Saint domain experts, who had originally scattered at a great distance and deliberately kept their distance from the ancient starships of the Shadow Society and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, suddenly screamed in surprise.

Many figures didn’t try to hide or worry about anything anymore. They all approached the Realm of Fragmentary Star.


Shangguan Zhi, who was as feminine as a woman, frowned slightly when he heard the roaring sound of the sea from inside the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

“Nie Tian!”

Song Chequan clenched his teeth. You Qimiao and Duan Hongwen suddenly wore gloomy expressions, with murderous intent bursting forth from their eyes.


More Saint domain experts moved their domains and approached one by one.

Shangguan Zhi snorted lightly. “Ladies and gentlemen! Our Shadow Society is working with the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Jade Heaven Sect to negotiate with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. You’d better not get too close to avoid being affected.”

You Qimiao warned with a grave face, “Fifty kilometers is the limit! If you move any closer, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Jiang Yuanchi didn’t say anything, but the God domain experts found something wasn’t right.

When the news spread that Nie Tian had entered the Realm of Fragmentary Star, those Saint domain experts who had scattered far away suddenly seethed with excitement.

There was obsession, and a kind of irrational madness in their eyes.


Shouts of joy came out of the mouths of those Saint domain experts.

Because of Shangguan Zhi’s and You Qimiao’s warnings, many Saint domain experts stopped in time, not daring to go too far so that they wouldn’t be attacked by the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Shadow Society.

Still, there were some people who simply didn’t care about the warning from the three forces.

Like Hou Chulan, Ruan Qingliu, Ye Wenhan, Helian Xiong, Ji Yuanquan, and Qi Lianshan...

Due to their sensitive identities, they didn’t teleport to the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

If they entered the Realm of Fragmentary Star, that would mean that they were helpers of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, fighting alongside it.

They wouldn’t do that without the permission of their sects, but that didn’t stop them from being onlookers, and coming to see any changes taking place at the Realm of Fragmentary Star first-hand.

So when Ye Wenhan and Ji Yuanquan casually broke through into the area restricted by Shangguan Zhi and You Qimiao, You Qimiao’s face went pale.

Ye Wenhan chuckled and said to Shangguan Zhi and You Qimiao, “I used to casually walk in and out of the Realm of Fragmentary Star. Today I’m just an onlooker, and want to watch it up close. Shall I ask you for permission first?”

“I’d like to know the answer too,” Ji Yuanquan said proudly.

You Qimiao and Shangguan Zhi suddenly felt embarrassed, and forced a smile; they didn’t know how to answer.

Only then did the gentle voice of Jiang Yuanchi, sectmaster of Shadow Society, sound slowly through his dark grey aura. “Of course it’s okay for you all. In fact, I intended to invite you to be witnesses to begin with.”

“Witnesses?” Ye Wenhan’s smile vanished. “Witness what? Witness you destroy the Realm of Fragmentary Star? As you may know, the Realm of Fragmentary Star is a super-large-scale realm, and it can keep growing. Without external interference, this realm will never be exhausted. This is one of the few super-large-scale realms in the universe.”

“Rest assured, we would never destroy a large realm like the Realm of Fragmentary Star.” Jiang Yuanchi carefully assured them. “The Realm of Fragmentary Star will replace our Shadow Realm as the new frontier of our Shadow Society. Why would we waste such a super-large-scale realm instead of cherishing it?”

Ji Yuanquan was shocked. “Jiang Yuanchi, do you think the Realm of Fragmentary Star is already in your hands?”

“No,” Jiang Yuanchi said. “But it will soon be ours.”

Ji Yuanquan frowned. “Why?” 

Jiang Yuanchi was silent.


The ancient starships of the Shadow Society suddenly converged on Jiang Yuanchi. His divine dharma idol quietly underwent a new change.

Dark grey shadows flew out of the ancient starships one after another.

The shadows looked blurred like soul bodies, but they clearly gave people a kind of weird feeling that they had flesh and blood, though none could see their faces.

The shadows gradually blended into Jiang Yuanchi’s divine dharma idol.

As the others watched, his divine dharma idol slowly swelled and became neither human nor bat. Instead, he took on an indescribably strange form, which was like a giant, dark-gray, wriggling spherical shadow.

The wriggling spherical shadow kept absorbing the shadows and emitting a horrifying aura which Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan had never felt before.

“What is this?”

Ye Wenhan paled, feeling that the current Jiang Yuanchi was full of a weird aura.

He looked at Ji Yuanquan.

Ji Yuanquan shook his head in a daze; he was more confused than Ye Wenhan. He only said, “Shouldn’t Jiang Yuanchi be practicing the secret incantation of the Shadow Society? But now he gives me a feeling that he’s very different from other members of the Shadow Society.”

Helian Xiong felt deeply uneasy. “Something isn’t right! The auras are totally different! When he first fought Chu Rui, what he used was the Dark Shadow Grand Spell! But now the incantation Jiang Yuanchi’s casting is totally different!”

Jiang Yuanchi didn’t make a sound.

You Qimiao, Duan Hongwen, and Song Chequan were all out in the void when they saw the weird, dark gray currents that were writhing around Jiang Yuanchi.

Shangguan Zhi quietly took a few steps back without saying a word, giving meaningful looks to You Qimiao, Duan Hongwen, and Song Chequan.

The three men froze, and then also subconsciously moved away from Jiang Yuanchi.

At this time, many visitors from other realms perceived that something was fishy, and they all retreated hundreds of kilometers away from Jiang Yuanchi.

Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan, who got close to him on purpose, stared at the sphere of dark grey air for a few seconds.

Suddenly, the two God domain experts from the ancient sects also felt there was something wrong, and actually escaped at a fast speed.

“Helian Xiong!”

Ye Wenhan also shouted a warning as he retreated quickly.

Helian Xiong was not stupid. He had flown out with his sword very early. When Ye Wenhan shouted, Helian Xiong turned into a sword beam, moving away from Jiang Yuanchi as fast as he could.


A terrifying momentum suddenly erupted from Jiang Yuanchi’s sphere of dark gray air.

The ancient starships from which the shadows had flown out of blew up in an instant.

The remains of the ancient starships suddenly morphed into countless strange, earthworm-like symbols that no one could recognize, and fused into the wriggling sphere of air.


From time to time, strange electric lights flashed in the sphere.

All of a sudden, Ji Yuanquan paled. “There is a flesh aura building up inside the sphere of air. A flesh aura that is clearly not what a human should have.”


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