Chapter 1242: A Giant Silver Ship


In a cold, lonely domain, Nie Tian and his partners suddenly appeared in a gray city square built from icy rocks.

“Who are you?”

In the square, several Qi warriors, who were guarding the spatial formation, shouted in surprise.

Yin Xingtian stepped out of the formation, bent slightly, and snapped his fingers.


Small, sparkling, crystal-clear swords, built purely from the spirit energy in his body, coursed through the veins of the spatial formation in the square, thoroughly destroying it.

“It’s over.” Yin Xingtian looked relaxed, and said to Nie Tian, ignoring the Qi warriors’ fuming eyes, “If Luo Wanxiang and Kleist want to come here, they’ll have to go through an adjacent realm.”

“Who are you?” A Qi warrior, who only was at the Profound realm, was so enraged that his eyes were red as he shouted, “How dare you destroy the spatial teleportation formation of our Icy Silence Sect!”

“Icy Silence Sect...” Yin Xingtian shook his head. “Worse than the Blue Ice Sect.”

He didn’t even want to talk to the Qi warrior. Looking out at the chilly land outside the realm, he said to Nie Tian, “This realm is controlled by the Icy Silence Sect. It’s so small that it can’t even rank among the icy realms of the Domain of Frigid Depths. This realm is also at the edge of the Domain of Frigid Depths. We don’t have to steal a starship. Let’s just leave.”


Nie Tian was about to speak when he suddenly saw a blazing fire dragging a long light in the vast sky out in the starry river, as if it were falling to the bottom of a river.

Mo Qianfan frowned, and his God domain soul awareness instantly flew out of the scope of the realm.

After a while, he said to Nie Tian, “The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s experts, including Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing and Han Wanrong, are actually fighting people from the Domain of Frigid Depths in the starry river outside the realm.”

“This battlefield is actually so remote!” Yin Xingtian was surprised.

“Let’s go,” Nie Tian urged.


A sword light flew out of the city built from icy rocks like a river of light against the sky, pierced the barrier wall, and extended to the starry river.

“A sword movement. A single sword movement penetrated the realm barrier and reached straight to the outer sky!”

“What outrageous power!”

“He’s at the God domain, isn’t he?”

The Qi warriors from the Icy Silence Sect were all stunned to see Yin Xingtian demonstrate a sword move whose light penetrated the outer sky.

When a small sect that didn’t have a single Saint domain expert suddenly saw an old monster like Yin Xingtian piercing their realm barrier with a single move, they had no other thoughts but shock.

When they noticed Mo Qianfan form his dharma idol, condensing a seemingly infinite amount of thunder and lightning, and also fly up into the sky, they were so frightened that they almost fell to their knees.

With their cultivation bases, they hadn’t even heard of the battle taking place in the depths of the starry river.

They had only heard from some old people in their sect that great changes had taken place in the Domain of Frigid Depths, as its ruler, the Extreme Coldness Palace, had gathered experts from everywhere to do something big.

They were not entitled to know what that incident was, so they could only guess.

"God domain! A God domain expert has appeared in the Domain of Frigid Depths!”


Outside the starry river, more than a dozen Qi warrior sects from the Domain of Frigid Depths had joined forces to set up a formation to besiege Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing and Han Wanrong.

Icy chariots, a sparkling, crystal-clear ancient starship, thousands of chilly flying shuttles, icy weapons, and an ice formation marked with extremely cold power; all kinds of objects and formations were displayed in the sky.

With the silk banner of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace hanging high, the ancient starship was heavily besieged. Many Void domain Qi warriors of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had died in the starry sky, or were seriously injured and dying.

A giant silvery ship, seemingly made entirely of silver, was moored nearby.

The giant silver ship was very bright, constantly emitting a dazzling silver light.

There was a pavilion on the ship.

An elegant lady wearing a dress and many silver ornaments was quietly sitting in the pavilion.

Behind her stood a dozen pretty girls, waiting on her like maids.

Those girls were all at the Profound realm.

Below the pavilion on the boat were seven Saint domain Qi warriors with deep unusual auras, who seemed to be at her command.


Zu Guangyao’s Saint domain was like a blazing sun, radiating extreme light and heat.


A silver light spread out from the giant silver boat and watered it like ice water.

Under the infiltration of the silver light, the blazing flame in Zu Guangyao’s domain instantly faded.

Han Wanrong and Xin Qing nearby keeled over, as if they had taken a heavy blow.


A gorgeous sword light burst from the ice crystal realm, extending thousands of kilometers to reach them.

The moment she saw the sword light, the elegant lady, whose expression had thus far remained unchanged, exclaimed in a low voice, “Heavenbreaker! The Streamcloud Sword Sect, Yin Xingtian!” There was a hint of seriousness in her eyes.

“Madam...” One late Saint domain expert hurriedly came to her to ask for instructions.

“It is said that when Patriarch Yin was in the Primal Yang Sect, he went to meet Nie Tian, the seventh Son of The Stars. Yin Xingtian is here, which means that Mo Qianfan of the Heavenly Thunder Sect should also be with him.”

“Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian are a little harder to deal with than Zu Guangyao.” The elegant lady frowned and said, “However, it’s Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect that has reached God domain. The most frightening Yin Xingtian is still stuck at the Saint domain, and hasn’t reached the God domain yet...”

Speaking to this point, her expression became much more relaxed.

After hearing her talk to herself, the Saint domain expert asking for instructions and the others thought in another way, and all seemed relieved.

“Yes, Yin Xingtian hasn’t reached the God domain. He’ll be a terrible threat when he reaches the God domain, but what can Mo Qianfan do even if he reaches the God domain without an immortal divine weapon?”

“With madam’s means, Mo Qianfan can’t stir up trouble for the moment.”

They were all calm.

Suddenly, thunder and lightning came like a waterfall, and Mo Qianfan’s figure emerged.


Mo Qianfan stopped. He exclaimed at the sight of the giant silver ship and the lady.

Yin Xingtian wrapped Nie Tian with sword essence, walking on the river of sword light that Heavenbreaker had created. When he noticed the giant silver boat, he frowned. “It’s actually you.”

“Are you surprised?” The elegant lady said in a light tone, “The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace will likely be removed from the list of the four great ancient sects. After so many years, an ancient sect is about to come to an end at long last. We’ve waited for such an opportunity for thousands of years, and we don’t want to miss it.”

“What’s more, since we’re next to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, it’ll be easier for us to take over and develop their domain.”

Nie Tian stared at the elegant lady and felt a strong sense of danger.

“God domain! At least at the early God domain!”

He actually couldn’t tell what this lady’s realm and cultivation was, but she seemed to be a greater threat than Mo Qianfan.

“You want to replace the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?”


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