Chapter 1241: A Sect With Plunging Strength


A gorgeous sword beam arrived at a crystal domain, like a river of light extending for thousands of kilometers.

Outside the domain, the barrier wall mixed with broken ice.


Nie Tian and Yin Xingtian landed in a land where ice crystals towered aloft, like meteors outside the Milky Way.

The two had barely landed when the electric light from the dharma idol of Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect appeared in the white sky.

“It’s strange. Luo Wanxiang actually didn’t try to stop it.”

After landing, Mo Qianfan muttered, “It’s clear that Kleist and Luo Wanxiang have reached a secret agreement. Luo Wanxiang must have made up his mind to kill Chu Rui’s subordinates.”

“Luo Wanxiang definitely has contact with the Phantasms,” Yin Xingtian cut in. “But it’s very hard to say how deep their relationship is. Luo Wanxiang wasn’t in a hurry to kill Nie Tian, perhaps because he planned to obtain more interests, and hasn’t come to a full arrangement with the Phantasms. After all, Nie Tian, you’re different from Chu Rui’s subordinates.”

“You’re right.” Mo Qianfan nodded. “Strictly speaking, Chu Rui’s subordinates aren’t disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. As for Nie Tian, he has a noble identity as not only a disciple, but also the central Son of the Stars. If Luo Wanxiang dares to attack Nie Tian, that would mean he has defected from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.”

As they talked, their soul awarenesses spread on a large scale.

Nie Tian also tried to sense something with his life bloodline. His awareness spread out, searching for any movements.

This was a realm of the Domain of Frigid Depths. When he flew previously, he could see that the realm wasn’t very large.

There were many realms in the Domain of Frigid Depths. Affected by the frigid depths, they were all very cold, and most suitable for people or spirit beasts who practiced cold or ice power.

With soul, qi and blood spreading out, Nie Tian keenly sensed that there were many living things within fifty kilometers of them.

Most of the living things were human beings, and their cultivation bases were… pitifully low.

In any case, according to his perception, there wasn’t even a Void domain Qi warrior within fifty kilometers.

“Not here.” Yin Xingtian frowned slightly. “Maybe not even this realm.”

“Let’s move,” Mo Qianfan said.

“Mm.” Yin Xingtian grabbed Nie Tian’s hand. Then, a sword beam shot up into the sky, tore the barrier wall, and extended beyond the starry sky.

Mo Qianfan continued to follow them.

In a short time, the sword beam and the electric light flew to another realm that looked crystal clear from the outside.

“The Blue Ice Realm! The land of the Blue Ice Sect in the Domain of Frigid Depths!”

“There’s definitely a teleportation formation connected to other realms here!”

As soon as Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian landed, their soul awarenesses swept over the realm, and it seemed they had captured information in the minds of Qi warriors nearby.

Nie Tian looked around and saw that they were in a vast, deep sea.

The blue water was cold and deep, with floating glaciers that looked like huge blocks of ice.

The Blue Ice Realm was one of the realms in the Domain of Frigid Depths. A sect named the Blue Ice Sect was located in this domain.

There was only a single Saint domain expert in the Blue Ice Realm, who was still at the early Saint domain.

Most importantly, this Saint domain expert wasn’t in the Blue Ice Realm at present.

“Let’s go to the Blue Ice Sect!”

Yin Xingtian’s soul awareness locked the gate of the Blue Ice Sect from several thousand kilometers away.


He quickly flew out with Nie Tian.

As he came close to the Blue Ice Sect, the sharp Heavenbreaker slashed at the blue glaciers linked together underneath him.


Eleven glaciers, all a kilometer high, suddenly broke.

“Who?!” A Qi warrior of the Blue Ice Sect roared when the glaciers began to break.

Glittering blue curtains of light emerged from the interior of the glaciers, and the glaciers that were on the verge of collapsing barely steadied themselves.


Just then, Mo Qianfan threw a punch.

Black thunder came, rolling and crashing, and completely smashed the giant formation that had protected the Blue Ice Sect for thousands of years, and thoroughly destroyed the glaciers in the Blue Ice Sect.

“The Blue Ice Sect is no better than the Extreme Coldness Palace.” Mo Qianfan snorted and said, “Their sect master and the experts in their sect besieged Chu Rui’s subordinates elsewhere. There are no experts in the sect now. Even if there were, it wouldn’t be a concern.”

“Go!” Yin Xingtian raised his sword.

The sword essence permeated through the middle of a glacier, which seemed to have been carved by knives, revealing a large formation filled with spatial fluctuations.

At this moment, Nie Tian had already understood that the reason why Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian were looking for this realm in the Frigid Depths was because the two of them planned to escape from the Domain of Frigid Depths as soon as possible by means of a spatial teleportation formation.

They were not sure if Luo Wanxiang would kill them.

Grand Monarch Ice Bones in the Frigid Depths had already given Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian a headache. Adding Luo Wanxiang, whose All Manifestations Star Banner had reached the third level with an obvious advance in cultivation, Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian knew they were no match for the other side, so they wanted to take Nie Tian and leave through a spatial teleportation formation as soon as possible.

After leaving the Domain of Frigid Depths, they would release the news that Luo Wanxiang had killed Master Pure Metal and others, and then leave everything to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

“Perhaps the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace...”

Looking at the formation being driven by Yin Xingtian and showing itself clearly in the glacier, Mo Qianfan refrained from saying anything.

“I understand,” Nie Tian said with a wry smile.

Ji Cang and Mo Heng were missing. Chu Rui was trapped by Grand Monarch Ice Bones. Worse still, Luo Wanxiang… was clearly in contact with the Phantasms in secret.

With their other God domain experts all missing in action, could the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace still be considered one of the four ancient sects?

“The Blue Ice Sect’s formation can’t take us out of the Domain of Frigid Depths!” Yin Xingtian spoke as his awareness moved in the formation. “But we can reach the other side of the Domain of Frigid Depths! Come on, let’s go.”

Nie Tian, Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian stood in the formation.

The three men disappeared immediately after it started up.


The remaining beams of sword essence cut through the formation and destroyed it. 

When the defensive barrier was destroyed, the Qi warriors of the Blue Ice Sect had panicked and shouted, but when one of them saw Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol, they instantly quieted down.

They watched Nie Tian and the others dig out their spatial formation from the glacier, leave, and break it.

After a while, fleeting star light and a misty, blue sea of qi and blood came to the Blue Ice Sect together.


Luo Wanxiang, who looked like the stars in the sky, emerged from the starlight, and his awareness spread out like stars that shone everywhere. One by one, the Qi warriors in the Blue Ice Sect were touched by the starlight, fell to the ground like broken glass, cracked, and died.

“They’re smart. They know how to escape with a spatial teleportation formation and destroy it before they leave.” Kleist frowned slightly. “They should be on the other side of the Domain of Frigid Depths now. If we want to go there, we can only borrow other formations in other realms nearby.”

“What’s wrong with Grand Monarch Ice Bones in the Frigid Depths?” Luo Wanxiang waved his hands, destroying the Blue Ice Sect, and asked Kleist with a deep frown on his face. “Do you have anything to do with the treachery of the Extreme Coldness Palace? Did they make up their minds because you played tricks in the dark?”

“The great changes in the Domain of Frigid Depths have nothing to do with us,” Kleist said.

“Not you? Then who could it be?” Luo Wanxiang was puzzled.

“We are also investigating. Recently, there have been a lot of problems and unusual accidents in our world, as well as the human world...” Kleist expressed his attitude. “It wasn’t an accident that we outsiders and you humans nearly killed each other when we were in the Shatter Battlefield.”


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