Chapter 1240: Deviation

After Luo Wanxiang made his move, four Saint domain cultivators had been slain instantly. Even their souls failed to escape!

As a vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Luo Wanxiang had massacred the subordinates of Chu Rui, another vice sectmaster. Such behavior could be described as insane.

“Luo Wanxiang!”

Upon seeing the unfavorable situation, Yin Xingtian shot Mo Qianfan a meaningful glance, signaling him that they had better take Nie Tian and evacuate from the Domain of Frigid Depths right away.

Since Luo Wanxiang had dared to kill Chu Rui’s subordinates...

Nie Tian let out an explosive roar. “Vice Sectmaster Luo! Are you out of your mind? Shouldn’t you be here to rescue Vice Sectmaster Chu for our sect? Why on earth did you kill Master Pure Metal and those others?”

Hearing this, Kleist the Phantasm laughed wildly with his Spirit Pearl floating high over his head.


Streams of cyan light suddenly flew from within the Spirit Pearl, morphing into five evil spirits that carried strong fear, hatred, despair, rage, and bloodlust.

The five of them were illusory and wreathed in seas of negative emotions.

All of them were larger than the ones in Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl before their transformation.

However, the biggest difference was that they were in pure soul form without fleshly bodies.


Drop after drop of Blood Essence floated out of Kleist’s chest.

The evil spirits roared as they swallowed them.

Upon consuming Kleist’s Blood Essence, the five illusory evil spirits were vested with faint flesh auras, as if they had suddenly grown skin on the outside of their soul bodies, even though their insides remained illusory and empty.

However, the skin condensed from Kleist’s Blood Essence was already strong enough to allow the evil spirits to defend against the lightning bolts Mo Qianfan released.

Frowning slightly, Mo Qianfan muttered, “Now I see...”

He knew that lightning power was most destructive on things that were in pure spirit form, but once those spirits were vested with fleshly bodies, they would be largely protected from lightning attacks, as long as they didn’t face the lightning strikes head-on.

The purpose of Kleist’s Blood Essence was to provide the five evil spirits with shields that were designed to resist lightning.

“Their auras are the same as Nie Tian’s. However...” In Mo Qianfan’s senses, the evil spirits’ newly-developed skin wasn’t something that would last eternally.

However, he had witnessed Nie Tian’s evil spirits substantialize when he had returned to him with more spirit beast meat contributed by the Primal Yang Sect.

Such substantialization had been a transformation with flesh and blood, and most importantly, it had been permanent.

It had been a change in the form of beings.

Nie Tian’s evil gods might have been the same as Kleist’s evil spirits at the beginning, but now they were as different as heaven and earth!

Nie Tian failed to sense that ancient aura of ultimate evil from the evil spirits released by Kleist. Therefore, their appearance didn’t make him anxious.

Kleist suddenly took a step forward and said, “Nie Tian, Seventh Son of the Stars, that Spirit Pearl in your possession belongs to my people!

“It’s about time it was returned to us. After taking it back to my clan, I’ll have all three of them, then I’ll see if I can unveil their ultimate secrets!”

“Let’s get out of here!” Yin Xingtian exclaimed softly.


As he swung the Heavenbreaker, a stream of glorious light blasted through the void, extending thousands of kilometers into the distance.

The sword light looked as splendid as a heavenly river that spanned the entire starry sky!

Yin Xingtian moved at the same pace as his sword intent. As soon as his sword domain was activated, it was like thousands of sword projections blossoming like petals, enveloping him and Nie Tian.


Carrying him and Nie Tian, the sword projections flew into the glorious sword light created by the Heavenbreaker, which looked like a river that spanned the heavens.


“Thunder God’s Divine Whips!”

As Mo Qianfan cast a secret magic, hundreds of thick lightning bolts that looked like chains that were used to bind gods whipped towards Kleist and his five evil spirits.

“Bloodline talent: Evil Spirit Ethereal Movement!”

Numerous swarming discarnate souls flew out of the Spirit Pearl and fused into the five evil spirits.

The evil spirits rapidly expanded to a thousand meters tall, which was almost as tall as Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol. Roaring frenziedly, they actually started wrestling with Mo Qianfan’s Thunder God’s Divine Whips.

Made of blinding lightning, the divine whips flapped around as the evil spirits grabbed and tore at them.

However, as they did, the evil spirits’ skin was charred as well, giving rise to fizzing sounds.

The outer skin formed by Kleist’s Blood Essence didn’t change the essential nature of the evil spirits. They were still met with great resistance when facing experts like Mo Qianfan that had mastered the laws of lightning.


Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol suddenly morphed into a bolt of dazzling lightning that flew off after Yin Xingtian and Nie Tian in the sword light that looked like an endless river.

Apparently, his battle against Kleist was merely a disguise.

His true purpose was to work with Yin Xingtian and get Nie Tian safely out of this strange place as soon as possible.

“You’re leaving without putting up a fight...?” With these words, Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom Kleist looked up at Luo Wanxiang, who was surrounded by the frosty mist, and said with a frown, “According to our agreement, you should have dealt with Nie Tian’s two helpers while I took that Spirit Pearl back from him!”


The immense mysterious starlight that lit up the void streamed back into the All Manifestations Star Banner like rivers running into the sea.

In a breath’s time, Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol shrank thousands of times, and he resumed his true form.

However, the shocking part was that Luo Wanxiang’s eyes were every bit as cyan as Kleist’s!

Not only were his eyes cyan now, but his aura was also completely different from before!

Face as cold as ice, Luo Wanxiang said, “The Book of Spirits you gave me wasn’t complete.”

Kleist snorted derisively and said, “The Book of Spirits is a unique treasury of the knowledge of my people. Only grand monarchs have the privilege to read and derive enlightenment from it. While even I’m not allowed to read and learn from it before entering the tenth grade, the high chieftain allowed you to read and learn from a part of it. What do you have to complain about?

“Would you have been able to lift your All Manifestations Star Banner from level one to level three without our help?

“Would your understanding of your sect’s soul incantations rise to its current level without what you’ve read in the Book of Spirits? Your cultivation talent is poorer than Ji Cang’s and Mo Heng’s. You can’t possibly enter the late God domain by relying on the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s resources alone. The cultivation of your soul is what’s stopping you from making that breakthrough.

“In this entire starry river, we, the Phantasms, have made the most progress in soul cultivation.

“Our Book of Spirits records the ultimate truths of souls. It’ll be the key to whether you’ll be able to break through into the late God domain and come neck to neck with Ji Cang. If you want more knowledge from that book, you’ll have to continue to do what we tell you to.”

A hint of hesitation appeared in Luo Wanxiang’s eyes as he said, “Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and Nie Tian are different from Master Pure Metal and the others. If I kill them, there’s no turning back.”

Kleist’s face split into a dark smile. “You’re wrong. There was no turning back from the day you practiced the secret incantations in the Book of Spirits. You need to open your eyes to reality here. Also, you should fear nothing. Just do what needs to be done. You’re not the only one who’s been secretly working with us.

“Great changes are already taking place across the human domains. Now with Ji Cang and Mo Heng missing, and Chu Rui trapped, who else from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace can stop you?”

Luo Wanxiang wrestled with the dilemma. “Once word of me working with you is leaked, I’m afraid that not only my sect, but the other major sects will also...”

“So you have to kill Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and Nie Tian,” Kleist incited him. “Once you enter the late God domain with the help of the Book of Spirits, will you still be afraid of those other sects? After you enter the late God domain, I doubt that Chu Yuan and the others will dare to make any moves against you.”

“Are there no other options?”

“This is what you should do.”

“Hmm, alright."

Kleist’s words eliminated the last bit of hesitation and struggle in Luo Wanxiang’s heat.

He decided to spare no life.

With a stern face, Kleist said, “The Domain of Frigid Depths covers a vast area, and they’re not versed in spatial power. If we go after them, they won’t be able to escape from us. I have to take that Spirit Pearl back! After gathering all three of them, I’ll definitely be able to advance to the tenth grade and join the ranks of grand monarchs with their help!”


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