Chapter 1236: The Clash of Divine Tools!

Auras that were ancient, immense, and extremely evil poured out violently.

Only by looking at the five evil gods, the evil that was buried in the deepest part of people’s hearts seemed to slowly awaken and become increasingly hard to suppress.

The five negative emotions spread like a sea that connected to the Phantasms’ ancestral land: the Nether Realm.

At the depths of the sea, there was a bottomless hole where curious sparks kept coming out.


Extremely rich Phantasm Qi that only existed in the northernmost part of the Nether Realm poured out unceasingly from within the hole.

Even though the five evil gods remained a hundred and fifty meters tall, they seemed to become stronger and stronger as the rolling Phantasm Qi wrapped around them.

Facing the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, they let out thunderous howls that seemed to be coming from an unknown realm, from an era that was lost in history.


In the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, the soul that had quietly revealed itself earlier went through changes as it faded.

The fading soul bent in an abnormal manner, as if it were being pulled and twisted.

The soul was clearly in agony!

Lu Qingchen, who was in the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom and had a profound soul connection to that soul, seemed to experience the same agony the soul was suffering from, as he couldn’t help but wail in pain. “AHH!”

That soul was none other than the soul of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, which had been transformed from the true soul of that God domain expert of the Extreme Coldness Palace, who had given up on his pursuit of the Dao and fused his true soul with the frosty mist in the Domain of Frigid Depths.

The soul transformed from the true soul of a God domain expert was far beyond ordinary.

But even so, the soul impact from the five evil gods inflicted a tremendous amount of pain upon it, and made it feel the despair of being locked down by a natural enemy.

Both the soul and Lu Qingchen wallowed in agony.


The blocks of frigid ice that had entered Mo Qianfan’s sea of lightning shattered one after another from the might of the lightning.

The sea of lightning that took up hundreds of square kilometers was originally completely frozen, like a vast frozen lake.

However at this moment, as Lu Qingchen wailed in pain and failed to continue to pressure Mo Qianfan, Mo Qianfan managed to break free.


Like lightning dragons, countless bolts of lightning blasted the frigid ice and ignited the frozen lake!


Rolls of thunder that seemed to be mighty enough to shatter the void came from within the sea of lightning.


In a split second, the sea of lightning morphed into a waterfall of lightning that poured down into Mo Qianfan through the top of his head.

As this happened, he expanded at an shocking rate, assuming his dharma idol form.


Like an ancient god of lightning, Mo Qianfan’s dharma idol that was close to a thousand meters tall brought its huge fist down towards the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

As its fist fell, it seemed to be vested with the laws of lightning and thunder.

Countless bolts of lightning interwove and morphed in the void, fully manifesting the exquisiteness of the Dao of lightning.

Anticipation rose in Yin Xingtian’s heart as he looked quietly at this scene. “The fist strike carries heavenly law. Its force is followed by magic. Such wonders of the God domain...”

He imagined that if he mastered the Dao of the sword one day, his countless exquisite sword incantations and every wisp of his sword intent would carry the natural law of heaven and earth. Such thoughts filled his heart with waves of excitement.

“Lifespan! What I lack the most is lifespan! Considering my accumulation and understanding of the Dao of the sword, there’s no doubt that I’ll be able to break through into the God domain. All I need is time. Once I enter the God domain, even Mo Qianfan won’t be able to match my strength!”

With these thoughts, he fixed Nie Tian with a burning gaze of anticipation.

Nie Tian seemed to see through his mind right away, as he nodded slightly at him.

A hint of a smile then appeared on Yin Xingtian’s face.


The five evil gods started to ram the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom with their enormous, sinister bodies.

They and Mo Qianfan attacked simultaneously. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem to be afraid of being touched by his mighty lightning bolts.

However, only pure spirit-form beings would cower before lightning. Once they were vested with flesh and blood, they wouldn’t find lightning so scary anymore.

Having devoured and absorbed numerous drops of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, the five evil gods had already developed fleshly bodies and transformed from evil spirits into evil gods.


The evil gods threw themselves at the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, matching the rhythm of Mo Qianfan’s attacks.

After taking repeated heavy blows from Mo Qianfan and the evil gods, the divine kingdom that was sparkling, crystal-clear, and as magnificent as a lofty mountain started to wobble and float backwards in the starry river that was enveloped in a frosty white mist.

The Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom could be viewed as an ancient starship, only much larger.

However, it started to lose its balance under Mo Qianfan and the evil gods’ storm of attacks.

“Soul!” As Lu Qingchen screamed, countless frosty wisps flew out from his forehead before streaming into the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom, as if to help its soul recover quickly.

The Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom gradually stopped wobbling.

“Gelid Heavenly Ice Sword!”

A sword made of ice suddenly flew from the heart of the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom. It was only a meter long, two fingers wide, and as thin as cicada wings, yet it exuded the ultimate frigid aura.

Lu Qingchen swung it.


A silver sword light that was a hundred meters long split the void and flew forward. Wherever it flew, even Mo Qianfan’s law of lightning was shattered.

The evil god of bloodlust was touched by the sword light. Its body was immediately cut open, with countless fragments of ice rapidly forming in the open wound and gradually freezing the evil god.

“That’s the Gelid Heavenly Ice Sword!” Yin Xingtian exclaimed in astonishment. “That sword is another mighty spiritual tool of the Extreme Coldness Palace. It’s said that there was a chance to turn it into an Immortal grade divine tool. The sword was forged in the magical place that’s currently occupied by Grand Monarch Ice Bones after being purged and tempered by frigid qi for hundreds of thousands of years.”

With these words, he turned to Nie Tian. “Its might is by no means insignificant. It’s said that it can draw power from the frosty mist that fills the entire Domain of Frigid Depths.”


As Yin Xingtian spoke, the frosty mist that was everywhere converged and poured into the thin sword.

In a flash, the Gelid Heavenly Ice Sword that was only two fingers wide seemed to have gathered every wisp of power from the bizarre mist that was everywhere the Domain of Frigid Depths.

As Lu Qingchen swung the sword a second time, the frosty mist seemed to be vested with its own awareness, as it started to converge on Nie Tian, Mo Qianfan, and Yin Xingtian.

Even the five evil gods were influenced, and gave rise to cracking sounds as they moved.

Even Yin Xingtian frowned deeply and said, “The Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom and the Gelid Heavenly Ice Sword are working together, and we’re in the Domain of Frigid Depths. No wonder the Extreme Coldness Palace dares to challenge the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s authority. As long as Chu Rui is trapped, I doubt that anyone else from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace will be able to score a victory against the Extreme Coldness Palace.”

With these words, Yin Xingtian finally took on an unprecedentedly serious attitude towards the situation they were facing.

As the starry river gradually froze, the frigid aura in everyone’s domains rapidly built up, causing them great difficulty in movement. Only at this moment did Yin Xingtian decide to go all-out.

A broken and rusted bronze sword that was only half a meter long was taken carefully from inside his robe.

Apparently, instead of keeping it in his ring of holding, he kept it on him at all times.

Nie Tian took a quick glance at the broken sword, and suspected that it had witnessed many eras and had far too many stories.

As soon as Yin Xingtian held it in his hand, all of the spiritual swords that he stood on started to tremble, as if they were in fear, but at the same time revering and cheering for it.

What was shocking was that even the Gelid Heavenly Ice Sword in Lu Qingchen’s hand started to give off fizzing sounds, as if its soul had sensed danger and become rattled.

Staring unblinkingly at the broken bronze sword, Lu Qingchen exclaimed one word at a time, “That’s the Streamcloud Sword Sect’s signature Immortal grade divine tool: Heavenbreaker!

“Yin Xingtian! What did the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace offer you so that you’d fight for them?”

Yin Xingtian shook his head. “The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace? Unlike your sect, my sect has never been a subordinate sect to any of the great sects. Not to mention the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace in their current situation.”

He slowly swung his sword, and a streak of sword intent slowly came to form, quietly aiming at the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.

Then, as it shot forward with a heaven-rending, earth-crushing momentum, countless fissures appeared in the thick ice blocks that formed the Frigid Ice Divine Kingdom.


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