Chapter 1218: Promises

Inside a spacious camber of the ice starship, a shudder ran through Kong Shuangjing’s old shriveled body, her expression flickering. “The Heavenly Spirit Sect! And the Ancient Law Sect!”

At this moment, Han Qiong entered the chamber. His steps grew anxious because of the arrival of those two forces.

The Heavenly Spirit Sect and the Ancient Law Sect might not have histories that were as long as the Ice Soul Divine Sect.

However, they were now every bit as powerful as them, if not more.

Both of those sects had multiple late Saint domain experts.

Both their sectmasters had good chances of entering the God domain.

The only reason why they hadn’t made their attempts yet was because even though they had prepared for ages, they were still not confident enough, and were looking for the best and safest way to make the breakthrough.

After Yin Xingtian set a precedent, it wasn’t hard for Han Qiong and Kong Shuangjing to guess the Heavenly Spirit Sect and the Ancient Law Sect’s intentions.

Nie Tian was the obvious answer.

“I’m afraid the word we received as we passed through the Domain of Endless Thunder had no lie to it,” Han Qiong said with a bitter smile. “We thought it was impossible for Nie Tian to have helped Mo Qianfan break through into the God domain. But Yin Xingtian’s attitude and the arrival of the Heavenly Spirit Sect and Ancient Law Sect have proved us wrong.

“I suppose Nie Tian actually is the reason why Mo Qianfan managed to enter the God domain.”

Kong Shuangjing nodded slightly and said, “After all, our sect doesn’t have as many connections to the Domain of Endless Thunder as the Streamcloud Sword Sect. It’s understandable that we have doubts about the information we receive.

“It’s just that...”

With these words, she cast a glance at a translucent, sparkling secret room that was connected to this chamber and wreathed in a frosty aura.

The curvaceous figure of Ling Bingyun, the Ice Soul Divine Daughter, loomed behind the icy wall.

Han Qiong let out a low sigh before shooting her a meaningful glance and whispering, “Let’s try our best to persuade her after our return, and see if we can find someone to talk to Nie Tian. Considering his current status and influence, if he actually decides to do such a reckless thing, I doubt that we’ll win.”

“Yeah.” Kong Shuangjing agreed.


Atop a mountain peak where the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s headquarters was located.

Two figures flew over.

The new arrivals were the sectmaster of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, Zhang Qiling, and the sectmaster of the Ancient Law Sect, Li Wanfa.

Both of them were at the late Saint domain, only a step away from entering the God domain.

Like Yin Xingtian, they were also renowned experts, whose names had spread across the numerous human domains.

Even the four great sects couldn’t get them to submit and serve as their subordinate sects.

Many Sons of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and Divine Children of the Five Elements Sect had found Yin Xingtian, Zhang Qiling, and Li Wanfa, and made handsome offers in exchange for their allegiance.

However, these three proud experts had refused them all.

They shared Patriarch Pure Heaven’s temperament to some extent, but the difference was that they were actually strong enough to be proud, or even arrogant.

All of them had multiple late Saint domain experts, and had produced God domain experts in their histories.

In eras when they had been lead by God domain experts, their strengths had been second only to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s and the other great sects’.

“Patriarch Yin?” Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa spotted Yin Xingtian as they slowly descended on the mountaintop. Expressions flickering slightly, they immediately realized what was going on.

Yin Xingtian stuck out his chest and pointed at Nie Tian. “Allow me to introduce you. This is the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, Nie Tian.”

Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa bowed slightly upon hearing this.

“I’ve long heard stories about how extraordinary the seventh Son of the Stars is. Now that I finally get to meet you, I can see that people didn’t lie. I’m Zhang Qiling, the current sectmaster of the Heavenly Spirit Sect.”

“Your exalted name has long resounded in my ears, Nie Tian. I’ve always wanted to meet you, but couldn’t, since I usually can’t get ahold of your whereabouts. Now, after learning that you’re currently in the Domain of Endless Thunder, we decided to pay you a visit. My name is Li Wanfa, and I’m the current sectmaster of the Ancient Law Sect.”

Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa took turns to introduce themselves in a proactive and warm manner.

Nie Tian had heard through different means that, like Yin Xingtian, these two also held lofty statuses and high seniority across the advanced human domains.

As late Saint domain experts, Yin Xingtian, Zhang Qiling, and Li Wanfa were every bit as strong as Elder Wei Lai from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Therefore, he hid his arrogance and treated them with respect.

Both Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa wore subtle smiles. Unlike Yin Xingtian, who had explicitly expressed his intentions upon arriving, they had a warm chat with Nie Tian, and invited him to visit their domains whenever he had time.

Nie Tian saw through their intentions. Apparently, they weren’t completely certain about what had happened, and thus wanted to confirm it with Mo Qianfan first. Therefore, they talked to people and tried to get as much information as they could.

Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa were far from reaching the end of their lifespans.

Perhaps that was why they didn’t seem as eager to break through into the God domain as Yin Xingtian did.

After all, they still had time.

Two days passed...


The thunder pool in the sea of clouds suddenly rose into the highest heavens and merged with the realm barrier.

At the same time, thick bolts of lightning rapidly gathered in the clouds, taking the form of a giant that was close to a thousand meters tall and made of raging lightning.

It looked like a mighty god of lightning and thunder!

Mo Qinglei burst into happy tears. “A dharma idol! A complete dharma idol! Heavens bless the Heavenly Thunder Sect! My father has finally entered the God domain!”

Mo Li, who was standing next to him, was emotional beyond words.

“He... He actually entered the God domain and condensed a complete dharma idol!” Yin Xingtian muttered in a low voice, the flame of amazement burning in his eyes.


In a split second, the dharma idol that looked like a god of lightning and thunder shrank into Mo Qianfan’s true form.

Then, like a bolt of lightning that split through the sky, he plunged from the depths of the clouds and landed right in front of Mo Qianfan and Mo Li.

He took a deep breath and knelt towards Nie Tian. “I, Mo Qianfan, the sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the clanmaster of the Mo Clan, thank you for your timely aid! From now on, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan will take any assignment you give us as our own responsibility!”

His words practically echoed Mo Li’s guarantee from earlier.

Nie Tian hastily stepped forward and helped Mo Qianfan to his feet. “You’re most welcome. Our grand elder provided me with significant help, and he’s from your clan. It’s only right that I do what I can to help you. Also, it was a coincidence that I got here when you were in the middle of your breakthrough...”

Before he could finish, Mo Qianfan said with a decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron, “I’ll go to the Primal Yang Sect with you! They often rode roughshod over my sect before. Now that I’ve entered the God domain, if they refuse to cooperate, then it’s about time I settled our old counts with them!”

Smiling, Nie Tian said, “With your help, our trouble with the Primal Yang Sect should be solved with ease.” 

Mo Qianfan immediately made arrangements, demanding that every Saint domain expert of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan report to his location, wherever they were.

Seeing this, Yin Xingtian, Zhang Qiling, and Li Wanfa exchanged glances, and then expressed their interest in joining their trip to the Primal Yang Sect and getting ahold of the situation.


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