Chapter 1211: Bold Words

In the Heavenly Thunder Sect in the Domain of Endless Thunder.

A sea of thick, leaden clouds hung low in the sky. Flashing lightning and rolling thunder filled the depths of the clouds as heaven-shaking, earth-shattering fluctuations spread to every corner of the realm.

Floating in the midst of the sea of clouds was a lightning domain, which was seemingly being baptized by the thunder pool. At the very center of the domain, the sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Mo Qianfan, was switching between incantations.

In the mountains below, many powerful experts were observing, standing atop lofty mountain peaks that were close to three thousand meters high.

Most of the them were Qi warriors from the Heavenly Thunder Sect, some of whom were Saint domain experts. There were also observers from the Mo Clan who held their breath under the strain as they looked up.

Atop the highest mountain peak, Mo Qinglei clasped his hands, fingers crossed. Bulging veins could be seen on his forehead.

He breathed heavily as he stared at the flashing lightning bolts and flickering thunderballs in the clouds. “Success or failure, it all comes down to this moment!”

An elder of the Mo Clan named Mo Li looked skywards with a dry face and a hunched back. Looking worried, he sighed and said, “This is far too hasty. Your father shouldn’t have attempted to make his breakthrough so early.”

Mo Li was from the same generation as Mo Qianfan and Mo Heng.

However, he was only at the early Saint domain.

Mo Qinglei sighed. “Father had no choice. Zheng Yi from the lightning element sect, the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan, the hybrid Han Sen, together with several other powerful experts slaughtered people of the Domain of Endless Thunder. Many of our sect members that practiced lightning incantations were killed.

“If we hadn’t been protected by the grand spell formation and my cousin from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace hadn’t come to our rescue, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan would have been in ruins now.”

Sadness filled Mo Qinglei’s heart as he recalled the bitter time. “Just days ago, word came saying that Zheng Yi and Yuan Jiuchuan turned on each other in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. Yuan Jiuchuan gained the upper hand and chased Zheng Yi through several domains in order to kill him, and he seems to have succeeded.”

Mo Li’s expression flickered. “The Thunder Devil!” 

The other elders of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and members of the Mo Clan that were standing on the mountaintop also had grim looks on their faces as they heard these words.

The Thunder Devil, Yuan Jiuchuan, had died in a hunt led by the Mo Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Sect, and joined by other powerful experts who practiced lightning incantations.

However, he had somehow been reborn.

Therefore, no one from the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan wanted to see him kill Zheng Yi, and use his power to make further breakthroughs in his cultivation.

All of them knew how unique and vicious the Thunder Devil’s incantations were.

If he could actually kill the late Saint domain Zheng Yi and refine his lifetime lightning power reserve, he would definitely be able to advance to the late Saint domain.

At that time, the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan would be bound to suffer from his violent revenge.

Mo Qianfan had only sought new breakthroughs in his cultivation so eagerly because he knew that his sect and clan weren’t strong enough.

Mo Li shook his head and sighed. “The breakthrough into the God domain is far too dangerous. Even for the four great sects, producing a God domain expert is a very difficult thing to do. In recent years, the success rate of Saint domain cultivators from the other advanced domains breaking through into the God domain has been terrifyingly low.

“Usually, dozens of late Saint domain cultivators die before one is lucky enough to break through into the God domain. All of the others would either have to seek rebirth, or die beyond salvation.”

Mo Li’s words plunged everyone on the mountaintop into dead silence.

This included Mo Qinglei.

He was well-aware of how dangerous it was for his father to attempt to break through into the God domain at this moment, given his insufficient accumulation.

Even those who had all sorts of precious materials prepared might not succeed in such a risky breakthrough, much less his father, who had rushed into this.

“Once he fails, the Heavenly Thunder Sect will most certainly descend to a slaughterhouse of the Thunder Devil...” Mo Qinglei’s heart sank deeper and deeper. “Especially now that my cousin has vanished shortly after coming to the Domain of Endless Thunder. If my father fails to enter the God domain, while my cousin is still missing, who can we count on to protect the Heavenly Thunder Sect?”


Over the thick clouds, abnormal changes suddenly took place in Mo Qianfan’s domain, which was filled with flashing lightning and flickering thunderballs.

Thunderballs that carried the profound truths of lightning power cracked and exploded one after another. It seemed that the power he was channeling from the thunderclouds couldn’t fully merge with those thunderballs.

A deeply helpless look appeared on Mo Li’s face. “Damn it."

As a Saint domain expert, he had seen others make attempts to break through into the God domain.

He had once seen what was now happening to Mo Qianfan happen to another... who had died during his attempt to enter the God domain. Even his soul had perished, costing him his chance at rebirth.

Whines of the members of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan filled the air, as if they had foreseen the high-spirited Thunder Devil ferreting out and killing every Qi warrior in the Domain of Endless Thunder that practiced lightning incantations.

“I’m afraid the sectmaster is going to fail.”

“If the clanmaster dies, what do we do?”


At this moment, a bolt of lightning shot over from the distant sky.

An elder of the Heavenly Thunder Sect landed on the mountaintop and reported, “Young lord, the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace has arrived through teleportation.”

Mo Qinglei was taken back. “Nie Tian?!” 

Mo Li pondered briefly and realized what was happening. “He must be here because of the upheaval in the Domain of Primal Yang, and he wants to sail there from here. Word of Fang Yuan and his subordinates failing their mission in the Primal Yang Sect and Fang Yuan being defeated by Qi Jiaoyang must have spread.  Nie Tian must have rushed here to rescue Fang Yuan.”

“That’s not necessarily the case. Nie Tian came by himself.” the elder said.

Mo Li frowned and asked, “He came alone? The name of the seventh Son of the Stars has resounded through all the human domains recently. Even Luo Wanxiang had to take a step back in a confrontation against him. Both his strength and influence are rapidly rising above the other Sons of the Stars. Everyone knows this.

“However, if it’s just him, what can he do to make the Primal Yang Sect release the captives? Even Fang Yuan, who’s at the middle Void domain, lost to Qi Jiaoyang. What will he be able to do by going there alone?”

The elders of the Mo Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Sect were all baffled, and found Nie Tian coming by himself meaningless.

“He wants to see you, young lord,” The messenger elder added.

“He wants to see me?” Mo Qinglei went blank for a moment before looking skywards, then said with a hesitant look on his face, “I would love to any other time, but this is a crucial moment where my father is in the middle of his breakthrough...”

“He said that he can help our sectmaster,” The elder added.

“W-what?!” Mo Qinglei was dumbstruck.

Mo Li, however, lunged forward, grabbed the messenger elder’s arm, and exclaimed, “What does he mean by he can help our sectmaster?!”

The messenger elder was only at the Void domain. His gripped arm hurt to the point where he almost wanted to die as he stuttered, “He, he said that he might be able to help our sectmaster enter the God domain!” 

“Enter the God domain!!”  Mo Li exclaimed in a weird, distorted voice. “What are you waiting for then?! Go get Nie Tian now!”

The elder then shot a glance at Mo Qinglei.

Mo Qinglei finally came out of his bewilderment and exclaimed, “Go invite the seventh Son of the Stars here now!”

“Got it!” The elder left in a hurry.

Heart still fluttering violently, Mo Li said, “I’ve never met that Nie Tian. I’ve only heard his name. Qinglei! You’ve met him. Do you think he really has what it takes to help your father step into the God domain?”

Mo Qinglei smiled bitterly. “Nie Tian does have extraordinary abilities. However... you know how difficult it is to help make a God domain expert. On the other hand, I heard that he helped Hou Chulan, the Divine Daughter of the wood element sect, enter the Saint domain from the Void domain.”

“Perhaps he actually has what it takes to help your father break through into the God domain,” Mo Li muttered in a low voice, clinging onto the ray of hope.

All of the Heavenly Thunder Sect and Mo Clan elders present had complicated looks on their faces.

They naturally hoped that Nie Tian’s arrival would actually send Mo Qianfan into the God domain.

However, they were also well-aware of how deadly the breakthrough into the God domain was.

Even for the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Five Elements Sect, the Heaven Span Pavilion, and the Void Spirit Society, producing a God domain expert was an extremely difficult task.

No one could guarantee that they would be able to help another enter the God domain.

What had made Nie Tian say such bold words?


Wreathed in glorious light, a Star Boat shot out of the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s headquarters towards the mountaintop where Mo Qinglei and Mo Li were standing like a shooting star.

On nearby mountaintops, experts that were either from the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Mo Clan, or other local sects that had deep connections with them, realized what was happening upon spotting the Star Boat.

“That’s a Star Boat!”

“A Son of Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

“Another Son of the Stars? Who is it this time? Fang Yuan was defeated by Qi Jiaoyang, and he and his subordinates were trapped. I suppose this Son of the Stars has come here to go to the Domain of Primal Yang.”

Some with lofty statuses and cultivation bases gathered from those mountain peaks with curiosity.


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