Chapter 1207: Fighting Patriarch Pure Heaven

Receiving meaningful gazes from many others, Dong Qisong from the Beast-controlling Sect worked up the courage to walk over to Nie Tian and said, “You don’t have to do this, Nie Tian.

“Given your noble status in the human world, why even bother yourself with Patriarch Pure Heaven? The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Void Spirit Society, and the Five Elements Sect all have high opinions of you. The Pure Heaven Sect refuses to join us, but so what? There’s no point in wasting your energy on them.”

He was very straightforward, even though Patriarch Pure Heaven was right there with them.

However, this was from Dong Qisong and everyone else’s heart.

Nie Tian had defeated Ophelia in the Dead Star Sea and reshaped the reputation of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and human chosen ones.

In the Shatter Battlefield, he had made an extraordinary contribution by lifting numerous Saint and God domain experts from the four great sects from a meaningless battle against mighty Ancientspirit and outsider grand patriarchs and grand monarchs.

Just recently, even Luo Wanxiang, a middle God domain vice sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, had been forced to give way to him.

Compared to them, what significance did Patriarch Pure Heaven have?

Jing Feiyang, Master Blood Spirit, Xie Qian... All of these subordinates of Nie Tian could easily defeat Patriarch Pure Heaven in battle.

Even Dong Qisong, who had recently gained a copious amount of cultivation resources and had agreeable spiritual tools forged for him, thought that he would be able to match Patriarch Pure Heaven in battle now.

Even he didn’t think it was worth it for Nie Tian to spend time and effort fighting Patriarch Pure Heaven.

Calm and composed, Nie Tian waved his hand and smiled. “It’s okay. The current troublesome situation in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries needs to end sooner or later. We’re not unreasonable people. Otherwise, the Pure Heaven Sect would have been driven out of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries long ago.

“Since he said himself that if I could defeat him in battle without relying on anyone else, he’d agree to join my service with the Pure Heaven Sect, even though it hasn’t been long since these words were said, I think I’m ready.”

Patriarch Pure Heaven assumed a serious face and said, “I’ll make good on my promise, as long as you can defeat or even just score a tie with me!”

“He’s...” Zhongli Jian from the Divine Flame Sect muttered with an astonished expression, and then became absorbed in thought.

Yin Yanan, Mu Biqiong, Qiao Yunxi, and many other Qi warriors from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries went blank for a moment before falling silent.

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s face was filled with anticipation.

“Okay, good.” Nie Tian nodded and signaled for the crowd to vacate the area above the Seven-star Blue Sea.

“Let’s give them some space,” Dong Qisong said to the crowd.

Soon, people scattered, giving Nie Tian and Patriarch Pure Heaven a vast empty space.

Before leaving, Dong Li asked, “Nie Tian, what about Zheng Yi and Yuan Jiuchuan?” 

Nie Tian glanced around at the nearby dead stars and said, “Don’t mind them. I can sense that their battle is carrying them farther and farther away from this area.

“And, if we want to capture or kill them, we’ll have to get a God domain expert to help us.”

Dong Li nodded slightly and left without saying a word.

She knew that Zheng Yi and Yuan Jiuchuan belonged to the same mysterious force.

Not only did that force seem to have an indescribable connection to Nie Tian, but they were said to be more powerful than any of the four great sects.

As shrewd as Dong Li was, she thought that she had better not make any rash moves against that secret force before figuring out their true intentions.

As for Zheng Yi and Yuan Jiuchuan, as long as their battle didn’t endanger the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, they might as well let them fight all they wanted.

“Pure Heaven Spell Formation: Domain!” As Patriarch Pure Heaven shouted, a misty gray domain instantly formed around him, which was like a dim yellow heaven and earth that was filled with an earthy aura.

Enormous grayish-brown stone balls flew out from Patriarch Pure Heaven’s chest one after another, clashing and giving rise to loud rumbles as they did.

“Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs!”

Every time the grayish-brown stone balls collided with each other, the void shook violently. The collisions even gave rise to huge waves in the Seven-star Blue Sea below.

Nie Tian’s pupils shrank slightly as he stared unblinkingly at the enormous stone balls. “Each of those Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs seems to have been transformed from an arcane realm after thousands of years of refinement. One, two... There are eight of them!”

All eight Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs were grayish-brown, dim, and the same size.

The arcane orbs spun as they flew towards Nie Tian with an overwhelming momentum. Nie Tian instantly felt a tremendous amount of pressure, so much so that he felt like he was going to be crushed by eight small-scale realms at the same time.

He knew that it wasn’t an illusion.

Each of these Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs had been a small arcane realm Patriarch Pure Heaven had collected. After infusing them with his spiritual power and soul power, he had refined them into his most suited weapon.

As they approached, the eight of them formed a special spell formation that covered a large area, as if they were going to imprison heaven and earth.

“Bloodline: Life Strengthening, Potential Stimulation!”

The two bloodline talents were activated simultaneously.

Nie Tian’s body that seemed only slightly more robust than a regular man instantly bulked in an explosive manner!

In the blink of an eye, he expanded to three meters tall!

His muscles bulged violently as his skin became scaly and as tough as metal, with silver and golden light slithering all over him.


Blood Essence Seething was activated, further stimulating his potential. Torrential flesh power surged through him like blood-colored rivers.

The thick crimson flesh aura dispersed, forming what looked like a sea of blood-colored aura.


The Flame Dragon Armor Nie Tian was wearing was instantly ignited, releasing fierce flames that merged with his flesh aura in a perfect way.

For some reason, after entering the eighth grade, Nie Tian now had a feeling that he could rely on his flesh power to shake heaven and earth, topple mountain peaks that were thousands of meters high, and even tear stars from the heavens.

“How powerful is my body after my bloodline entered the eighth grade?”

With this thought, he fixed his eyes on one of the enormous Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs and threw a heavy punch towards it.

“Titan’s Wrath!”

He summoned nothing but his pure, rich flesh power.

As he threw the punch, a raging flesh aura shot from his fist. While traveling in the air, the thick raging flesh aura experienced endless changes before condensing into a gory giant: a titan!

As Nie Tian’s fist strike imprint, the titan covered in blood almost filled the space between heaven and earth, and let out unyielding roars.


The fist strike imprint that was the shape of a titan slammed into a Pure Heaven Arcane Orb.

The arcane orb that had been refined from an arcane realm and vested with Patriarch Pure Heaven’s spiritual power, soul power, and understanding of incantations immediately gave cracking sounds.

The enormous grayish-brown stone ball seemed to be bathed in countless wisps of blood-colored light, which seemed to turn the stone ball into a crimson crystal.

In the next moment, glorious crimson light burst forth from the ball.

Patriarch Pure Heaven’s face turned pale with astonishment.

In his senses, the grayish-brown stone ball he had named a Pure Heaven Arcane Orb was completely engulfed by a strange terrifying flesh aura that didn’t belong to him.

Under his soul examination, the stone ball that was an independent heaven and earth seemed to have been engulfed by a blood-colored sea.

Not just that, but the blood-colored flesh aura was also rapidly changing, morphing into a gory giant, whose face somehow resembled Nie Tian’s.

On the arcane realm he had gone to great lengths to refine, the gory giant bellowed in some ancient language.

Each and every bellow carried words he had never heard before. However, they seemed to be able to travel through the void to echo with Nie Tian.


The misty gray heaven and earth within the stone ball seemed to be on the verge of falling apart.

Patriarch Pure Heaven hastily formed another hand seal, and commanded the five nearby arcane orbs to stop crushing towards Nie Tian, but towards the orb that had suffered a mysterious punch from him.

The power of the misty gray heaven and earth doubled with every orb that clashed with it.


After five clashes, the gory giant transformed from Nie Tian’s flesh aura was finally crushed into wisps of blood-colored light that dissipated into the void.

“Hmm?!” Immediately afterwards, Nie Tian, who had rich flesh aura surging within him, felt a wave of overwhelming earth power flooding towards him.

It seemed to come by tracking his bond with the flesh aura he had sent forth with the punch.

As wisp after wisp of his blood-colored light scattered and vanished, Nie Tian came under increasingly heavy pressure from the Pure Heaven Arcane Orbs.

In deafening rumbles, his body started to shake, floating over the Seven-star Blue Sea.

All of a sudden, his garments were shredded and reduced to dust, leaving nothing but the Flame Dragon Armor. That was when the countless fiery patterns on the armor’s surface started twisting madly, unleashing torrential flames.

The fact that he only had the blazing suit of armor covering part of his body caused a burst of screams.

The screams came from Yin Yanan, Mu Biqiong, Qiao Yunxi, and the other female Qi warriors from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries that had later found their way here.


However, this only lasted a brief moment before the Flame Dragon Armor’s torrential flames engulfed Nie Tian completely.

Then, as his flesh aura merged with the flames, he turned into a fiercely-burning figure that grew even taller.

At the same time, a brand new bloodline talent that had just been awakened, Life Irrigation, was activated, infusing his flame power core with life force.

The mysterious flame spark within his flame power core instantly grew unusually active, and flew out of his flame power core.


Because of this, the might of the sea of crimson flames that wreathed Nie Tian instantly multiplied!

Watching the might of the sea of crimson flames released by Nie Tian and the Flame Dragon Armor skyrocket, many powerful experts from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries started to feel insecure and uneasy.

“Such terrifying flame aura!”

“Such flame aura seems to be mighty enough to burn a realm to ashes and vaporize a vast ocean!”

“Even my soul is being scorched!”

Those with lower cultivation bases even started to back away in fear.

“Divine Flame! That’s the Divine Flame’s aura!” Zhongli Jian and Qiao Yunxi from the Divine Flame Sect muttered simultaneously, looking dumbstruck. Obsession and worship could be seen in the depths of their eyes.


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