Chapter 1205: Profound Truths Crystallization!

There were teleportation portals on the seven dead stars that surrounded the Seven-star Blue Sea.


One figure after another flew out of those teleportation portals and rapidly converged on the Seven-star Blue Sea from different directions.

Dong Qisong from the Beast-controlling Sect, Zhongli Jian from the Divine Flame Sect, along with powerful experts from the Bliss Mountain Sect, the Trisword Sect, the Chu Clan, the Guan Clan, and the Jian Clan, had all rushed here upon hearing of the unusual changes in the Seven-star Blue Sea.

Upon arriving, Dong Qisong spotted Yin Yanan, who was sitting astride the Frost Blood Python and floating over the blue sea. “Yanan!”

Many saw Dong Li, and rapidly gathered to greet her. “Miss Dong!”

All of the sects and clans from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries knew that Dong Li was Nie Tian’s representative in his three subordinate domains, and thus showed her great respect.

Dong Qisong, however, only smiled faintly upon seeing her.

That was because the special historic bond between his sect and the Dong Clan had made him close to Dong Li and her clan. Thus, he didn’t have to cozy up her.

“What happened?” Dong Qisong asked. “We sent you into that special dimension. Why are you here?”

The others also fixed their eyes on Yin Yanan, waiting for her answer.


Deafening sounds of clashing lightning suddenly came from the distant starry river.

Zhongli Jian’s expression flickered. “Who’s that?” 

“The head of the lightning element sect, Zheng Yi, and the Thunder Devil, Yuan Jiuchuan...” Yin Yanan took a deep breath, and explained everything to them as fast as she could.

The crowd clamored. Everyone had worried looks on their faces as they looked down at the Seven-star Blue Sea from time to time.

“What?! Nie Tian is now under the Seven-star Blue Sea?!”

“The heaven and earth formed by a Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura perished in the sea, and he sank with it?”

“What do we do? I’ve never known anyone to have reached the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea and come back alive!”

“Do we inform Jing Feiyang and Xie Qian? Or do we ask for help from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Void Spirit Society, and the Five Elements Sect?”

In their eyes, the azure Seven-star Blue Sea was full of mysteries, so much so that even Zhongli Jian and Dong Qisong, who had entered the Saint domain, wouldn’t dare to go into it.

As for Patriarch Pure Heaven, even though he stood right there, the new arrivals did nothing more than nod towards him upon arriving. No one had shown any interest in talking to him.

Perhaps they had long since viewed him to be on the opposing side.

Patriarch Pure Heaven ran his gaze over every single one of them, his face grim, his heart filled with anger. “These bastards...”

Back when Nie Tian hadn’t come along and the Pure Heaven Sect had been the most powerful force in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, all of the experts here would greet him respectfully upon seeing him.

It hadn’t been very long, yet these people he hadn’t attached any importance to before had caught up with his cultivation base, and their sects’ reserve power had risen above that of the Pure Heaven Sect.

They didn’t even pay him any respect upon seeing him anymore.

Patriarch Pure Heaven found this infuriating.

Glancing over the noisy crowd, Dong Li lifted her hand and beckoned everyone to calm down. After the crowd quieted down, she said, “Don’t worry. Nie Tian should be fine.”

Everyone could see the pride and confidence on her gorgeous face and captivating eyes as she carried on. “No matter where Nie Tian goes, he can always come back unscathed. I’m sure of it! He has never disappointed me since the day we met.

“In fact, every time he returned from a dangerous adventure, he returned more powerful and trustworthy!”

Yin Yanan, as well as Mu Biqiong, Qiao Yunxi and many other young women who had arrived later, seemed absorbed in thought after seeing the glow and unreserved trust on her face.

Looking at her, many started to think to themselves.

“No wonder she was able to win Nie Tian’s favor before they even left the Domain of the Falling Stars.”

“Her background and original cultivation base might be unimpressive. However, she does have her unique charm. And that’s why Nie Tian has acknowledged his relationship with her and no one else.”

“She’s good.”

At first, most of the powerhouses from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries had deemed Dong Li to be unworthy of Nie Tian. However, as they had gotten to know her better, they had gradually seen what an extraordinary woman she was.

At this moment, seeing the unconditional trust Dong Li had in Nie Tian, they realized that the woman behind Nie Tian should be her and no one else!


In the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea, the water was quiet and silent, without even the slightest currents.

A glowing blue sphere could be seen in the sea water, like a large blue bubble.

Nie Tian was in that glowing sphere.

Inside the glowing sphere, Nie Tian held the Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart that had shrunk countless times in his hands, and activated the first bloodline talent he had awakened this time. 

“Bloodline talent: Profound Truths Crystallization!”

Drop after drop of Blood Essence immediately started to burn in his heart.

Under the wondrous effect of Profound Truths Crystallization, the flames of his Blood Essence were infused into the Thunder-devouring Whale’s shrunken heart, where they condensed the remaining Bloodline Crystal Chains that had become as fine as hairs into a crystal that was only the size of a fingernail.

The crystal was cyan, and looked similar to the prismatic crystal Phantasms grew between their eyebrows.

However, the small, seemingly insignificant crystal carried the tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s Bloodline Crystal Chains and its lifetime understanding of the profound truths of lightning power.

Anyone in this world who practiced lightning incantations would be able to send their soul awareness into it to derive enlightenment from the profound truths it carried. It wouldn’t matter whether they were outsiders, Ancientspirits, or humans. 

This was the first bloodline talent Nie Tian had awakened after entering the eighth grade: Profound Truths Crystallization!

This bloodline talent allowed him to condense the hearts of ninth and tenth grade outsiders and Ancientspirits into crystals that contained the essence refined from their Bloodline Crystal Chains.

Holding the small cyan crystal with two fingers, Nie Tian thought to himself, “Even though it doesn’t carry rich flesh power, any cultivator that practices lightning incantations will be able to benefit a great deal from this wondrous crystal that carries the profound truths of lightning power. To those like Mo Qinglei who practice lightning incantations, this crystal is very much like a Heavenly Talisman. As long as they spend time deriving enlightenment from it, they’ll be able to make significant breakthroughs in their cultivation with its help.

“A Heavenly Talisman...”

As his train of thought came to this point, Nie Tian’s expression flickered.

“Most so-called Heavenly Talismans form naturally. Is it possible that some of them are refined and carved in the same way I made this Profound Truths Crystal?”

It occurred to him that he might have uncovered another secret of heaven and earth.

“Profound Truths Crystallization! From now on, when I kill ninth grade outsiders in battle, not only will I be able to drain their rich flesh auras, but I can also refine their hearts and turn the profound truths of their bloodlines into crystals.

“Since I only practice star, flame, and wood power, perhaps this crystal isn’t exactly helpful to me. However, my subordinates...

“Which of my subordinates are well-versed in lightning power, and at the same time absolutely loyal to me?”

The first ones that came to mind were the Lei Tianqi and Lei Tianhong brothers from the Lei Clan, which was a subordinate clan of the Divine Flame Sect, along with those from the Thunder Mountain Sect in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

However, all of their cultivation bases were fairly low. The way he saw it, none of them qualified to have the privilege of using this crystallized legacy of a Thunder-devouring Whale.

“If Zheng Yi or Yuan Jiuchuan get this crystal that contains the profound truths of the tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline, they might even be able to enter the God domain with its help...” All of a sudden, Nie Tian thought of Mo Qinglei from the Domain of Endless Thunder, and his father, Mo Qianfan. “If the sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Mo Qianfan, were to get this treasure, perhaps he’d have a chance to enter the God domain too. At least, it’ll greatly improve his odds.

“Perhaps if I present this treasure to him, I’ll be able to trade it for a large number of precious materials.”

His eyes lit up as this thought entered his mind.


The green aura in his heart that was the embodiment of his life bloodline underwent changes once again. As more and more Bloodline Crystal Chains came to form, a second eighth grade bloodline talent was about to be born.

“What will the second bloodline talent be?” Anticipation filled his heart as he focused his soul awareness that was like an eye on his heart, waiting for a brand new bloodline talent to be born.

He also wondered if his Blood Essence would take him into his Blood Realm once again to find new bloodline magics.


At this moment, he suddenly noticed that a glorious light seemed to be flickering over his head.

He looked up, and saw Zhao Shanling enveloped in a power released by the Voidspirit Pagoda. At this moment, he was slowly approaching him with an agonizing look on his face.

He was also waving at him with difficulty, as if to urge him to surface.

However, Nie Tian didn’t feel any discomfort in the glowing sphere that was the remainder of the Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura heaven and earth.

He shook his head towards Zhao Shanling, signaling him to surface without him.

That was because he was preparing to awaken his second eighth grade bloodline talent here.

Zhao Shanling, however, seemed rather anxious as he repeatedly beckoned for him to surface right away, as if he had sensed something.

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