Chapter 1200: Your Time Has Ended!

Zheng Yi, the head of the lightning element sect, stared blankly into the heavens, as if he didn’t even hear Yuan Jiuchuan’s taunt.

At this moment, the thunder pools that he had tied down with lightning chains and assumed to have merged with his lightning domain escaped his control and flew away from him.

Even though he switched between incantations and strained his soul power, he couldn’t manipulate them anymore.

They seemed to have turned into magnificent, unwavering mountain peaks.

Zheng Yi suddenly realized that the fact that he had been able to pull them down from the heavens before wasn’t because his cultivation base and strength had allowed him to do so.

Instead, it had been the Thunder-devouring Whale’s scheme!

“This tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s...!” Zheng Yi bellowed, blood streaming uncontrollably down the corners of his mouth.

All of a sudden, fine wisps of lightning shot out of his eyes, nostrils, and ears simultaneously.

Rolling thunder came from his spiritual sea in his dantian region.


A set of broad wings that seemed to be made of silver lightning came to form on Zheng Yi’s back and his whole body was instantly wreathed in lightning wisps.

One complicated lightning talisman after another appeared in the shining silver wings.

“Thunder God’s Wings!”

Zheng Yi jerked his head towards Yuan Jiuchuan. Fixing him with a cold look, he snorted derisively and said, “People call you ‘Thunder Devil’, but for generations, the heads of our sect have been honored with the title ‘Thunder God’! This set of Thunder God’s Wings is our sect’s signature Immortal grade divine tool! Don’t tell me that you really think your extreme cultivation method will become the mainstream of lightning cultivation?”


As he spoke, he flapped the Thunder God’s Wings and flew towards Yuan Jiuchuan.

Countless glorious talismans, spells, and mysterious patterns that seemed to contain the profound truths of lightning power appeared in the set of shiny silver wings.

Every inch of this heaven and earth that Zheng Yi flew past seemed to be shredded by the wings.

Even Zhao Shanling gasped with astonishment and exclaimed subconsciously, “The void is being shredded...”

Then, he hastily summoned the Voidspirit Pagoda and enveloped Nie Tian, Yin Yanan, and Dong Li with it.


The lightning-burdened space was rapidly riddled with holes.

Glorious light filled the holes, inside of which mysterious lights and unknown forces could be seen flashing across from time to time, as if they established temporary connections to realms that were ruled by eternal dead silence.

However, due to the existence of the Voidspirit Pagoda, the space where Zhao Shanling was remained intact.


As a thick bolt of lightning struck past, Zheng Yi, who looked like a winged ancient god, shot thousands of talismans and spells towards Yuan Jiuchuan with a vigorous flap of his wings.

“Thunder King Seal!” With an explosive roar, Yuan Jiuchuan cast the enormous spiritual tool forward, giving rise to violent thunderclaps.

As it flew, it released clusters of heavenly lightning that were as dazzling as the sun. Wreathed in devastating lightning and flames, they instantly clashed with Zheng Yi’s talismans and spells.

Surrounded by torrential lightning, Yuan Jiuchuan sneered. “Thunder God? Only those of your sect who managed to enter the God domain were given the title ‘Thunder God’. No one has ever called you ‘Thunder God’...

“The lightning element sect declined in your hands.

“Given your mediocre cultivation base and talent, so what if you hold the Thunder God’s Wings now? Even though that Immortal grade divine tool was passed down to you, you can’t bring out its true might.

“Not to mention that you’re seriously injured! Admit it or not, you’ve lost.

“You’ve failed to pull those thunder pools into your domain. Your dream of entering the God domain is broken once again. And you’ve reached the limit of your lifespan. It won’t be long before you die of old age.

“Give up to fate, Zheng Yi. If you give the Thunder God’s Wings to Han Sen, given his cultivation talent and lightning bloodline, he might be able to fulfill your dream for you: become a God domain expert and restore the lightning element sect’s awe-inspiring reputation.

“Your time has ended.”

Yuan Jiuchuan’s words stabbed Zheng Yi’s heart like sharp swords. They were meant to burden him with a mental demon and crush his fighting will.


At this moment, extremely fine blood-colored auras suddenly appeared in Zheng Yi’s lightning domain and started to haunt him.

The blood-colored auras carried power that could gradually dissolve lightning domains into lightning power and turn them into nourishment for this heaven and earth.

Zheng Yi gasped with astonishment. “The Thunder-devouring Whale!”

He sensed changes in his domain once again during his fight against Yuan Jiuchuan.

The fact that his domain was being undermined now proved that earlier, when he had channeled the thunder pools down from the heavens, the Thunder-devouring Whale had slipped a small amount of its flesh aura into his domain without him knowing it.

The influence of a tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale’s flesh aura couldn’t be treated lightly, especially when he was facing a foe like Yuan Jiuchuan.

Zhao Shanling, who sheltered Nie Tian and the others with the Voidspirit Pagoda, observed the battle between Zheng Yi and Yuan Jiuchuan from afar, and asked, “Nie Tian, do we stay here and watch, or do we join the battle? The way I see it, given Zheng Yi’s condition, I doubt he’ll be able to stop Yuan Jiuchuan. However, if we join the battle, Zheng Yi will lose much faster.”

He was convinced that if the Frost Blood Python, the black tortoise, Nie Tian, and he teamed up on Zheng Yi at this moment, they would most likely win without much effort.

Nie Tian shook his head. “Let’s not join their battle.” 

Then, as he looked around for Han Sen, he noticed that he was cowering in a distant location.

Nie Tian grinned and said to Yin Yanan, “Why don’t you and your Frost Blood Python go capture him? If he resists too fiercely, feel free to kill him. There are very few hybrids like him. If we kill one, then there’ll be one less of them.”

“What about you?” Zhao Shanling asked.

“I’ll go underground,” Nie Tian said. Holding the Star Behemoth bone, he sensed his surging flesh aura and knew that brand new bloodline talents would be awakened soon. “That Thunder-devouring Whale is by no means insignificant. By relying on nothing but its heart and flesh aura, it managed to put another in such trouble.

“I’ll head down there, find that heart, and have a talk with it.”

With these words, he prepared to plunge towards the earth without even summoning his Star Boat.

“Don’t you need our help?” Zhao Shanling asked.

Nie Tian shook his head. “There’s no need for that. My bloodline has entered the eighth grade. Even though the transformation isn’t complete yet, I don’t think there’ll be a problem for me to handle a Thunder-devouring Whale’s heart.”

Clad in the Flame Dragon Armor and clutching the bone, he morphed into a streak of fiery light that disappeared into the mire in the blink of an eye.

Infusing the Flame Dragon Armor with his flesh power, he drilled deeper and deeper towards the depths of the earth.

By relying on his life bloodline’s keen perception, he scanned his surroundings, and gradually sensed the aura of the Thunder-devouring Whale heart.

“So there’s a special space in the depths of the earth. It can hole up in it and come out as it pleases!” With a cold smile, Nie Tian picked up speed and headed towards the area in the depths of the earth.


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