Chapter 1190: A Surprise


As rays of glorious light shot out of the altar, blinding light enveloped Nie Tian and the others.

Nie Tian’s bloodline was triggered. Intense flesh power burst forth, filling his surroundings.

“Wait!” Zhao Shanling exclaimed.

At the same time, he summoned the Voidspirit Pagoda. Like fierce fish, countless spatial blades flew out of the pagoda, as if to help him defend against some restrictive spell.

Dong Li also frowned, light-devouring darkness instantly filling the depths of her eyes.

“A restrictive force is stopping us from using this altar!” Taken aback, Fang Hui hastily cast a fire magic. As he did, numerous earthflame crystal strings flew out of him and wove into a fiery spell formation in front of him like human meridians.


The fiery spell formation was broken, and Fang Hui was thrown out of the prismatic altar.


Streams of fierce flames and frigid frost shot out of the twelve surrounding stone columns, fusing into the prismatic altar.

Fang Hui was stopped from entering again.

Blinding light eventually engulfed the entire altar.

“Such a strange force.” Zhao Shanling smiled coldly as the Voidspirit Pagoda spun unceasingly over his head, sending even more glowing spatial blades down into the prismatic altar they were standing on.

The black tortoise, which had slumbered in Dong Li’s ring of holding for quite some time, slowly crawled out in its shrunken form.

The black tortoise’s dark bloodline was also automatically triggered.

Its bloodline seemed to interact with the dark stone inside of Dong Li, and released a mysterious pitch-black ward that enveloped her.

All of a sudden, a strong gravitational force was born, causing Nie Tian, Dong Li, and Zhao Shanling to shudder.

In the next moment, the three of them disappeared from Fang Hui’s sight, who was excluded from the altar.


In an unknown heaven and earth.

A heavy rain was pouring down. However, instead of being clear, the rain was murky like sewage.

Lightning bolts ripped through the grayish heavens over their heads, giving rise to deafening rolls of thunder. Everyone felt a mild pain in their ears.

An ancient altar made of the bones of some unknown beasts sat alone in the middle of a boundless open land, which was now being deluged by the madly-pouring rain.

Nie Tian strained his sight, and saw a number of crude but unusually enormous palaces in the distance.

All of them looked similar to the underground palace in the Green Illusion Dimension, where they had just come from.

The only difference was that most of the palaces here had toppled. Many huge rocks in the ruins had complicated patterns engraved on them.

Among the patterns there were titans, dragons, Ancientbeasts, and all kinds of odd-looking plants and creatures from the Desolate Antiquity Era.

Dong Li came out of her bewilderment and asked, her charming face filled with amazement, “Where is this place? Are we still in the human world? I had a feeling that I was rejected by the spell formation when it started. If it weren’t for this little one...”

She looked down at the black tortoise. “If its flesh aura didn’t work its magic, I doubt I’d have been able to pass through.”

Zhao Shanling nodded. “I felt a strong restrictive force as well. But luckily, I practice spatial power, and my Voidspirit Pagoda has its unique wonders. Most importantly, I sent a wisp of my soul awareness here before the actual teleportation. All of this played a part in my successful entrance.

“As for where we are, I can’t tell whether we’re in a human heaven and earth or not either.”

Nie Tian seemed rather calm as he joined the conversation. “I didn’t feel any restrictions.”

“Powerful outsiders and Ancientspirits lived in our domains long ago,” Zhao Shanling said with a thoughtful expression. “They were only driven out after the rise of humanity. However, they hid many teleportation portals or unique spatial tunnels before they left. Since they were worried that humans would invade through those teleportation portals and spatial tunnels, they built restriction spells into them.

“You only didn’t feel rejected because you’re different from us.”

Nie Tian nodded slightly. “Yeah, I know. Will you be able to use this altar to send us back to the Green Illusion Dimension?”

“Sure, don’t worry about it,” Zhao Shanling said with great confidence. “I have plenty of materials with me. I just need a bit of time to figure out the secrets of this altar.”

“Alright, why don’t you get on with it, while I do a brief scan of the vicinity?” Nie Tian said.

Dong Li chimed in. “I’ll look around too.”

With these words, Nie Tian formed Star Eyes by summoning power from his star souls and mixing it with his soul power. Like floating shining eyes, they flew off in different directions.

Now that Nie Tian had entered the late Soul realm, both the perception and detection range of his Star Eyes had developed to a large extent.

Through his nine Star Eyes, he could see and capture all sorts of soul auras and spiritual auras.

“You go too.” With these words, Nie Tian summoned the misty, cyan Spirit Pearl, which unleashed evil spirits that whizzed off in all directions.

Even the Flame Dragon Armor was summoned from within his ring of holding, and morphed into a streak of flames that disappeared into the distance.

Then, he pondered briefly, and activated his life bloodline.

As soon as he did, he had an incomparably peculiar feeling, something he had never felt before.

He felt that everything in this unknown place, including the earth, the heavens, the air, and the pouring rain, contained faint flesh power.

This entire heaven and earth seemed to have been transformed from the flesh aura of some creature.

He turned to Zhao Shanling and shared his discovery with him. “I have a feeling that everything in this place is made of faint flesh aura.”

Zhao Shanling pondered in silence for a few seconds before saying with a suspecting tone, “I have a similar feeling. I have a feeling that this entire heaven and earth was transformed from the thick flesh aura sea of an Ancientspirit. Something seems to have triggered it and caused it to go through such great changes.”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “So is this place similar to a human Qi warrior’s domain?”

“Sort of.” With these words, Zhao Shanling glanced around. “However, as far as I know, for an Ancientspirit’s flesh aura sea to be able to transform into a heaven and earth like this, that Ancientspirit is probably at the tenth grade. Only the flesh aura sea of a tenth grade Ancientbeast can interact with nature and change in such an incredible way.”

“Transformed from the flesh aura sea of tenth grade Ancientspirit...” Nie Tian muttered to himself, suddenly remembering the unique space created by that Star Behemoth in the Shatter Battlefield.

However, this place seemed very different from that independent space.

That space could gather and channel all sorts of energies from the world that sat above it, then refine them and put them to use.

However, he didn’t see such a feature in the heaven and earth he was currently in.

At the same time, his nine Star Eyes flew farther and farther from him.

Through them, he saw more toppled magnificent stone palaces and broken mountains. However, he didn’t see or detect a single living creature.

“If that Frost Python actually came here, is it still alive?” Nie Tian thought to himself.

His Star Eyes continued to whizz towards more remote locations, searching for secrets to reveal.

Dong Li jumped onto the black tortoise’s back and flew off like a cluster of black clouds, as if she was trying to find something.

Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl, Flame Dragon Armor, Star Eyes, and life bloodline worked at the same time.

After an unknown period of time, one of his Star Eyes caught Dong Li’s exclamation.

That Star Eye instantly flew to her location.

That was when he saw a familiar face in this strange heaven and earth through that Star Eye: Yin Yanan, the chosen one from the Beast-controlling Sect, who had a hybrid Frost Blood Python as her pet.


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