Chapter 1140: Peculiar Scenes in A Strange Place

In an unknown world.

A mysterious glorious rainbow that looked like a multicolored river passed through countless glittering stars.

In one of the realms.

As clusters of dazzling light shone abruptly in the heavens, a few figures entered the realm.

If Nie Tian were there, he would discover that they were Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect, the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, and a powerful expert from the Death Curse Sect, along with luminaries from other so-called crooked human sects that had vanished from the human world many years ago.

Numerous rivers could be seen to the north of the realm.

Some of them were blood-red, while others were emerald-green or ocean-blue.

Some rivers had lightning flashing in them, giving rise to thunderous rumbles. Some emanated an intense bloody aura, along with a strong bloodlust. Some were filled with glittering golden light, while others were filled with torrential flames.

Most of the rivers remained independent, without meeting any of the others.

Naked young males and females could be seen bathing in all of them. Judging from their appearance, they all seemed to be human, even though they had hair of different colors and exuded different auras.

Han Sen was in one of the rivers.

That was a river of blood that had been taken from spirit beasts like Thunder Beasts and Demons that carried lightning bloodlines and repeatedly refined.

Standing in the middle of the river, Han Sen used his bloodline to extract intense flesh power from the boiling hot blood.

Flesh power ran through his meridians like lightning, giving rise to faint crackling sounds. He was doing this to temper his body and enhance his strength.

He glanced around, and a deeply overwhelmed expression appeared on his face.

There were dozens more hybrids like him in the same river he was bathing in.

Like him, they all carried lightning bloodlines, though their bloodlines had come from different origins.

However, most of their bloodlines were at the third or fourth grade, with only a handful of them at the fifth grade, like him.

Furthermore, most of their cultivation bases were rather low as well. The majority of them were at the Heaven or Greater Heaven stage, with only a couple of them at the Worldly realm.

But what really amazed him was their age.

He could tell that they were all very young, both male and female.

These were only the ones that had awakened their lighting bloodlines.

In further areas, many more other young hybrids were bathing in other rivers. Some of them carried earth bloodlines. Some carried the Demons’ berserk bloodlines, while others carried bloodlines that were unique to Stonemen and Blackscales.

Even though they carried different bloodlines, they were all bathing and channeling flesh power from their respective rivers in order to strengthen their bloodlines.

Meanwhile, Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes were scattered in their surroundings, as if they were keeping a close watch on them and the rivers.

Han Sen’s heart was filled with excitement.

He came to realize that he was indeed going to be a part of the new era, and perhaps the meaning of his existence was to display his remarkable talent in human and outsider domains and become a lord of the new world.

He felt as if something deep in his bloodline was telling him that that was his destiny.

In an area that was very far from where the rivers were.

Pale death aura and intense corpse aura pervaded the whole area.

Bonebrutes could be seen bustling among strangely-built burial grounds, dumping numerous human, outsider, and Ancientbeast corpses into them.

Their unique spell formations processed the newly-added corpses, and refined their residual power into pure corpse aura.

All of the newly-generated corpse aura rapidly condensed into nine streams that poured into an enormous Demon corpse in Ancestral Awakening form that was lying on its back in a huge hole in the ground.

It was Cardy, one of the most powerful Demon grand patriarchs, who had died at Feng Beiluo’s hand.

Nine streams of pure corpse aura that were refined from the residual power of the countless corpses in the burial grounds poured into his dry, hard skin.


Feng Beiluo and the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society suddenly arrived.

The woman in the feather hat, who had pursued Pei Qiqi earlier, bowed respectfully upon seeing them. “Lords.”

The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society turned to Feng Beiluo and asked in a dark, gruesome voice, “You’ll be able to enter the God domain after you refine Cardy into a Heavenly Corpse, right?” 

Looking aloof, Feng Beiluo said, “As a matter of fact, I’ve entered the God domain already. I just need some time to stabilize my cultivation base and finish with my work with Cardy.”

A hint of apprehension appeared in the eyes of the Nether Spirit Society sectmaster as he now looked at Feng Beiluo, even though he himself had entered the early God domain a long time ago.

No one understood how formidable Feng Beiluo was better than him. Even before entering the God domain, Feng Beiluo had been capable of causing him great trouble.

Now that he had entered the God domain...

“Turning Cardy into a Heavenly Corpse is only the beginning. Once I’m done with him, the next step will be much easier.” With these words, Feng Beiluo smiled and pointed at a distant location.

A large number of dead Demon, Phantasm, Fiend grand patriarchs, and Ancientbeasts were lying on a piece of empty ground in the distance.

All of them were wreathed in rich corpse auras. From the look of it, their grades were every bit as high as Cardy’s.

Once Cardy was successfully refined into his strongest Heavenly Corpse, Feng Beiluo would be able to use the same method on those ninth grade grand patriarchs and Ancientbeasts, and turn them all into his sharp weapons.

“It seems that your place in our master’s heart is going to rise even higher,” The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society said with an envious tone.

Only at this point did the woman in feather hat find an opportunity to report the recent incident to them. “Lords, two people well-versed in spatial power snuck in here earlier. One of them carried a spatial bloodline. I suspect that she’s the newest legacy disciple of the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society. We found them scouting around, but they eventually escaped.”

Feng Beiluo didn’t seem worried at all as he laughed and said, “Oh, that girl’s name is Pei Qiqi. Don’t worry about it.”

The woman smiled. “Hmm, I thought she had deep connections with our cause. It’s just that she doesn’t know it yet. So the origin of her bloodline...”

Feng Beiluo turned his eyes away from her to gaze off at a dazzling star in the starry river that the glorious rainbow stretched all the way to.

He chuckled and said, “She came to the wrong place.” 

The woman continued, “That Han Sen who arrived just now said that another hybrid named Nie Tian was waiting for her outside, and left with her when she came out.”

“Nie Tian?” The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society exclaimed. “The seventh Son of the Stars who defeated Ophelia not long ago?” 

Feng Beiluo laughed broadly. “Nie Tian... He’s the crucial one.” 


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