Chapter 1138: A Brand New Era

Even though he didn’t admit to his fear, Han Sen’s hair stood on end.

A few puny cyan lightning bolts had appeared from under his skin, but now slithered back into him in a slow, meticulous manner.

It was as if he was afraid that Nie Tian would be displeased and make a killing move.

Han Sen examined himself with his soul awareness, and found that his bloodline was currently suppressed by Nie Tian’s bloodline, and couldn’t spark any interest in fighting back.

“Bloodline suppression!”

He, who had a shallow understanding of different bloodlines, was well-aware what this meant.

Bloodline suppression would only occur when a member of a higher species fought a member of a lower species.

For instance, during the Primal Era, the Star Behemoths’ bloodlines had had a suppressing effect on those of ancient Demons, dragons, and titans, due to the innate superiority of their bloodlines.

Another example would be the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes nowadays, all of which had produced many tenth grade grand monarchs.

When they faced minor races like Birdmen, Blackscales, and Stonemen, which had never produced any tenth grade grand monarchs, their bloodlines would also enjoy a suppressing effect.

This was the reason why Nie Tian’s life bloodline was making him so powerless and afraid. It wasn’t because Nie Tian’s bloodline was at a higher grade than his.

Han Sen understood this far too well.

Even if his bloodline had been at the seventh grade like Nie Tian, his lightning bloodline would still be suppressed by Nie Tian’s life bloodline.

Perhaps only if his bloodline had been one or two grades higher than Nie Tian’s would he be able to get over the suppressing effect Nie Tian’s bloodline had on his.

“Ask me whatever you want, and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge,” Han Sen said again.

Nie Tian pointed at the secret portal Pei Qiqi and Zhao Shanling had entered and asked a whole bunch of questions at once. “Tell me about the hybrids on the other side of that portal. Where are they from? What grade are they at? What do I need to know if I want to go in there? And how can I come out of there...?”

At the same time, he summoned the Spirit Pearl from within his ring of holding and held it towards Han Sen’s eyes.


The Spirit Pearl’s soul then flew out, along with the five evil spirits.

Looking at the sinister evil spirits, Han Sen started trembling in fear, fear that they would rip him apart upon catching a single untrue statement he made.

Admitting to Nie Tian’s dominance, he sagged his head and brought out everything he knew bit by bit. “I... I’ll tell you everything...”

It turned out that Han Sen was from a sect that had a profound connection to the Five Elements Sect.

Many years ago, the lightning element sect, where he was from, had been part of the Five Elements Sect.

However, due to its sluggish development and the fact that none of its sect heads had been able to enter the God domain, it had gradually been excluded from the Five Elements Sect and become a mediocre subordinate sect.

However, they hadn’t given up hope of regaining their seat in the Five Elements Sect and becoming a cornerstone like the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth element sects.

Knowing that he had no prospect of entering the God domain himself, the current head of the lightning element sect had come up with a different approach, and prepared to start their ascension with their next generation.

Han Sen was the product of a transaction between the current head of the lightning element sect and someone unknown.

Even Han Sen himself hadn’t been aware of his identity as a hybrid right until the awakening of his bloodline.

He also didn’t know who his parents were, or the exact origin of his bloodline. He had only traveled around, built up his strength, and sought breakthroughs in his cultivation under the instruction and care of the head of the lightning element sect.

It wasn’t until he had captured the Annihilation Spirit Lightning in the depths of the Bloody Grave Mountain Range that his bloodline had finally been awakened.

The Annihilation Spirit Lightning had helped stimulate and awaken his lightning bloodline, which had been in incubation since his birth.

After the awakening of his bloodline, his body had become much tougher, his strength had grown sharply, and even his cultivation base had soared.

Only at that moment had the head of the lightning element sect told him that he was special, and the origin of his bloodline lay with a unique place.

Only by going there would he be able to make faster advances in his bloodline.

Furthermore, he would be able to find the origin of his bloodline there.

“So you’re saying that you’ve actually never been there before?” Nie Tian asked with a confused look on his face. “And you’re here because you want to visit that place for the first time?”

“Well, according to my master, I was born there,” Han Sen said, looking somewhat embarrassed. “It’s just that I was a baby back then, and couldn’t remember anything. The truth is that my master asked someone to make me in there. Now that I’ve awakened my lightning bloodline, he thought it was about time I came back because I’ll be able to make rapid breakthroughs there.

“He also told me that he’s communicated with the people in there. All I need to do is to go in there and tell them who I am.

“So I assumed that you came from there too, like me. Now that you’ve awakened your bloodline and achieved certain heights, you’ve come back to seek more possibilities for advances.”

Nie Tian’s expression grew strange.

Of course he understood that he wasn’t like Han Sen. All the evidence suggested he had been born and raised in the Realm of Flame Heaven.

However, he wasn’t sure that was the case with Pei Qiqi.

“Han Sen...” Nie Tian was lost in thought. His expression gradually grew stern.

Like Han Sen, he hadn’t awakened his bloodline at birth either, but had awakened his bloodline at a certain time due to a certain opportunity.

He had awakened his bloodline fairly early.

Han Sen had only awakened his bloodline after he had gained the Annihilation Spirit Lightning.

Was it possible that there were many more hybrids like Han Sen scattered across the human domains, who only hadn’t awakened their bloodlines yet?

The master of the lightning element sect had asked someone to make Han Sen, and hoped that his paired lightning bloodline and lightning cultivation attribute would lift their sect from their current situation towards a bright future.

Therefore, others could have done the same, and demanded hybrids be produced for their causes.

If there were indeed a large number of hybrids like him, wouldn’t the entire human world experience turmoil after they all awakened their bloodlines, and manifested shockingly high talent and potential?

Thanks to Han Sen’s appearance, Nie Tian captured this huge scheme and potential cause of disasters.

Meanwhile, Dong Li had long since been flabbergasted beyond words, listening to the conversation between Nie Tian and Han Sen. As quick-minded as she was, she was well-aware of what this shocking secret meant.

“Nie Tian, if a large number of hybrids like you, Pei Qiqi, and Han Sen awaken their bloodlines and rise to prominence in the human heaven and earth...” Dong Li took a deep breath, “then I’m afraid we’re facing a brand new era, a brand new world!”

A violent shudder ran through Nie Tian. “A brand new world!” 

“Yeah, that’s right,” Han Sen said, as if there was no question in that. “My master told me that a brand new era is at hand. The four great sects will soon be in the past. He and I, we’re all...”

Nie TIan’s expression flickered as he looked at him. “You’re what?”

After a moment of hesitation, Han Sen said, “We’re all part of that future. And since you’re a hybrid, you belong to the new era as well. Whether you accept it or not, you’ll play a crucial role in it. I’m sure of it.”


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