Chapter 1137: Overwhelming Power

Han Sen didn’t say another word. He simply laughed, looking at Nie Tian and Dong Li.

His laughter gradually became resonant, and then ear-piercing.

At the same time, slender cyan lightning bolts slithered from under his skin to roam all over him like spirit snakes.

They were condensations of his pure flesh power.


The slithering lighting bolts suddenly made his scrawny body look strong and formidable.

Now, with lightning bolts as his cape, he looked like a fierce god of lightning.

Rubbing his chin, Nie Tian examined him with his bloodline power, then said with a crafty smile, “He’s clearly spent some time and effort refining his body with lighting power, so his body is much tougher than that of an ordinary cultivator. However, the grade of your bloodline is still far too low. Any body refinement at such a level isn’t even worth mentioning in front of me.”

He wasn’t sure from which particular species Han Sen had inherited his lightning bloodline.

After all, many Ancientbeasts, Demons, and other species were endowed with the wonders of lighting.

He couldn’t determine the origin of Han Sen’s bloodline simply by relying on his instincts.

However, one thing he was certain: his bloodline was only at the fifth grade.

The strength of a fifth grade outsider was only equal to that of a Worldly realm Qi warrior.

However, Han Sen’s other focus of cultivation, the cultivation of his spiritual sea and lightning power core, was much more advanced, and was currently at the late Soul realm.

Both his bloodline and spiritual core were lightning-attributed. Together, they...


At this moment, a glorious lightning bolt that was as thick as a man’s thumb suddenly shot out of Han Sen’s left eye.

Like a spirit snake with its own awareness, it continued to draw power from his flesh aura and lightning power core in his dantian region as it slithered forward.

It expanded at an alarming speed under Nie Tian’s gaze.

Just a few seconds later, it grew to a hundred meters long and as thick as a man’s waist.

It emanated light so dazzlingly bright that Nie Tian couldn’t even bear to look at it. Just a glance at it would cause stabbing pain in his eyes and make them water.

Han Sen laughed sinisterly, with tiny lightning bolts slithering in his eyes. “Annihilation Spirit Lightning!”

In the next moment, he turned into a figure wreathed in thick, blinding lighting bolts.

An extremely intense lightning aura burst forth from within him, filling his surroundings with flashing lighting and rolling thunder. At this moment, he seemed even mightier than Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil.

The lightning bolt he referred to as Annihilation Spirit Lightning was the self-aware lightning bolt he had captured in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range many years ago.

Since it was at the Earth Cultivated grade, it possessed primitive intelligence.

Its fusion with him had finally stimulated and awakened his bloodline. Both his bloodline and cultivation base had experienced rapid advances since then.

With a derisive smile, Nie Tian made a grabbing motion in the air. “Come back!”

The Star Behemoth bone behind him that was dozens of meters long rapidly shrank to the size of spear and flew into his hand.

Countless blood-colored veins formed mysterious patterns that covered the surface of the crimson bone.

Strange auras that the bone had absorbed from the dashing lights could be seen circulating within them.


The thick lightning bolt that carried Han Sen’s flesh power, spiritual power, and soul power slashed down towards Nie Tian’s head.

Like a lightning dragon that was going to destroy heaven and earth, it filled the entire area with blinding light. Its extraordinary might even eliminated all of the dashing lights in its surroundings.

“A showy move.” Nie Tian snorted as he thrust the Star Behemoth bone towards the incoming lighting bolt that was like an enormous lightning dragon.

As the complicated blood-colored patterns on it lit up one by one like lamps on a night street, a strong bloody aura burst forth from within the bone.

A streak of blood-colored aura suddenly split the void and charged skywards.

The dashing lights the bone had absorbed had clearly stimulated it and boosted its might by fusing into its blood-colored veins.


The so-called Annihilation Spirit Lightning was instantly crushed under the blood-colored aura’s overwhelming might.

Though it seemed as formidable as a lightning dragon, it only held for a couple of seconds before breaking into pieces.

Nie Tian let out a long laugh and charged towards Han Sen, clutching the bone in his hand. “You really think you can pose a threat to me with your late Soul realm cultivation base and fifth grade bloodline? Your strength might have experienced rapid growth after your trip to the Bloody Grave Mountain Range, but everything is relative.

“Compared to mine, your so-called ‘growth’ is nothing but a joke!”

With these words, clusters of dazzling starlight shot out of Nie Tian’s palm and plummeted towards Han Sen like small meteors.

At the same time, Flame Dragon’s Cry was unleashed.

Blazing flame power from his spiritual sea rapidly morphed into a dragon of flames. It drew power from his flesh aura, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the flame spark before charging towards Han Sen with an overwhelming momentum.

The heavy bombardment forced Han Sen to draw back.


As Han Sen panicked and decided to escape at all costs, Nie Tian cast another profound magic of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, a short-range Starshift, and appeared right behind him.


His large fist crushed space as he drove it towards Han Sen’s back with splitting force.

The protective shield Han Sen hastily formed with lightning power shattered upon contact.

His fist slammed into Han Sen’s back.


One seemingly casual strike, and half of Han Sen’s ribs cracked.

Nie Tian shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Weak... You’re too weak as a hybrid.”

Then, he reached out and clenched Han Sen’s neck. Wisps of blood-colored aura flew out of his fingertips into Han Sen’s body, where they seemed to chain up and imprison his lightning bloodline.

Dong Li remained by her dark stone this whole time, not showing the slightest interest in joining the battle.

After all, she had witnessed Nie Tian’s duel against Ophelia in the Dead Star Sea.

He had even managed to defeat Ophelia, who was the Demons’ pride, a direct descendant of Grand Monarch Illusory Demon, and the current holder of the Doom Blade. In comparison, a figure like Han Sen was nothing.

Having unwavering confidence in Nie Tian, Dong Li hadn’t doubted in the slightest that he would emerge victorious.

Neck clenched by Nie Tian’s large hand, Han Sen attempted to draw on his lightning-attributed bloodline power, only to discover that it couldn’t circulate as freely as before, as if it had been infused with lead. “How... How did you become so powerful?”

At the same time, his dantian region seemed to be sealed off, as it had become extremely difficult for his spiritual power to enter or leave it.

He gave up resistance, as he finally realized that if he dared to make another move, Nie Tian might be enraged and snap his neck.

Since this was a space disruption zone, and he wasn’t a Saint or God domain expert, if his fleshly body perished, his soul would share the same fate.

With a broad smile, Nie Tian said, “It seems that it’s been a while since you last spent time in human domains. Otherwise, you would have feared me upon seeing me.” 

“Why... Why would I do that?” Han Sen pretended to be calm.

Dong Li finally couldn’t help but jump in and say in a bragging manner, “If you had visited any human domains recently, you would have heard people talking about him defeating Ophelia, the Demons’ pride, in the Dead Star Sea.” 

Han Sen was flabbergasted. “Ophelia?! A Demon young monarch, and their strongest eighth grade fighter?!” 

His response proved that he had indeed not visited any human domains recently.

“So can we talk now?” Nie Tian taunted.

Sagging his head, Han Sen answered in frustration, “Sure. In fact, since we’re both hybrids, perhaps there are even some connections between us. Whatever you want to ask, I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“It’s not because I’m scared of you, but because we’re the same, you and me,” Han Sen said, cringing.


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