Chapter 1119: Those Who Call Themselves Gods

“That’s a titan of the Ancientspirits!” Many human experts exclaimed in astonishment upon seeing the enormous titan flying towards them.

The titan that had barged into this area of the starry river was larger than any starship, human or outsider.

His sudden arrival shocked all of the observers.

The area where titans lived was extremely far from the human heaven and earth. Even after sailing through the Dead Star Sea, they would still have to take a very long journey to arrive in their heaven and earth.

Unlike outsiders and Ancientbeasts, titans hadn’t appeared in the human heaven and earth for a very long time.

Many wars had broken out between the humans and outsiders. The titans hadn’t been in any of them. Only Ancientbeasts and dragons had appeared on a few occasions.

For this reason, even many of the powerful human experts hadn’t seen a living titan in their whole lives, not to mention the juniors.

Everyone’s eyes fixed on the arriving titan, a legendary creature that was even larger than a dragon.

Like a towering mountain peak, he floated over the dead realm. His surging flesh aura stirred and conflicted with the mixed energies in the starry river, enveloping him in a raging storm.

The meteors that were close to him shattered to pieces that swirled around him in his terrifying flesh aura sea.


It was neither the human experts nor the outsider experts who had exclaimed this name.

Instead, it came from Felix and the other dragons that were quietly observing the duel from a distant floating meteor.

Only then did some powerful human and outsider experts exclaim, “That’s Chatvic! An Ancient God of the titans!”

Titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons were all Ancientspirits, who had been the overlords of this starry river during the Desolate Antiquity Era.

During that lost era, titans had considered themselves as gods, and referred to their powerful tenth grade members as ‘Ancient Gods’.

This Chatvic in front of everyone was a tenth grade titan, which was why others referred to him as ‘Ancient God’ to show their respect.


Nie Tian’s roar echoed out from the dead realm underneath him.

After he had cast Titan’s Wrath, his fist expanded infinitely in Ophelia’s view, almost filling the entire heaven and earth. This gave her a feeling that she could never avoid it.

However, the rapid expansion had also made the fist travel slowly.

Because of this, even by the time Chatvic arrived, the fist still hadn’t reached Ophelia.

As the fist slowly pressed forward, not only did it channel all sorts of power from Nie Tian, but it absorbed the mixed, unidentified energies in the dead realm as well.

Fixing his huge, bright eyes on the dead realm, Chatvic muttered, “This is...”

Under his gaze, the originally dark dead realm suddenly lit up, as if a sun had shone upon it. Many details of the duel were brought to light.

Only then did the powerful experts of different races notice that countless hair-like wisps, which seemed to be powers of different attributes, were being attracted to Nie Tian’s magical fist.

Like a creature with its own awareness, the fist continued to expand at an alarming rate as it absorbed all kinds of energy.

By the time it finally reached Ophelia, it had already expanded several dozen times over, and become much larger than Nie Tian.


Ophelia, who had activated Ancestral Awakening, had become ten times as large as her original size, and assumed the appearance of an Illusion Demon.

It was hard to tell whether she was illusory or real. Her skin had become semi-transparent, vaguely revealing her meridians and veins. Her blood could be even seen running through them at a high speed.

Her demonic armor had expanded with her.

At this moment, countless exquisite patterns suddenly left its surface and morphed into a Demonic Cloud Shield, which was a magic mastered by many Demons.

It was just that Ophelia’s Demonic Cloud Shield was incredibly large. Like a humongous shield, it propped up heaven and earth.

Exquisite demonic patterns could be seen changing rapidly on the shield’s surface. In the next moment, hundreds of peculiar spell formations came to form.


The Demon qi that was unconsciously exuded by the many high-tier and low-tier Demons that were gathered outside the dead realm was suddenly channeled, and poured down into it like waterfalls.

As raging Demon qi fused into the Demonic Cloud Shield, the shield became even thicker and sturdier, like an unshakable mountain peak.


Finally, Nie Tian’s Titan’s Wrath, which carried various types of power from Nie Tian and his surroundings, slammed into the Demonic Cloud Shield.

The enormous shield took waves of intense blows within a short time.

Ophelia sensed with great clarity that more than ten types of power had slammed violently into her shield in less than a second.

The curious spell formations on the shield, which were formed from solidified demonic power, faded away one after another.

Losing the solidification of the spell formations, the Demonic Cloud Shield was weakened.


Cracks appeared on the enormous shield before it suddenly exploded into pieces.

“Such a mighty fist magic doesn’t seem to be an attacking means of the humans,” Ophelia exclaimed softly.  A relaxed expression then appeared on her face as she once again stimulated the complicated patterns on her demonic armor.

Even though her Demonic Cloud Shield had shattered, Nie Tian’s punch had also worn out its power.

She shrewdly discovered that Nie Tian had consumed a significant amount of flesh power, along with the power of different attributes within his spiritual sea.

She felt that Nie Tian had become weaker.


Both the Spirit Pearl and the Star Behemoth bone seemed to sense Nie Tian’s condition, as they flew back to him.

The Spirit Pearl floated over the top of his head, where it emanated misty cyan light.

The bone stopped in front of him. Numerous mysterious veins that looked like human meridians appeared on its surface, as if it were experiencing new changes.

Ophelia fixed Nie Tian with an icy look. A few seconds later, she lifted her hand to recover her pearl and said, “The Demonic Mirage Pearl doesn’t seem to work on you. And the toughness of your body is beyond my expectations. Even though I can hurt you by fighting you with my fleshly strength, your freakish self-healing ability allows you to recover once you’re given a chance.”

With these words, she frowned, as if she had finally made a decision.

Drop after drop of Blood Essence flew out of her heart to burn in front of her ample chest.

Then, she took out an oddly-shaped saber and put it in the seething flesh aura created by her Blood Essence.

The saber was sharply curved, and looked to be rather dull at first.

However, as soon as Ophelia dipped it in her burning Blood Essence, it underwent changes.

Outside the dead realm, many Demon observers held their breaths.

Their eyes were filled with excitement and reverence as they looked at the demonic blade.

Some powerful human experts also recognized the blade. Their expressions flickered as they all stopped talking to one another.

Nie Tian also sensed the anomaly.

He looked up at the blurry figures in the void that were as puny as grains of rice.

His expression flickered as he saw the enormous titan against a background of countless tiny figures.

With a faint smile, Ophelia said, “Even though the Demonic Mirage Pearl works well with my bloodline, and I can use it to create all kinds of illusions and bewitch others, it’s not destructive enough.” 

By saying these words, she caught Nie Tian’s attention again.

“This blade is my most mighty tool,” Ophelia explained. “However, since the price to wield it is too great, I don’t want to use it unless I have to.”

Nie Tian’s face grew grim.

Before this duel, he had heard that Ophelia was in possession of an amazing demonic tool, which was every bit as powerful as the four great sects’ Immortal grade divine tools.

He had assumed that the Demonic Mirage Pearl was the powerful tool people had referred to.

Only now did he realize that the demonic blade bathed in Ophelia’s seething Blood Essence was her most mighty tool, which she wouldn’t wield unless absolutely necessary.


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