Chapter 1118: No Sign of Defeat


The eighth grade Ophelia panted softly, her icy eyes wreathed in swirling flesh aura.

An astonished expression appeared on her face.

Having activated her Indestructible Form and clad in her demonic armor, she had confidence that even Fiends, Phantasms, and other outsiders wouldn’t be able to handle her at close quarters.

Only Bonebrutes that had activated their Impregnable Form might have a chance at contending against her in such a manner.

Nie Tian, however, was only a hybrid.

She could tell that his bloodline was only at the seventh grade.

Even a Bonebrute at his grade wouldn’t be able to match her in battle.

Therefore, the fact that a seventh grade hybrid like him had managed to contend against her for so long in a pure clash of fleshly bodies greatly shocked her.

As soon as they were separated from each other, Ophelia calmed down.

Earlier, Nie Tian had vested his eyes with the negative emotions of the five evil spirits, and plunged them into the depths of Ophelia’s soul, stirring up her bloodlust. This had caused her to give up her powerful tools and exquisite bloodline talents and resort to pure fleshly strength in her fight against Nie Tian.

At this moment, even though she had walked out of the five powerful evil spirits’ influences, she didn’t launch a new round of attacks right away.

Instead, she took a closer look at Nie Tian, examining him for even the slightest changes.

Soon, she noticed that, even though their fight had just stopped, the fine wounds that covered his body had already stopped bleeding, and begun scabbing over.

Ophelia’s eyes widened.

At this moment, Nie Tian, who was going to summon the Flame Dragon Armor, had second thoughts, and eventually chose to activate his newly-acquired bloodline talent, Potential Stimulation, instead.

At the same time, he activated Heavenly Wood Heal.


Vigorous flesh aura burst forth from within his heart like a flood bursting through a dam.

Three more drops of Blood Essence that looked like crimson diamonds seethed, releasing countless wisps of extremely vigorous flesh power that carried the profound truths of life.

Wisp after wisp instantly flowed to every corner of his body, filling his internal organs.

His wounds started healing at a shockingly high speed, his flesh fibers rapidly regenerating, reattaching, and refining.

Bone Crystallizing, Internal Organ Nourishing, Meridian Toughening, and Flesh Tempering, the four stages of Heavenly Wood Heal, had made every inch of his body extraordinarily tough.

As the newly-generated flesh power circulated through his body through his meridians, even the internal injuries Ophelia had inflicted upon him healed at an incredible speed.

In only a few breaths’ time, he could no longer feel the burning sensation and sore pain in his chest.

At the same time, the scabs that had formed over the deep scratches Ophelia had left all over him started falling off like old tree bark.

The revealed skin was so smooth that there weren’t any signs of previous injuries. Instead, it seemed even more translucent and jade-like.

Ophelia’s pupils shrank as she saw this.

Due to the distances involved, even the God domain experts outside the dead realm might not be able to capture the subtle changes to Nie Tian’s body.

However, she saw even the slightest change with great clarity.

“I, I can’t believe that he can actually heal himself at such an unimaginable speed!” Ophelia exclaimed inwardly. A hint of disbelief appeared in her eyes as she stared at Nie Tian.

Both the Demons’ Indestructible Form and the Bonebrutes’ Impregnable Form were known for their tremendous enhancement of bodily functions.

Of course, enhanced self-healing ability was one of the perks. However, it wasn’t what characterized these two profound bloodline talents.

The most powerful self-healing bloodline talents came from the Floragrims, represented by Heavenly Wood Heal, which Nie Tian had mastered and practiced.

Coupling it with his unique bloodline, he had raised his self-healing ability to a whole new level.

The experts gathered outside the dead realm could only sense the sudden surge in Nie Tian’s flesh aura, but they couldn’t see or sense all of the details.

“A seventh grade hybrid...” Ophelia muttered to herself, a grim look appearing on her face.

She had heard of the humans’ hybrid projects long ago. However, she had never attached any importance to them.

On the one hand, all of the surviving hybrids were said to be weak, too weak to raise her attention.

On the other hand, she had heard that major problems had happened to the humans’ hybrid projects.

For these reasons, as far as she saw it, the so-called hybrid projects were nothing but a joke.

But now, as a hybrid, Nie Tian had displayed abilities that completely astonished her.

If the humans had many more hybrids like Nie Tian...

Her face grew grimmer and grimmer as her train of thought reached this point.

“Bloodline talent: Thousand Demon Hands!” With a loud exclamation, several drops of purple Blood Essence burst within Ophelia’s heart, unleashing torrential flesh power.

Raging flesh power mixed with her soul awareness in an unfathomable manner, forming a wide illusory river between her and Nie Tian.

Immediately afterwards, numerous huge arms stretched out of the river, clawing at Nie Tian.

With a cold smile, Nie Tian exclaimed, “Primal Chaos!”

All sorts of power, including his flesh aura, star power, flame power, wood power, and soul power, exploded within him simultaneously.

Powers of different attributes clashed with each other as they formed a unique, distorting field around him.

Countless bits of starlight, wood essence, and flame sparks hovered around him at an increasing speed.

Upon entering the Primal Chaos, the demon hands that had stretched out of the purple river unraveled and were reduced to the wisps of flesh and soul aura they had originally been. As they were twisted by the swirling energies in the Primal Chaos, Ophelia started to experience pain in her soul.

“What kind of bizarre power field is this?! It’s definitely not a domain!” Ophelia had never expected that her Thousand Demon Hands, which she had cast at the cost of her Blood Essence, would be neutralized before they could even get close to Nie Tian.

At this moment, Nie Tian roared inwardly as he infused his right arm with the various types of power that were hovering within the Primal Chaos. “Titan’s Wrath!” 

Without even approaching Ophelia, he threw a punch towards her with full force.

Ophelia’s gasped as she watched Nie Tian’s fist gradually expand, as if to fill all of heaven and earth. “Why, why did I just hear the roar of a titan...?” 

As a core member of the Demon race, she had encountered titans in areas that bordered titan territory before.

Therefore, as she heard a remote roar from Nie Tian’s expanding fist, she found it rather familiar.

At the same time...

A titan was sitting straight like a mountain peak on a gigantic floating meteor in a nearby area of the Dead Star Sea.

All of a sudden, his internal aura was stirred by something, causing his heart to race.

His eyes snapped open. Bright like the sun, they lit up the dark starry river.

Thanks to his keen bloodline perception, he quickly determined that it was the battle between a Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and a Demon in a nearby area that he had just felt.

His expression flickered with astonishment. “A magic cast by that Son of the Stars named Nie Tian stirred up my qi and blood?” 

The reason why he hadn’t gone to witness the duel between Nie Tian and Ophelia was because he attached no importance to either of them.

He had only traveled to the Dead Star Sea all the way from their heaven and earth because he was interested in the duel between Mo Heng and Grand Monarch Primal Demon.

Therefore, he hadn’t even cared to enter the area before that duel took place.

If Nie Tian lost, he would have left quietly, as if he had never been here.

However, now that a magic cast by Nie Tian actually triggered a palpitation in his heart, he became somewhat intrigued.

“It’s said that the seventh Son of the Stars is a hybrid, but no one seems to know the origin of his non-human bloodline,” he muttered to himself. “Don’t tell me that his bloodline has something to do with us. But if it doesn’t, why would I sense it so sharply as soon as he cast that magic?”

Baffled, the titan infused the meteor he was sitting on with his flesh aura.

Like an incomparably large starship, the meteor sailed towards the battle area at a shocking speed, giving rise to deafening rumbles.

Pieces kept breaking off the meteor as it dashed forward, as if it couldn’t withstand the titan’s power.

By the time the meteor approached the dead realm where the duel was taking place, numerous pieces from the meteor rained towards the observers like cannonballs, forcing them to avoid them while cursing aloud.


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