Chapter 1115: The First Duel!

At the Blood Purgatory Sea in the Second Demon Realm.

Han Yu went through a teleportation portal and came to a place at the edge of the bloody sea.

Scarlet seawater was boiling, with bubbles rising from the bottom.

For countless years, many Demons who had committed crimes or failed in battles had been tossed into it.

Even human slaves, Ancientbeasts that had been slain by the Demons, or members of other outsider races had been thrown into it.

Once a body fell into the Blood Purgatory Sea, it would rapidly melt and become a part of the bloody sea, without even leaving a bone.

The vast Blood Purgatory Sea brimmed with the flesh auras of a wide array of species.

After being refined by the sea, the flesh auras would be fused into a secret place at the bottom of the sea of blood.

Upon arriving, Han Yu waited quietly by the sea.

Only after a while did a tall, agile figure suddenly fly out of the sea of blood, clad in a suit of dark purple battle armor.

She didn’t have a single drop of blood on her, as if the bewitching light released by battle armor engraved with countless mysterious patterns had kept the bloody seawater from her body.

Upon seeing her, Han Yu couldn’t tear his eyes from her, looking fascinated.

Ophelia’s long, dark purple hair dangled like a waterfall, reaching her slender lower back. Her face was so exquisite it looked like it was from a painting. Her eyes seemed to be fashioned from clear, purple crystal, brimming with magical power.

Even though Han Yu couldn’t stop looking at her, he avoided her eyes.

It was as if by looking into her eyes, his soul would instantly be plunged into endless illusions, and trapped there eternally.

“Did you find out who killed Cardy?” Ophelia asked coldly. Unlike a woman’s soft, pleasant voice, her voice was filled with strong killing intent and a thirst for blood.

After Cardy’s death in the Domain of the Falling Stars, Grand Monarch Primal Demon had instructed her to take over the Blood Purgatory Sea.

As the new warden of the Blood Purgatory Sea, her primary responsibility was to ensure the successful resurrection of that grand monarch.

By relying a drop of his Blood Essence, that grand monarch had already gathered a tremendous amount of flesh aura essence and reformed his heart at the bottom of the Blood Purgatory Sea. Now, he was rebuilding his bones, meridians, and flesh by relying on his heart.

When Cardy had been alive, he had been able to go down to the place where the heart was, and communicate with him through his bloodline.

Besides that, he also had the key to the forbidden place at the bottom of the sea, along with many other treasures that were helpful to the heart.

Because of his demise, not only did Ophelia have great difficulty entering the forbidden place at the bottom of the sea, but she also couldn’t rely on her bloodline to communicate with the grand monarch’s heart.

“The seventh Son of the Stars refused to trade with us or tell us who killed Cardy,” Han Yu answered respectfully.

Ophelia frowned and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Trade would have been the easiest way for us to get Cardy’s possessions. But since he refuses to do that, I’ll have to expend extra time and effort before I can kill him. Also, even though I’ll be able to learn the truth about Cardy’s death from his memories, it’s hard to say whether we can get his possessions.”

Frustrated, Han Yu said, “Perhaps he refused to do business with us because a lot of human experts were watching.”

Ophelia pondered in silence for a long while before suddenly fixing Han Yu with a deep look. “How much do you know about the seventh Son of the Stars?”

Han Yu shook his head. “I only met him in the Domain of Nether Heaven. Even though his cultivation base and battle prowess were far inferior back then, he wasn’t easy to deal with.”

With a confused expression, Ophelia asked, “So do you think Mo Heng arranged for him to fight an eighth grade champion of our choice because he wanted him dead, or does he have other intentions?” 

“Hmm...” Han Yu couldn’t give her an answer.

“Did you tell them the time for the duel?”

“I did.”


Three days later.

The Demons chose a dead realm close to their stronghold as the location for the duel between Nie Tian and Ophelia.

This dead realm was even vaster than the Realm of Flame Heaven, yet it was completely lifeless, without a single blade of grass or wisp of life aura.

Endless desolation and cold was all there was.

The Demons demanded that no one should enter the dead realm before the duel between Nie Tian and Ophelia ended.

Those who wished to observe the duel would have to remain outside the dead realm and rely on their sight, soul awareness, and flesh aura detection.

Nie Tian arrived first.

Sitting on a broken grayish-brown mountain peak, he gazed off into the distance. Countless huge craters, toppled mountains, and large boulders stretched as far as the eye could see.

He immediately realized that this dead realm had been designated for battle.

Many experts and powerful beings must have fought in this place.

He quietly released his bloodline power and soul awareness, and relied on them to scan every inch of the realm, lest the Demons scheme against him.

He spread his awareness to every corner of the realm, but failed to find anything wrong.


A cluster of blackish-violet Demon qi suddenly flew out of the Demon’s stronghold towards him.

“Ophelia!” Many Demons that were scattered around the dead realm exclaimed excitedly upon seeing the cluster of raging Demon qi, and the figure within it.

Juniors like Huang Jinnan, Hou Chulan, and He Lianxiong, along with other powerful human experts, also fixed their eyes on the cluster of blackish-violet Demon qi.

A figure seemed to be changing unceasingly within it.

It kept morphing between various odd-looking low-tier Demons, ancient Demons that had long since vanished in the long process of history, and powerful Demon grand monarchs that had lived long ago.

Watching the constantly changing images in the Demon qi, many powerful human experts grew grim.

Those images seemed to be the past, present, and future of the Demon race. They seemed to carry unfathomable wonders and secrets.

Surprised and astonished, people whispered among themselves.

“That’s the profound truths of Grand Monarch Illusory Demon’s bloodline power!”

“As her direct descendant, Ophelia has perfectly inherited her bloodline talents! Even though she’s only at the eighth grade, she already has the ability to create such mysterious illusions. That Demon young monarch is extraordinary indeed!”

“I fear for Nie Tian.”


The demonic shadow shrewdly discovered Nie Tian’s location and descended.

Upon arriving, the shadow gradually morphed into Ophelia’s true form.

However, as soon as she revealed herself, Nie Tian suddenly felt that the dead realm started to undergo changes due to her arrival.

The places he had previously scanned with his soul awareness and bloodline power suddenly became unfamiliar to him.

“I’m your opponent, Seventh Son of the Stars,” Ophelia said in a voice that was filled with strong killing intent and bloodlust. At the same time, she fixed her eyes that brimmed with magical power on him.

In the next moment, Nie Tian felt as if he had fallen into an unknown heaven and earth, as if he was being plunged into a dreadful nightmare.


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