Chapter 1080: Breaking Connections

Pei Qiqi started.

She cast her irregularly shaped crystal towards the spatial rift that was surrounded by three lofty mountain peaks.


Numerous glowing spatial blades started slithering within the spatial rift, as if to drain the spatial rift of its power.

The spatial rift that had existed for who knew how many years began to show signs of closing up.

Dong Li stretched lazily. “I don’t have business here anymore. I’m off to the Realm of a Hundred Battles.”

With a tender smile, she left with her black tortoise.

The Dong Clan was based in the Realm of a Hundred Battles. She was eager to go there to focus on deriving enlightenment from that mysterious dark stone and stabilizing her cultivation base.

Nie Tian had planned to ask her about that stone originally. However, seeing that she was eager to leave, and he had to stay here to oversee things, he could only let her leave and go find her later.

Those who had returned from the three Demon realms continued to gabble about their abundant gains excitedly, from which Nie Tian learned that every sect that had taken part in this operation had gained a significant amount of cultivation resources.

Qi warriors of different cultivation bases had gained materials that would provide them with tremendous help when they attempted to make breakthroughs in the future.

Jing Feiyang and the others gave the Demon corpses they had collected to Nie Tian.

“Nie Tian, these are the corpses of the Demons we killed.”

“Here you go.”

“Some of them are at the eighth grade, but the majority are at the sixth and seventh grade.”

The ring of holding Quan Zixuan handed to Nie Tian held the most valuable contents: an early ninth grade Demon grand patriarch, and quite a few eighth grade Demons. They would provide Nie Tian with rich flesh power.

All of them knew that Nie Tian had a heavy need for high-grade outsider and Ancientbeast corpses, and had already contributed their old collections to him.

If they hadn’t taken this trip to the three Demon realms, they wouldn’t have had any fresh outsider corpses to give him.

He had stated before they set out to the Demon realms that he wouldn’t take any of the spiritual materials and demonic grass his subordinates looted from the Demon realms, but he would have the corpses of all of the Demons they killed.

Nie Tian grabbed one ring of holding after another and examined their contents one by one. A hearty smile gradually appeared on his face.

“A ninth grade Demon grand monarch, more than a dozen eighth grade high-tier Demons, several thousand sixth and seventh grade high-tier Demons and enormous low-tier Demons...” Nie Tian muttered to himself with narrowed eyes. “They should be enough for me to finish Flesh Tempering, the fourth stage of Heavenly Wood Heal.

“And if I consume some of my Blood Essence, I’ll have enough flesh power to regenerate it within a short time.”

While he was pleased by his personal gains, the spatial rift in the Realm of Flame Heaven that had been suppressed for many years suddenly exploded into countless dazzling sparks that rapidly vanished into Pei Qiqi’s Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure.

“All done,” Pei Qiqi said, looking at Nie Tian. “Now, I’m off to the Realm of Mystic Heaven and the Realm of a Thousand Devastations.”

“Sorry for the trouble,” Nie Tian said with an embarrassed smile.

He hadn’t promised Pei Qiqi anything in return when he had asked her to join this operation. He had already had her run back and forth between the three Demon realms, destroying the Demons’ teleportation portals.

“It’s okay. Destroying spatial rifts and absorbing their spatial power is a perfect way for me to improve my strength.” With these words, Pei Qiqi left for the other two realms with Qi Lianshan to eliminate the possibility of future Demon invasions .

Given their cultivation bases, they didn’t even have to rely on teleportation portals to travel from realm to realm in the Domain of the Falling Stars. They simply split open a spatial rift, and then arrived in the Realm of Mystic Heaven.

Upon arriving at the major spatial rift in the Realm of Mystic Heaven, Pei Qiqi repeated her move and cast that crystal into the spatial rift.

It wasn’t long before the spatial rift was drained of its power by the crystal and exploded.

After that, the two of them went to the Realm of a Thousand Devastations.

Pei Qiqi summoned that crystal once again upon arriving at the major spatial rift in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations.

“Wait!” Qi Lianshan suddenly called out.

Pei Qiqi fixed him with a confused look.

“Miss Pei, there’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a while, but I don’t know whether I should say it,” Qi Lianshan said with a serious face.

“Just say it,” Pei Qiqi said with an expressionless face.

After a moment of hesitation, Qi Lianshan decided to speak out. “The way I see it, Nie Tian let his selfishness get the best of him by secretly invading those three Demon realms. If he had informed the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and the other three great sects of the fact that the Domain of the Falling Stars had access to three Demon realms, we might have been able to achieve an epochal victory in our war against the outsiders!

“For countless years, the four great sects have worked unrelentingly to cross the Dead Star Sea and enter the heaven and earth beyond it, but haven’t succeeded.

“That gave great significance to the three spatial rifts in the Domain of the Falling Stars. If the Saint or even God domain experts from the four great sects had gone on this trip, instead of Nie Tian’s subordinates, then not only would those three Demon realms fall, but they might even be able to deal heavy blows to the First, Second, and Third Demon Realms, inflicting the Demon race with damage they wouldn’t be able to recover from!

“After that, we might have been able to establish bases in the Demon realms, from where we can reach out to the Fiend and Phantasm realms!

“This would have solved the problem of humanity’s inability to march into the outsider heaven and earth!”

Pei Qiqi frowned. “Why did you wait so long to say this?”

“I kind of doubted the authenticity of that Zhao Shanling’s words before we actually entered those Demon realms,” Qi Lianshan answered. “To me, he’s a peculiar character who refused to join our sect. I found it hard to trust him. But now, he’s proven himself right. There are indeed secret passages that connect to the Demon realms.”

Gazing at the last remaining spatial rift, Pei Qiqi said, “I don’t care whether human experts can enter the outsider heaven and earth or not.”

Qi Lianshan smiled bitterly. “But that’s of great importance to humanity. If we keep the last spatial rift, the four great sects will still have a chance to march strong forces into it. And they have to do it quickly. Otherwise, the Demons will find the secret passage in it and destroy it.”

“So you’re saying that I should leave this spatial rift open?” Pei Qiqi asked coldly.

Qi Lianshan nodded. “Not just leave it, but inform the great sects right away, so that they can arrange for powerful experts to pour into the Demon realms through it. This way, we’ll gain an advantage in our future wars against the outsiders.”

Pei Qiqi curled her lips. “Nie Tian said I should destroy the spatial rift, and that’s what I’ll do.” 

With these words, she cast that irregularly shaped crystal towards the last remaining spatial rift that connected to the Demon heaven and earth.

Not daring to stop her, Qi Lianshan let out a deep sigh, disappointment filling his eyes.

He was well-aware that Pei Qiqi didn’t care to make significant contributions to humanity.

But after all, she was the one who the current sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society attached the most importance to. If there were no mishaps, she would rise to power and become the next sectmaster.

Knowing this, he didn’t dare to stop her, even though he knew that what she was doing would cost humanity a great opportunity.

With an icy face, Pei Qiqi said, “Also, I’m from the Domain of the Falling Stars. This is my homeland. If I leave this spatial rift open, any peak ninth grade grand patriarch or tenth grade grand monarch will be able to invade again. Besides, if that spatial rift remains open, the Domain of the Falling Stars will become the focus. Powerful experts from across the human domains will pour into it, and it won’t get a moment of peace ever again.”

As she spoke, the last remaining spatial rift in the Realm of a Thousand Devastations gradually closed because of that mysterious crystal.

Looking frustrated, Qi Lianshan sighed. “I doubt that Nie Tian will get any contribution points from this operation where he marched subordinates into those Demon realms and plundered their resources. Instead, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace might punish him after learning about it. I bet they’ll have the same opinion as I do on this matter.

“After all, by entering and then destroying the spatial rifts, he has cost us a great opportunity.

“And he won’t be able to keep this operation a secret. Too many people from the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Domain of the Falling Stars have joined this operation. How can we expect them all to keep their mouths shut? Even if they can keep this secret, the Demons would spread word of this upheaval.

“As we speak, the Demons and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace are engaged in a fierce battle in the Dead Star Sea...”

Pei Qiqi suddenly let out a snort. “I don’t care what the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace will think or do. Even if they punish him for this, it’ll be their internal affair.

“You just keep your mouth shut about this. I don’t want anyone to learn what happened in the Domain of the Falling Stars from you.”

With a wry smile, Qi Lianshan said, “Of course I’ll keep this a secret.”

Pei Qiqi waved her hand, looking somewhat displeased. “Good. You may go back now. I’ll stay in the Void Illusion Mountain Range in the Realm of Split Void for a bit longer. Come and find me there if any important matters happen in our sect.”


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