Chapter 1076: Doomsday

Dark clouds filled the sky.

The howls of enormous low-tier Demons kept coming from the depths of the dense woods that surrounded the black mountain peak.

Under the dark clouds, many low-tier winged Demons were flying around, with members of the Astarte Clan sitting astride them.

A destroyed teleportation portal could be seen at the foot of the mountain peak. Unusual spatial fluctuations filled a large area.

Quake, the chief of the Astarte Clan, stood towering on the mountaintop, his face as grim as a silent lake.

Zhao Shanling appearing out of nowhere and destroying their teleportation portal, which was their only connection with the other Demon realms, had made him feel the panic of doomsday for the first time.

He had never felt so shocked and desperate in his dozens of thousands of years of life.

Humans had actually entered the Sixth Demon Realm!

Not only that, but they had actually destroyed their teleportation portal upon arriving. What did that mean?

It was said that humans lived in a whole other heaven and earth that was separated from their heaven and earth by the Dead Star Sea.

Only Demons like them could enter the human heaven and earth through the teleportation portals they had left there during ancient times to kill and pillage.

Not once had humans launched a massive invasion of the Demon heaven and earth.

In this heaven and earth, Demons had always been masters, and humans had always been slaves.

The fact that a human spatial power expert had suddenly shown up in the Sixth Demon Realm had put great fear in Quake.

“What happened? How did humans enter our realm?” Quake roared inwardly. 

That was when he saw a spatial rift appearing in the sky. Zhao Shanling had returned.

While he felt an increasingly strong sense of insecurity, Qu Mingde, Nie Tian, and other experts showed up at the same time. He was astounded beyond words. “Doom has come for our realm!”

Since no humans had ever actually invaded the Demon heaven and earth before, the Astarte Clan hadn’t built any solid defenses to protect their headquarters.

The only difference was that the Demon qi in this area was richer.

“That’s a Saint domain expert!” The aura Qu Mingde exuded, and his domain that seemed to have actual golden mountains within it, made him tremble nonstop.

This was power he could never match!

Nie Tian snorted a cold laugh and said, “The Astarte Clan... This is the clan that invaded the Realm of Flame Heaven. Names such as Nolante, Caro, Groete, and Sarah still haven’t faded from my memories. And all of them were from the Sixth Demon Realm.”

Most of these names had already perished in the Realm of Flame Heaven.

According to them, the Realm of Flame Heaven had been one of their rangelands, where they had reared a large number of low-tier Demons.

Now, many years later, as the master of the Domain of the Falling Stars, Nie Tian marched an army of his powerful subordinates into the Sixth Demon Realm to wipe out the Astarte Clan.

Nie Tian lifted his hand and pointed at the black mountain peak that the Astarte Clan’s headquarters sat on. “Leave no one alive.”

Immediately afterwards, a fierce battle broke out. To be exact, a massacre broke out.

Numerous Soul realm and Void domain disciples of the Golden Vast Sect spread out and unleashed a storm of spiritual tools, which reaped the lives of flying low-tier Demons and the Astarte Clan members on their backs at an alarming rate.

At the same time, Qu Mingde threw himself at the black mountain peak, wreathed in his shiny golden domain.

Before any actual contact, dazzling golden light shot out of his domain onto the pitch-black ancient castles, shattering them as if they were made of paper.

Moments later, golden light engulfed the entire mountain peak, killing numerous high-tier Demons on it.

Quake roared in despair as he stimulated his dark power bloodline to its limit, but still failed to stop the divine golden light.

Qu Mingde’s domain that was filled with golden mountains rammed into the black mountain peak.

The mountain peak wobbled briefly before exploding violently, sending enormous rocks in all directions. Countless low-tier Demons and members of the Astarte Clan in the surroundings had their bodies crushed to pieces.

The desperate wails of members of the Astarte Clan filled the battlefield as the massacre went on.

Nie Tian stood on his Star Boat that floated in the air and watched this one-sided battle with an expressionless face.

“This very clan invaded the Realm of Flame Heaven. Even though they were driven from the Realm of Flame Heaven shortly afterwards, the casualties they had caused us were simply shocking.”

His memories of the Demons’ brutal deeds in the Realm of Flame Heaven fueled his killing intent.

Standing by Nie Tian’s side, Zhao Shanling didn’t have the slightest emotion on his face as he looked at the battleground. “This is how inter-racial wars are. Afterwards, only one side shall be left standing.

“If you had failed to seal that spatial rift in the Realm of Flame Heaven back then, the people of the Realm of Flame Heaven would have been plunged into a world of misery and suffering. Most of them would have been killed, leaving a small portion to be taken back to the Demon realms to live the rest of their lives as slaves.”

“Don’t worry,” Nie Tian said expressionlessly. “I’m not as soft-hearted as you might think I am. I witnessed the outsiders ravage the Domain of Nether Heaven and the Domain of Heaven Python...

“From the look of it, if there are no mishaps, the Sixth Demon Realm will be easy to sack.”

With a relaxed expression, Zhao Shanling said, “With Qu Mingde here, I don’t think there will be any mishaps.” 

Quake was at the peak of the eighth grade. Zhao Shanling wasn’t completely confident that he would be able to kill him by himself.

For Qu Mingde, however, killing Quake would be as easy as cake.

As the two of them spoke, members of the Astarte Clan continued to be slaughtered, along with their low-tier Demons. Their establishments toppled one after another.

Nie Tian was soon bored by the one-sided massacre, knowing that the same thing was happening to the Lancelot Clan and the other minor Demon clans.

“I bet you didn’t see this coming, Demons,” he muttered to himself.

He had fought many battles against the outsiders, but not one battle had been so easily-fought.

This was the first time he had experienced such an overwhelming advantage in a battle against the outsiders.

With a somewhat bored expression, he muttered, “Things have changed. My growth and my powerful subordinates have made sacking the Sixth Demon Realm as easy as turning over my hand.”

After reminding Zhao Shanling to keep an eye on the situation in the other battlefields, he left the battlefield in the Astarte Clan to travel aimlessly on his Star Boat.

This was the first time he had entered a Demon realm. He wanted to take a look around and see what about this realm was fundamentally different from a human realm.

Furthermore, he had long since heard that humanity had actually been born in the heaven and earth beyond the Dead Star Sea.

“The birthplace of humanity…” Nie Tian’s mind drifted away as he flew around on the Star Boat. “Maybe not in this realm, but humans are still living in other realms like this, where they are viewed as livestock, and will be massively butchered in sacrificial activities. The four great sects’ countless years of unyielding efforts are to return to the birthplace of humanity and liberate their own kind from their miserable lives.”

At the same time, he unleashed his soul awareness and bloodline power to scan his surroundings. He even released his Star Eyes to examine this Demon heaven and earth.

Images of pieces of Devil qi-wreathed lands entered his mind.

“There don’t seem to be many differences... Lakes, mountains, vegetation, and living creatures.. I guess the only major difference is that the spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth is replaced by Demon qi. And the vegetation and creatures brought out by Demon qi are slightly different from those in human realms.”

The Star Boat flew on.


Rapid rings suddenly came from his Sound Stone, followed by a message from Dong Li.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he changed the direction of his Star Boat and headed towards the location given by Dong Li.


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