Chapter 1058: Breaking Shackles

With a derisive laugh, Froste muttered to himself, “Okay, everyone is here. Talk about luck. Not only will I be able to kill the Divine Daughter of the wood element sect this time, but a Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace too. And It’s about time I brought our long-lost Spirit Pearl home too.”

He had yearned for the Spirit Pearl back when he had last seen it in the Shatter Battlefield.

However, he hadn’t had any powerful Phantasms traveling with him back then.

He had had no choice but to find Gutas and Pergson, and persuade them to work with him. Even so, they had failed to take the Spirit Pearl from Nie Tian. It had been quite a pity.

Now, with numerous powerful experts from his clan floating behind him, his force was clearly stronger than Hou Chulan’s. His desire to take the Spirit Pearl back burned once again in his heart.


The Domain-corroding Flames continued to be devoured by the orange flame spark. There had been quite a number of them at first, but there were only a few clusters left now.

The Fiend, who Froste had asked to join this mission, tried every bloodline magic, but still couldn’t get the Domain-corroding Flames to respond to his summons.

Since Froste refused to help, he could only watch his precious Domain-corroding Flames be refined and absorbed bit by bit.

A heart-ached expression spread across the Fiend’s face.

Froste finally lifted his hand to point at Hou Chulan and her subordinates in the distance. “Kill them all!”

As soon as he said these words, a fierce battle broke out.

In a split second, the eighth and ninth grade Phantasms engaged in a close battle against Ruan Qingliu, Jing Feiyang, and the other human experts.

Enveloped in their domains, Ruan Qingliu and the other human experts intentionally kept the battlefield far from where Nie Tian was dealing with the remaining Domain-corroding Flames.

This way, the Saint and Void domain experts no longer had to raise their guard against the Domain-corroding Flames. Instead, they could fully spread their all-inclusive domains, each and every one looking like an unfurled glamorous painting.

At the same time, all kinds of spiritual tools blossomed with precious light in their domains, displaying their unique wonders.

“Even though you’re the descendant of a grand monarch, the seventh grade is still far too low,” Hou Chulan said with an icy face. “If you’re thinking that this well-thought scheme of yours has worked, then you’re wrong. I knew perfectly well that Qiu Hanshan was a traitor, but I came here anyways. Do you really think you have everything under control?”

As all of her subordinates engaged in fights against the Phantasms, she jumped off her air-transportation spiritual tool as well, enveloping herself in her domain.

As the Divine Daughter of the wood element sect, Hou Chulan was at the late Void domain, and well-versed in wood power.

Her wood domain had a light green lake inside of it, with blooming lotuses floating on the glistening water, and a small piece of land at the center.

Translucent, sparkling bamboo could be seen on the central island, all of them exuding a pure, refined wood aura.

All of this added up to a beautiful yet illusory picture, as if it were a unique blend of wood power, Hou Chulan’s soul awareness, and her understanding of wood power.

Every human Qi warrior’s domain was unique. No two domains were exactly the same, not even if they practiced the same type of power.

Ruan Qingliu’s wood domain contained a dense forest of willows.

Since she was at the Saint domain, her domain look rather solid.

In contrast, Hou Chulan’s domain looked like a reflection in water. Even so, as it spread towards Froste, its unique power started to have an influence on him.

Watching her wood domain approach, Froste’s face grew grim as he instantly activated a bloodline talent.


The discarnate soul that formed the skull he stood on suddenly let out sharp soul screeches that only Hou Chulan could hear.

At the same time, the skull flew out and exploded upon reaching Hou Chulan’s wood domain, sending out thousands of whizzing discarnate souls that pierced into her wood domain.

Ripples instantly appeared on the originally quiet and silent lake.

As this happened, numerous emerald green halos rose from the lake surface to engage in a close battle against the invading discarnate souls like an army clashing with another.

Nie Tian, however, didn’t join the battle. Instead, he summoned the Star Boat to him.

As it flew to him, he jumped on board, where he observed the battle between Hou Chulan and Froste.

Hou Chulan rapidly gained the upper hand.

As hard as they tried, the discarnate souls split from Froste’s strange skull couldn’t get to the central island that was filled with green bamboo.

That small, illusory island was the foundation of Hou Chulan’s power. At this moment, she was standing on it and staring at Froste with a hint of a sneer.

At the same time, all of the other Void and Saint domain experts had eighth or ninth grade Phantasms as opponents.

Since the Phantasms outnumbered the humans, and there were quite a few high-grade experts among them, it seemed to Nie Tian that Hou Chulan’s side would eventually lose the battle if things didn’t change.

However, Nie Tian was aware that things would change.

The reason why Hou Chulan, Ruan Qingliu, and the others stayed and fought this battle, while knowing that they were at an overall disadvantage, was because they knew they had help coming, which was He Lianxiong and his people.

Ruan Qingliu had long since sent word to He Lianxiong, explaining the situation to him.

Considering they were all in a limited area around the realm where the Earth Spirit Sect was located, He Lianxiong and his people would be able to find them within a short time.

All they needed to do was stall the Phantasms for a bit until He Lianxiong and his subordinates arrived. At that time, the tables would turn, and it would be the Phantasms who would want to run.


As the last cluster of Domain-corroding Flames was devoured by the orange flame spark, Nie Tian, who had a profound soul connection with it, sensed its joy and satisfaction with great clarity.

The flame spark floated towards him on its own.

As soon as Nie Tian sent it a soul message, the flame spark flew back into his dantian region and returned to his flame power core.

However, the very moment it entered his flame power core, his expression flickered violently, ecstasy filling his eyes.

He was completely certain that, if he wanted to, he would be able to break the barrier that stood between him and the Soul realm right away!

“What the...? The shackle that’s been preventing me from entering the Soul realm actually lies with the flame spark?

“Now that it has consumed a large amount of Domain-corroding Flames, changes have been triggered, allowing me to finally make my breakthrough?”

Nie Tian was thrilled to know that he would be able to break through into the Soul realm any time he wanted now.

However, given the current situation, it might not be a good thing for him to make the breakthrough right away. There were simply far too many uncertainties and potential dangers.

Therefore, he decided to hold his breakthrough for the time being.

The Fiend had set his eyes on Nie Tian since the battle had broken out. At this moment, he found an opportunity to slide through the other human experts, and came for Nie Tian. “You destroyed all of my Domain-corroding Flames. I’m gonna kill you!”

But first, his dark-green flesh aura that reeked with a foul smell spread towards Nie Tian with an overwhelming momentum like the sea.

A chuckle escaped Nie Tian’s mouth. “Don’t tell me that you think you can kill me. Your Domain-corroding Flames might be worth mentioning, but you, an eighth grade Fiend, certainly are not.”

Before his flesh aura could reach the Star Boat’s protective ward, Nie Tian took his time to take out the Star Behemoth bone.

Knowing that battles would be inevitable, he had retrieved it from the starry river outside the Realm of Maelstrom before coming on this trip.


As Nie Tian made a casual fling, the Star Behemoth bone shot forth like a bolt of lightning.

Raging flesh power burst forth from within the bone as it morphed into a stream of glorious light that pierced directly into the Fiend’s sea of flesh aura.

Fiends’ flesh auras usually contained all kinds of toxins that had a strong corroding effect on living beings and spiritual tools.

However, the Star Behemoth bone didn’t seem affected at all after entering the sea of flesh aura.

Instead, a miserable scream echoed out from the depths of the sea of flesh aura in the next moment.

The sea of dark-green flesh aura fell apart like a curtain that was torn to pieces, revealing the eighth grade Fiend, whose heart had already been pierced through by the bone.

As the sea of flesh aura rapidly scattered and vanished, Nie Tian shook his head disdainfully and cast out the Spirit Pearl.

The Spirit Pearl arrived in a flash, pinning the eighth grade Fiend’s discarnate soul down in the starry river. No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t fight the mysterious force unleashed by the Spirit Pearl.

Then, under Nie Tian’s gaze, the Fiend’s discarnate soul scattered into green wisps that fused into the pearl.

Seeing this, Nie Tian flew through the dissipating sea of flesh aura on his Star Boat to collect and put the Fiend’s corpse away in his ring of holding.

Clad in the Flame Dragon Armor, he lifted one hand, and the Star Behemoth bone whizzed back into his hand.

Spirited and full of vigor, Nie Tian steered the Star Boat holding the bone in one hand and the Spirit Pearl in the other. “Eighth grade outsiders can’t pose a threat to me anymore. I can kill them without breaking a sweat.”

With a low chuckle, he flew to the area where Yue Yanxi was fighting an eighth grade Phantasm.

Upon arriving, he repeated his move, and the Star Behemoth bone shot into the Phantasm’s sea of flesh aura.


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